The dotMobi Web

Browsing the Internet on mobile devices such as cell phones, PDAs, and PMPs is hotter than ever and often more frustrating than ever.  Although devices like Nokia’s Internet Tablets and Apple’s iPhone/iTouch have greatly improved browsing on a small screen, there is still a long way to go with mobile web browsing.  In our quest […]

NetMeeting on Vista

On Friday I had a situation where I needed somebody to look at a map I had on my screen, it was an application running on my Vista machine.  The other person was using Windows XP.  In my quick research, it’s not possible to use Windows Meeting Space and connect with somebody using NetMeeting on […]

NFL To Experiment With Streaming Games Over Web

This will make my wife happy, and I imagine quite a few other wives as well. The NFL is going to experiment this season with streaming games over the web on Sunday nights. The announcement is due to come on Monday and Michael Learmouth of Silicon Alley Insider is linking to a Wall Street Journal […]

Belkin’s New Mini-Surge Protector Looks Like a Nice Addition to the Gadget Bag

Belkin’s new Mini-Surge Protector (affiliate link) looks like it might come in handy for many a mobile warrior. Small and lightweight it offers three AC outlets and two USB ports on a 360 degree rotating plug with four locking positions. I’ve been very content using the Monster Outlets To Go accessory in my mobile arsenal […]

Apple Is Talking About MobileMe Woes. (Sorta, Kinda)

I imagine by now everyone has heard of the problems with Apple’s new MobileMe service that is touted as Exchange for the rest of us. The Contact and data syncing service that allows users to work with their data across multiple computers and platforms had major issues on launch day. Apparently for some  there are […]

Pics and Specs on Fujitsu’s LifeBook U2010

Engadget is linking toa Vietnamese forum chocked full of pictures of Fujtisu’s Lifebook U2010. It also contains a range of specs that look very familiar these days: Atom at 1.6GHz 5.6 inch display convertible display 1024×768 resolution 80GB HD 1GB of RAM 3G GPS WiFi, Bluetooth Weighs about 1.5lbs Speculation on price is around $1300, […]

New Noahpad Pics Surface and Official Specs

UMPCFever has posted several new pictures of the upcoming Noahpad ultraportable.  This netbook-class device is unique in that it features a convertible screen and a one of a kind reverse keyboard.  Details on the Noapad remain sketchy as there has been no word of US release.  UMPC Portal has a specs page for the Noapad, […]

Rest In Peace, Randy Pausch

As we head in to the weekend for some much needed time off, it would be wise to be reminded of these wonderful words from Randy Pausch, who has inspired millions with his “Last Lecture”. He died today after battling pancreatic cancer. By the way, Ken Hinckley, of InkSeine fame, was a PhD student of […]

Outlook E-mail Management – PIFEM

We have talked about this in the past, but I thought it might be worth noting again since it came up again in a comment on Rob’s Outlook post.  GBM reader Steve  reminded everyone of the PIFEM system.  That stands for Pay it Forward Email Management system from Ian Palangio, a Business Productivity Specialist at […]

GBM Podcast #54: The Meet Truc and More Show

We’re back on track on the counting and it’s a good thing because we wouldn’t want the rookie on the show to think we didn’t know what we’re talking about :).  This GBM Podcast is Number 54 and we talk about quite a few things during this 45 minute conversation. On a special note, this […]

GBM Shortcut: Dane-Elec ZPen

There are times when you just need to unplug from your Tablet PC to take notes, brainstorm, or just get away from it all. However, wouldn’t it be great to still capture those notes and have them available for searching? That is where the Dane-Elec ZPen comes in. The ZPen is a very nice solution […]

Spherical Surface to Debut

With news that Microsoft is trying prove that the world is indeed round, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that they are trying to up the ante in their argument by showcasing the Spherical Surface during Microsoft’s Research Faculty Summit. I’m very interested to learn about the applications being demoed and the use cases.   […]

xTablet T8700 Goes Underwater, Says Hello to Mermaids

When folks get their hands on a MobileDemand xTablet T8700, they normally try to push the edges in testing. Such is the case here. not only got the T8700 wet, they took it underwater with them and inked while swimming and scuba diving. Totally amazing that it still worked when submerged in so much […]

NetBook Price Wars

According to Steve ““Chippy” Paine at UMPCPortal, HP is looking at producing a cheaper version of the HP 2133 Mini-Note, and I’m guessing this is in preparation for going head to head with the Dell ‘E,’ which some are now saying will be called the Mini-Inspiron. According to the HP site the Mini-Note currently starts […]

How About a Refrigerator to Cool That PC?

When I think of mini-refrigerators and college I think of beer, which is one way to cool things down. But maybe these researchers at Purdue will change that. They are working to create a mini-refrigeration unit small enough to cool laptops and personal computers. The Purdue research focuses on learning how to design miniature components […]

Dual Core Atom Processor To Ship in Q4?

Everyone is still anxious to see how well Intel’s Atom chipset is really going to perform once we start seeing it in a range of devices. Intel’s roadmap has both single core and dual core flavors planned. It looks like we might be waiting a little longer to find out about the dual core version […]

Tablet PCs in Education Case Studies has an outstanding list of case studies that document schools using Tablet PCs in a variety of settings.  These case studies provide in-depth looks at how students, teachers, administrators, and parents are benefiting from the use of Tablet PCs as integral parts of the curriculum.  The studies are organized by the companies involved and […]

Gigabyte M912 Gets Unboxed

Chippy gets to have all the fun, this time unboxing the much anticipated Gigabyte M912 Netbook. Check out the video out below and the full review at UMPCPortal. Join Chippy live tonight as he puts the M912 to the test.   Technorati Tags: Gigabyte

Toshiba Prototype UMPC / ULPC Unveiled

PCAuthority has the goods on Toshiba’s entry in to the ultra low cost space – a prototype handheld touch device sporting a 5.6″ screen, running Vista on an Intel Atom processor. Looks like a UMPC / Origami to me. Strangely, Toshiba had this to say about the device: “We don’t think this [prototype] is commercially […]

Outlook Connector Integrates Windows Live Services In Outlook

Microsoft continues to push developments within its Windows Live program with new functionality for Outlook Connector. The latest version is available for download and offers new synchronization features for a variety of calendars from within Outlook. On top of the syncing of different calendars, users can also share calendars and edit them on the fly […]