How to Sync iPhone Notes with Your Gmail Account


If you have a Gmail email account and an iPhone, here’s how to sync your iPhone notes with your Gmail account and access them on any computer when you log into your Gmail account. Gmail is one of the most popular email services around, and the iPhone is one of the most popular smartphones on […]

How to Add Multiple Gmail Accounts to iPhone


If you have multiple Gmail email accounts and an iPhone, here’s how to add all of your Gmail accounts to your iPhone to access any of them while you’re on the go. Gmail is one of the most popular email services around, and the iPhone is one of the most popular smartphones on the market. […]

How to Add a Gmail Account to iPhone


If you have a Gmail email account and an iPhone, here’s how to add your Gmail account to your iPhone to access your email while on the go. Gmail is one of the most popular email services around, and the iPhone is one of the most popular smartphones on the market. Together, they can create […]

5 Email App Alternatives for Android


For most the stock Gmail or Email apps on our Android smartphones and tablets are perfect, and supply enough features or functionality to complete your daily tasks, but they aren’t for everyone. Here we’ve gathered a list of five or so great Email app alternatives for Android. One of the biggest advantages of using Android […]

How to Stop Gmail from Adding Events to Google Calendar

The Calendar app shows a similar circle for adding events as the Google + app.

About a month ago, Google added a capability to Gmail and Google Calendar that allows Gmail to automatically add events it see in your email to your Google Calendar. Here’s how to disable that feature. The feature scans your Gmail email and automatically creates new events based on emails you receive that include dates and […]

Gmail 5.0 Arrives as Android 5.0 Release Nears


A few weeks ago reports and leaked videos surfaced suggesting the all-new Gmail 5.0 app for Android was coming soon with a completely revamped look and feel, as well as support for Outlook and Yahoo email accounts. Today though, Google’s silenced all the doubt and released Gmail 5.0 on the verge of the Android 5.0 […]

Gmail 5.0 Brings Support for Outlook, Yahoo and More

Screen Shot 2014-10-20 at 12.39.20 PM

Google has been busy updating many of its popular Android apps to support the new Android 5.0 Lollipop update, and its accompanying material design styling, but one that’s yet to be updated is Gmail. Today though the brand new Gmail 5.0 has leaked on video showing off the new design and some much-requested features. Gmail […]

Gmail iPhone App Update Gives New Life to Drive


The Gmail iPhone app received a nice update today in the form of Google Drive integration, giving the mobile Drive app a new life after the company dropped support for editing a while back. If you remember from back in May, Google updated its Drive mobile app and got rid of editing abilities, moving that […]

iPhone Mail Alternatives: 3 Great Apps

Mailbox for iPhone

If you’re not a big fan of the stock Mail app on your iPhone, here are three great alternatives that you should try out. The Mail app that comes pre-installed on your iPhone can be handy to have, especially if it’s all you really know, and since it’s natively integrated into the iOS ecosystem, it […]

New Gmail for iPhone App Fixes Biggest Complaint

The new Gmail iPhone app allows users to get messages without waiting for the app to load them after it opens.

The Gmail iPhone app is now much faster and optimized for iOS 7 to get your messages to you quicker while using an iPhone. In the new Gmail app for iOS 7 users can expect, “no more annoying pauses” thanks to the app’s ability to use Background refresh to get new messages faster. To take […]

Gmail Makes it Easier to Unsubscribe from Unwanted Emails

Hot_Hot_Hot__Extra_20__Off_Online_Today_Only__-_waywtc_gmail_com_-_Gmail-2 2

You know that feeling. It’s the one you get when the a notification on your smartphone goes ding and you think it is the important email you’ve been expecting. You pull out your smartphone but no, its just another marketing email from some company that you bought something from some time or the other. It’s […]

Google Outage: Gmail and Google+ Go Down


If you’re experiencing issues with Gmail, Google+, Google Hangouts or some other Google services at the moment, it appears you are not alone. There is a major Google outage ongoing, although its Dashboard is not reporting any issues at the moment. Users from various quarters are reporting issues like the ones pictured below. The services […]

Android is Free, But Google’s Apps Aren’t

Screen Shot 2014-01-23 at 1.14.57 PM

When people talk about Google’s Android operating system words like “free” and “open source” are always mentioned, and for the most part, they’re true. Google doesn’t charge for the open source parts of Android, which allows nearly any company to compile the software and release smartphones, tablets, and more. There’s a common misconception though, and […]

How to Change Settings in Google+ To Keep Unwanted Emails Away


Google loves Google+. So much so that it keeps integrating its other services into Google+ whether that is a good idea or not. The writing some see on the wall is that Google is eventually going to turn this social service into the base of Google as users see it. Like Facebook, Google probably has […]

Gmail’s New Policy Will Speed Up Email Viewing


Google has enabled a new policy change that will take effect immediately for desktop users and will go into effect early next year for the Gmail application for iOS and Android users that will no longer ask users if they want embedded images in emails to be shown. By removing this step, Google will make […]

Google Maps Now Integrates Gmail for Reservations and More


Up in Mountain View the app teams for Google have been busy. With updates this week for Google Search, Hangouts, Newsstand, Gmail, and even Google Drive, and this morning we’re seeing one more. Some neat little changes are coming to Google Maps. Google Maps version 7.5 is rolling out as of last night for Android […]

Gmail for Android Updated with Vacation Responder & New Features


Google announced and released a brand new Gmail for Android today with tons of new features that users have been requesting for some time, and one in particular could come in handy this holiday season. The new Gmail version 4.7 is available now and rolling out in stages to all Android users, and Google’s added […]

Microsoft’s War Against Google Has New Front: Gmail

outlook logo

Microsoft isn’t holding any punches in its fight against Google’s Gmail, and it isn’t just using ads from its Scroogled campaign to get its point across. Starting today, users moving to Microsoft’s service can important the contents of their entire Gmail account with a few button presses. Microsoft announced the Gmail Import Tool in […]

How to Add A Second Google Account to Your Android Device


Adding a second Google account to your Android smartphone and tablet is something many will probably need to do, especially for work, business, or just to handle multiple accounts. The entire process is extremely easy, but may not be visible and easy to find for some users at first glance. When you first receive a […]