Nikon D800 Sample Photos Are Mind Blowing

Nikon D800 sample image, photo of model with jewelry

Nikon’s posted several amazing sample photos shot with its recently announced D800 camera. The new D800 is Nikon’s latest full-frame DSLR camera. At $3,000 (body only), the Nikon D800 is designed for serious enthusiasts and professionals who don’t want to go all out and spend $6,000 on the Nikon D4. While I love the convenience […]

The Best iPhone and iPad Photo Apps


Photographers use the iPhone and iPad to do some interesting things, from shooting snaps of the kids to creating works of art to post online or even hang in a gallery. The old adage that says the best camera is the one you have with you may be true, but it also implied that the […]

Nikon D800: Amazing Sample Video

Nikon D800 D800e

Nikon released an amazing short movie to demonstrate the D800’s video chops. Most Nikon D800 buyers will be ponying up $3,000 primarily for its photo capabilities, but more and more photographers are creating videos for themselves and clients. As you can see in the sample movie, the Nikon D800 doesn’t disappoint and is fully capable […]

Disney AppClix Cameras Make Taking, Sharing Photos Easy for Kids

Disney AppClix Camera Mickey

The hassle of transferring pictures from digital cameras to the web or devices where they can best be displayed is a problem camera makers are constantly trying to solve. Samsung thinks the best way to do so is by giving cameras Wi-Fi and allowing users to connect them directly to phones, tablets, TVs and refrigerators. […]

Gift Guide: Tech Toys and Gadgets for Kids


Kids love tech and gadgets just as much as adults, and are often quite partial to the same toys their parents bring home. While that’s not always an ideal situation, giving them their own gadgets to play with will satisfy their techie hearts. But don’t hide that iPad or iPhone away just yet, because several […]

Why I Chose My Camera, The Sony Alpha NEX-C3

Sony Alpha NEX-C3

In the What’s In My Gear Bag? post from the other week I mentioned that I still needed to get a good camera for covering events and taking product shots. I finally settled on the Sony Alpha NEX-C3 and I’m eagerly awaiting its arrival. I chose this model for two reasons: my photography skills (actually, […]

Why I Lug Around a DSLR


I appreciate small devices as much as anyone, but ‘smaller’ doesn’t necessarily mean ‘better.’ Over the years a lot of people have asked me why I lug around big cameras instead of one that will fit in my pocket. I’m the first to admit that I’m a little obsessive when it comes to pictures and […]