Joe Wilcox’s War: Apple vs the Netbook Fools

Joe Wilcox doesn’t like Netbooks. Never did. Never will. He thinks they are  the root cause of problems in the WinTel segment of the tech industry. Netbooks eat into profit margins and, heaven forbid, let customers buy things on the cheap. After Apple’s product announcements today, coming on the heels of the the positive financial […]

Windows 7 Gear Getting Ready to Roll Out. Who’s Buying?


I would imagine that things have been pretty quite lately in the computer sections of Best Buy and online. Smart Shoppers who are looking for new notebook, netbook, or desktop have most likely put purchases off until October 22, the day that Windows 7 is officially released. I’m wondering if we’ll see a sudden surge […]

HP Testing the Multi-Touch Waters with dv3t Notebook

HP will be test-marketing a multi-touch version of the Pavilion dv3t notebook in Europe. The 13″ notebook is significantly thicker and a little heavier than the standard dv3t. If sales are brisk enough in Europe we may see a version of the multi-touch dv3t in the U.S. I’d much rather have a touch-enabled convertible than […]

Video Demos of New HP TouchSmart Apps, Touch Interface

I met up with HP in San Francisco to check out some new PCs and talk about touch computing. Just about every PC vendor seems to be jumping on the touch bandwagon thanks to Windows 7, but what are users going to actually do with all this multi-touch goodness? HP provided several interesting demos, but […]

TGDaily: Microsoft Relaxes Windows 7 Restrictions for Netbooks

TGDaily is reporting that Microsoft has apparently changed its tune on Windows 7 restrictions for Netbooks. Apparently OEMs and ODMs are now free to install any SKU of Windows 7 on Netbooks, and not limited to Windows 7 Starter. This also means that the three app limitation no longer exists. This doesn’t mean that OEMs […]

Microsoft Getting Slammed for Windows 7 Launch Party Video

The long knives are out criticizing Microsoft’s Windows 7 Launch Party concept, and while some of the criticism is justified, I think most of the snark is missing the point. On its surface the idea looks pretty silly to me, but I don’t think Microsoft is trying to speak to me here. I think Microsoft […]

What will it take to make you wanna touch?

With Windows 7 available to end users next month, I thought it would be a good time to revisit the world of touch and multitouch with the added context of what’s available today. I am firmly of the belief that touch and multitouch make no real, practical sense on the desktop monitor. As we’ve stated […]

GBM InkShow: Touch on the Lenovo X200T Tablet PC

GBM Inkshow_ Touch on the Lenovo x200T Tablet PC (beta)

I’m really enjoying using the two finger touch on the Lenovo X200T Tablet PC. That’s saying something since I just don’t see touch as being necessary in my usage of a Tablet PC. Frankly, I pull out a Tablet PC when I need to Ink some notes in rehearsal or a meeting or when I […]

The Autumn of OS Upgrades


We might still be a few weeks away from the official first day of fall, but the weather here in the Northern Shenandoah Valley of Virginia this week has turned wonderfully autumn like. With the coming of fall this year comes more than just the promise of cooler weather. It also brings the onset of […]

Microsoft Wants You to Hold Your Own Windows 7 Launch Party


Are you willing to spread the word about Microsoft’s Windows 7? Do you just want an excuse to hold a party? Well, you might want to check this out. Microsoft is looking for folks to host a party and show off the new features in Windows 7. With the October 22 launch date approaching, it […]

Windows 7 shown to boost laptop battery life…


…when watching DVDs and running on an Intel processor. Yep, per the CNET report, at an event held jointly by Microsoft and Intel, a laptop running Windows 7 was put to the test against one running Windows Vista and the results were impressive. At a demo on Tuesday, Microsoft showed two identical laptops playing the […]

Extend Your Windows 7 Trial Period to 120 Days

If you’re hemming and hawing about whether or not to upgrade to Windows 7 when it is officially released on October 22 then you can hem and haw a little longer while you are checking it out. According to an article in the Telegraph, Microsoft is going to allow you to essentially reset your 30 […]

Computerworld: Windows 7 ‘refreshes’ an old UMPC

Computerworld posted a rundown of low-end and older PCs tested with Windows 7. On the list is an old ultra-mobile PC, and by “old”, I mean a Samsung Q1 from way back in 2007. It’s the second newest machine on their list, right before a year-old Dell Inspiron Mini 9 netbook. Still, it’s not like […]

Windows 7 Upgrade Option Requires Patience


As a TechNet subscriber I got my hands on the final release of Windows 7 on Friday and spent the weekend prepping (that means backing things up) and installing the OS. Although for my typical usage I much prefer to wipe things completely clean on a computer and start fresh, I thought I would give […]

Windows 7 chkdsk Bug Hysteria Probably Not Worth the Hype

Some folks are saying that a bug in Windows 7 RTM (scheduled to roll out tomorrow to MSDN and TechNet subscribers) is serious enough to derail the launch. I think they are probably reaching a bit far. I don’t know, but would imagine that this is something that can be fixed with a patch.

Windows XP Mode Release Candidate Now Available

For those interested in Windows XP Mode for Windows 7, the Release Candidate is now available. Keep in mind that Windows XP Mode is designed to help small and medium size businesses make the transition to Windows 7 if they have applications that they are currently running on XP. Here’s a quote from Brandon LeBlanc’s […]

Windows 7 Has Been Released to Manufacturing (RTM)

This morning we linked to Brandon LeBlanc’s blog post about when different types of customers would see Windows 7. Now Mr. LeBlanc is announcing that Windows 7 has been Released to Manufacturing (RTM). The post is full of thank you’s and congratulations and of course this doesn’t change the release schedule. Windows Server 2008 R2 […]

When Will You See Windows 7 RTM?

Wondering when Windows 7 will be available for you to get your hands on? Brandon LeBlanc has a blog entry that spells it out. As is typical, Windows 7 RTM will be rolled out to different levels of customers. Consumers will see Windows 7 on October 22 (which has been known for some time) but […]