Intel and Nuance Bring Siri-like Voice Control to Ultrabooks


Users will soon be able to control Ultrabooks with a Siri-like voice control solution. Nuance, the makers of Dragon NaturallySpeaking and Dragon Dictate, powerful voice dictation applications for Windows and Mac, partnered with Intel to create a useful new tool that brings tightly integrated voice control to Ultrabooks, thanks to the Nuance voice recognition engine. While many people […]

Voice Control is for (Beach) Bums


While iCloud helped make my Hawaii trip worry-free tech-wise, the element of my iPhone I found most relaxing was Voice Control. If you ever question the value of voice control, an easy cure is to use it while walking to and along the beach.

Why Siri is a Big Deal


New to the iPhone 4S will be a software personal assistant named Siri. Simply by speaking a request in natural language, Siri will perform a task to the best of its ability. This is a big deal. If you don’t believe me, just ask Bill Gates.

Nuance SDK Helps Developers Add Speech to iOS, Android Apps


Nuance, makers of speech recognition engines such as the Dragon suite for mobile and desktop platforms, has announced that it is offering the Dragon Mobile SDK through a self-service website as part of the Nuance Mobile Developer Program. The SDK will work for developers looking to create iOS or Android apps and will be available […]

It’s the Customer Experience, Stupid!

Software Advice writes today about how they wish a Mac Tablet would materialize, especially as applied to Electronic Medical Records (EMRs). Coincidentally, Forrester Research also writes about customer experience, namely how the Windows experience ranks behind OS X. The common bond behind the two posts being that customer experience matters. In today’s battered economy, capital […]

Dragon Naturally Speaking 10.1 Runs on 64-Bit Vista, Windows 7


Nuance updated Dragon Naturally Speaking 10 so it will run on 64-Bit editions of Vista and Windows 7 Beta. Dragon Naturally Speaking 10.1 extends Dragon’s capabilities to Internet Explorer 8 and Firefox 3. Dragon Naturally Speaking transcribes speech and allows users to control their computers with voice commands. Dragon Naturally Speaking 10.1 also supports Internet […]

Testing Voice Recognition By Necessity in Windows 7

Yesterday I let loose with a terrifically violent sneeze while sitting at my desk.  It was so violent that I felt a large twinge of pain in my shoulder.  About 10 minutes later, after I have continued to type I reached with my right hand to grab something on my desk.  At that point I […]

Quick Update On Dragon NaturallySpeaking 10 Professional

After a few weeks’ worth of use, I must say I am continually impressed by Nuance’s latest offering of voice recognition software. Things have been slow going as I have been completely bogged down with school, but with sporadic use while watching television (with the sound low) and late-night use in bed, the Motion F5 […]

Dragon Medical 10-Week Three

Dragon Medical 10 has surpassed my expectations! I didn’t expect to be writing this first sentence since I am a long-time user of Dragon, going back almost 1 decade. I have historically found that each new version of Dragon has some improvements but not necessarily great improvements. I have developed certain expectations regarding Dragon’s accuracy […]

First Foray Into Speech Recognition Software

I’ve been using the Motion Computing F5 Tablet PC in conjunction with Dragon NaturallySpeaking software over the last few days as the novice-beginner user in John Gannon’s Speech Series. The training program was very easy and allowed me to get used to the program as well as train myself in how to speak to a […]

Dragon Medical 10 – Week 1 Summary

I have just completed my first total week of using Dragon Medical 10 along with my electronic medical record program TexTalk. I must admit in the beginning of the week I had some concerns about how well this program was going to work on my Motion 1600 tablet computer. For those of you who read […]

Microsoft Speech Forum

New speech forum: there is now a forum for Microsoft speech. It has just opened for business. For those who use Vista speech or those considering using Vista. Give it a try! MS Speech Forum · The Windows Speech Recognition and Macro Forum

Speech —-The Series Begins

Hi everyone! Well, we are finally starting off on our series regarding speech recognition. It has been a slow start, but I hope interest will peak as we become more actively involved with the future of speech recognition and tablet computers. Did you notice Craig’s post earlier in the week? I was very happy to […]

Dragon 10 Medical….At Last!

Finally, I have installed Dragon Medical 10 after having had some installation issues. Commonly, I had just had to uninstall the previous version of Dragon Naturally Speaking and then install the new version. During this installation I ran into an error message. I think that the problem originated from not all of the files being […]

Setting up Vista speech recognition

GBM’s resident speech evangelist, John Gannon, has challenged some of us to use various the speech recognition tools to complete our daily work.   I have volunteered to use Vista’s speech recognition. The first time that you use speech recognition in Vista you’ll be guided through a wizard to configure your microphone and a tutorial […]

Speech Recognition Updates

Hi everyone! We have several interesting events that will occur in the near future with speech recognition. Beginning September 20, several of our staff writers including Warner, Craig and Truc have agreed that they will begin to use Vista speech recognition or Dragon NaturallySpeaking professional version 10. I am very excited to see how well […]

Dragon NaturallySpeaking: Version 10 Professional, Initial Comments

Setting up Dragon Naturally Speaking Version 10 Professional has been interesting. I have installed it on my old Dell Inspiron 8200 laptop. My processor speed is a 1.9 GHz and I have 1 GB of RAM. I am running windows XP professional. This barely qualifies for the minimum standards for this latest version of Dragon. […]

Dragon 10…Preferred VS Professional

Hi everyone, I was just able to obtain some of the promotional material on the latest version of Dragon Naturally Speaking  version 10.  My first posting will be about the differences between the preferred version and the professional version. Hope this wets your appetite for more. Which Product is right for you? While all products […]

News About Speech Recognition

Hi everyone! It has been several weeks since I have posted anything regarding speech recognition. During this time, I have been actively working behind the scenes on developing a fairly involved project that should hopefully generate more interest in speech recognition as a primary input. Another piece of news that I would like to tell […]

Buddy Flamingo Microphone, A Quick Review

Today’s microphone, for review, is called the Buddy Flamingo microphone. It is another model from InSync Speech Technologies. This is a very different style of microphone than the stylus microphone we have previously shown although it is from the same manufacturer. I found the Flamingo to be very accurate over all with approximately 97-98% accuracy. […]