The Evolution and Acceptance of Stall Surfing


Stall Surfing, or using your mobile gadget while in the privy/loo/water closet/powder room/outhouse/whatever euphemism you use for the bathroom, is one of those things that no one likes to talk about. That’s evidenced by all of the fancy euphemisms we come up with to describe the bathroom. On the one hand, that’s just polite. On […]

Liquipel: Water Proof Coating for the iPhone

Liquipel | Waterproof Your Cell Phone, No Case Required!

OK, is there some sort of water filled apocalypse coming our way in the near future that will drown us and our mobile gadgets that we haven’t been told about? Or are the dangers inherent in Stall Surfing finally becoming a marketing concept that we companies can rely on? I’m not sure, but it sure […]

20% of iPad Users Take Tablet Stall Surfing

Stall Surfing

The iPad didn’t get to the top of the tablet world without delivering a great user experience, one that users can’t get enough of even in the bathroom. While the living room and bedroom top the list of popular places to use the iPad, the bathroom sees plenty of use with 20% of users reporting that they […]

I Feel Bad Because My Wife Has Now Become a Stall Surfer


There’s no secret that I believe that one of the chief advantages of using mobile gadgets is that it makes Stall Surfing even easier to do. I post about that frequently. Whether you’re using a Tablet, a smartphone, or an eBook Reader it doesn’t matter. Frankly, I think deep down in the hearts of engineers […]

Smartphone At Center of Always Connected Lifestyle [Infographic]

Infographic always connected smartphone use

It should come as no surprise that our smartphones take center stage in our connected lives, but you might be surprised to see that you aren’t alone in using your smartphone in bed, bath and beyond. In addition to the smartphone, this infographic covers the use of the web while at work and in class. As a […]

I’m Using My iPad More and More. Am I Alone?

GBMInkShow Inking on the iPad

Fellow GBMer Chris Leckness sparked a conversation with this post, I don’t use my iPad. Am I Alone? A few folks say they are in the same place as Chris. A few more asked him to send his iPad to them if he wasn’t using it. I’m responding to his points here, because I’m in […]

Stall Surfing Goes Bad

Warner Crocker is our resident stall surfing expert and is one of the few tech writers that openly discusses how gadgets perform both in and out of the bathroom. Last we heard, he’s using his iPad, which means he’ll never have to suffer the way one Chinese mobile phone user did. Chasing after a phone […]

I’m Happily Surprised by iPhone 4 Battery Life So Far

Pastebot 2010-06-26 23.26.25 PM

Set aside that the wrongly named left handed reception issue is the big iPhone 4 story of the moment, and may indeed turn into this gadget’s legacy. This post is about my early discoveries with battery life. You know, the bane of the smart/super phone industry. After the initial iPhone reviews broke in the mass […]

The GBM iPad Series: Stall Surfing and the iPad


I know some folks think I’m crude when I post and remind them that there is such a thing as Stall Surfing. You know, surfing the web while sitting on the throne. But the truth is, more people than are willing to admit do so. Smartphones made this practice, though still cloaked in subterfuge, even […]

This Might Be Taking Stall Surfing Too Far


I’m on record as saying that Apple’s iPhone is the ultimate stall surfing device. I also like Apple products. But, I think this might be taking things a bit too far. Too many metaphors to count when I look at this from Rival Toilets. Yeah, they make toilets with sports team logos. Via TUAW

Steve Jobs Comes Out of the (Water) Closet


When it comes to the elusive, flopping Tablet, the naysayers always point back to two points: handwriting recognition and how to market a device to a population the size of the world that spends eternities taking notes. Well, there actually is another issue, and it got highlighted in the recent New York Times article that […]

How Mobility Has Changed Stall Surfing


If you’ve followed my musings here or anywhere, you know that I think one of the key benefits that mobile computing has brought to us all, is the ability to do some work, or some reading, or whatever when we all do what we all do everyday. I, and many others call it Stall Surfing. […]

Nokia Study Says: 53% Have Been Interrupted by Work in Bathroom

I was going to take a clever picture to illustrate this post, but then I thought I’d spare you. According to a Nokia study over 53% of Americans have been interrupted by a phone call or an email while doing some personal business in the restroom. That’s not all. 23% say they have been interrupted […]