Anyone else remember the iPod camera connector?


Sifting through the noise about the iPad this morning, I’ve come across a few expressions of puzzlement over the camera connector accessories. Warner scratched his head about this too when he covered the accessories yesterday. Certainly we can all see why the iPad should have included a built-in SD slot and/or USB port, but I’m […]

iPad= I don’t: Why I don’t want an Apple Tablet?


So, yesterday was THE day.  The all-powerful Steve Jobs delivered his latest creation unto the masses.  All hail Jobs and his tablet, the iPad. Well, I have had time to digest everything.  I read all the blogs.  I spoke to friends in the tech industry as well as just friends and family.  I meditated on […]

Possible Winners and Losers in the Wake of the iPad Announcement

In my view there are quite a few folks who are really happy that yesterday’s iPad announcement is over. Many of these folks are competitors or “me-too” manufacturers on some level. Apple made a big splash and everyone is still drying out from the overwash and sorting through things. Apple may have indeed hit a […]

MSI Tegra Tablet Will Debut Later This Year at $500


MSI has announced that its Tegra based Tablet will be available in the second half of this year and be priced at $500. I’m guessing we’ll be seeing a few of these Tablet announcements over the next few months and they will all have some things in common. They will all have a release date […]

The iPad: An Opportunity to Change Education


Around 1450, a man named Johannes Gutenberg created a device that has had an immeasurable impact upon all people.  His machine, the printing press, made it possible for text to be distributed much faster than the scribing process.  Fast forward to 2010, the year that Steve Jobs and Apple Computer introduce the iPad.  The iPad, […]

Evernote pretty excited about the iPad

The good folks at Evernote wish us all a Happy Tablet Day and have pledged to “support the hell” out of the iPad. Evernote is going to support the Apple iPad. Oh Yeah. We’re gonna support the hell out of it. We’re glad to see that the current Evernote iPhone app will run on the […]

Don’t like the iPad but still want a tablet? Here are some options.


Okay, so we finally got to see the mythic Apple Tablet, ending years (OMG! Years!) of rumors and speculation. But did is the iPad the one tablet to rule them all? No, of course not. One device can never satisfy every usage scenario and personal preference, so here are some tablets for the rest of […]

iPad: Why I should get one


Okay, so my reasons for not wanting an iPad boil down to lack of active pen input and me being a steadfast pen enthusiast. Obviously, I’m in the extreme minority on that (in the rest of the world, not on this site), but I worked hard to carve that niche, so I’m not about to […]

iPad: Why I won’t get one


Being a mobile computing enthusiast, I’m often viewed by normal people, non-geeks, as being on the cutting edge, the high-tech guy. However, after putting my hands on multiple tablets at CES and seeing the unveiled glory of the iPad, I feel like a dinosaur headed toward extinction. The reason? I’m a pen-centric Tablet PC holdout […]

Hands on iPad Video Raises Questions

The folks at SlashGear got some hands of video of the iPad. Worth a look. I’m just going to say this after watching this. As someone who did not go to CES2010 and get to see the tsunami of Tablets there, watching this video I see fundamentally no real differences between what I viewed of […]

iPad: Should Microsoft + Partners Worry?

Just finished taking in the iPad press event. The question I’m asking myself: Should Microsoft + partners worry? Not yet, but they need to respond quickly and present a better solution. That better solution is a Courier + Zune integrated experience that completely hides Windows 7 from the user. With Windows 7 multi-tasking, handwriting support for […]

iPad screen – Yay or nay on 4:3?


Not 100% sure the iPad screen is exactly 4:3, but it sure isn’t widescreen. Looked blocky to me, but then I remembered the fuss when Tablet PCs transitioned from 4:3 to widescreen. Lot of people weren’t happy about the narrowness of the screens in portrait. Where do you stand? Happy to go back or happier […]

The iPad Looks Familiar…

Several months ago I took a look at a slate from Hanvon at IDF. It sure looks a lot like what Steve Jobs is showing off today. Obviously it’s not exactly the same thing, but close.

iPad not just running the iPhone OS on a big screen


If you placed your bets on the iPad just being a big iPhone, you definitely lost money. As seen in the shot of its email operation (via Engadget), you can pull down an email list that looks like what’s on your iPhone, but it’s down a column, not spread across the screen. The iTunes layout […]

The iPad Has No Flash???


Steve Jobs just unveiled the iPad and Engadget posted this picture live from the event in San Francisco. The image shows a big fat missing Flash object on the home page of the NY Times. Jobs said “You can browse the web with it. It’s the best web experience you’ve ever had.” I strongly disagree […]

iPad keyboard is disappointing


So the iPad on-screen keyboard is just a big QWERTY that stretches across the screen. Yes, it looks big enough to easily access, but terribly unimaginative. Might work for the squarish, possibly 4:3 design though. Didn’t really consider it might not be widescreen. And Jobs seems to be doing a good job touching typing on […]

Jobs Unveils The iPad


Well, the name is the iPad and to emphasize couch surfing. Jobs is sitting on a couch showing it off. No stall surfing demo I’m guessing.