How to Reset a Lost iPad Passcode

Enter Passcode

Tablets such as the iPad are a very popular device due to their portability, and the amount of tasks you can do with it. This being said, iPads are also a common target for crooks. Apple devices, such as the iPad, are such a hot item that a whole unit of the NYPD‘s job is […]

How To Transfer Contacts to a New iPhone


Migrating from one phone to another used to be a major pain. Backing up contacts was nearly impossible, and inputting them into a new phone involved pressing each individual number on the number pad repeatedly. With iOS 6, and a new iPhone, getting contacts on the device couldn’t be easier. Here is how to do […]

How to Turn Off Location Data on iPhone Photos

Turn Camera OFF

While the iPhone is great at many things, one of the most famous is using it for photos. It is a hassle to carry an extra camera around, and the iPhone is great at taking photos and it is almost always in your pocket. This being said, there is a part of this experience that […]

How to Make a 3-Way Call on the iPhone

Add Call

Conference calling allows more than two people on the phone simultaneously. This can enable meetings and other business discussion to occur more easily compared to video conferencing. Conference calls are accessible with a few simple taps. Conference calling is free, and allows up to three people to talk all on the same call. This feature works with all the […]

How to Add Secondary Keyboard to iPhone

Select Language

Adding a second keyboard to the iPhone is a very useful tool that can save time and increase productivity for many users. By default the iPhone only has a single keyboard enabled, which is the language most commonly used in your country. While this is fine, many people who speak multiple languages are left in […]

How to Turn Off In-App Purchases on the iPhone

In-App Purchases

The iPhone App store convinces many people to buy Apple, compared to other devices. While the App store experience on the iPhone is a great one, a hidden problem is with in-app purchases. In-app purchases are add-ons to an app that has previously been bought, or was originally a free app. While these additions improve […]

How to Stop iPhone Repeat Vibration Alerts

Repeat Options

For the average iPhone user notifications are somewhat of a blessing and a curse. While they successfully alert the user with new messages, they are somewhat of a nuisance. One of the biggest culprits of this are text messages and iMessages. Unlike other notifications, these are especially annoying since they occur most often on the device. Repeat […]

How to Take a Perfect Photo with Samsung Galaxy S4 Best Face Mode

galaxy s4 best face offers options for each face

The Samsung Galaxy S4 Best Face feature on the stock camera can take nice groups shots by grabbing the best face from a series of 5 photos. When a person takes a picture of a group of friends or family members, and the picture shows one guy blinking, another looking away and a third who didn’t […]

How to Remove an Unwanted Person From a Photo Using Galaxy S4 Eraser

grid view of galaxy s4 camera

The Camera app on the Samsung Galaxy S4 will erase annoying objects or people in shots taken using the Galaxy S4 Eraser mode. Sometimes we get a blurry mess behind, or in front, of our subject. Eraser mode will shoot a series of 5 photos and remove the blurry guy walking across the beach in front of […]

How to Record a Photo and Sound with Samsung Galaxy S4 Sound Shot

Samsung Galaxy S4 Sound Shot Mode

The Samsung Galaxy S4 Sound Shot mode lets photographers shoot photos and embed up to nine seconds of audio. We’ll show users how to create a Samsung Galaxy S4 Sound Shot using the phone’s camera along with tips for making it work better. We’ll also show users how to share shots either by sharing with […]

How To Switch Apps on the iPhone


Switching apps on the iPhone is an easy way to quickly jump between the last several apps open on the iPhone. This guide will show users how to switch apps on the Apple iPhone for a better user experience. Apple’s iOS is dead simple to use, though some features of the iPhone aren’t exactly obvious to […]

How to Move Samsung Galaxy S4 Apps to SD Card After Update

gs4 micro sd card

Verizon and AT&T pushed out an update that lets users move apps from the internal storage to an external micro-SD card that a user can install by opening the back cover of their device. This can potentially free up some storage on the very limited internal storage available. Before describing how to do this, let’s […]

How to Use Multitasking on the HTC One

How to Multitask on the HTC ONe (1)

HTC One multitasking isn’t as obvious as some Android devices, but with a quick double tap you’ll have acces to all your apps. By most accounts, the HTC One is an amazing device that blends best-of materials with some of the latest software improvements using HTC’s newly revamped Sense 5 user interface. While the user […]

How to Back Up a Windows Phone


While Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8 operating system might be the youngest of the major mobile operating systems, Microsoft has gone to great lengths to make backups available to Windows Phone users effortlessly. Unlike the backup systems of Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android, there is no physical backup method for Windows Phone. Instead, the operating system […]

Take Amazing Firework Photos on the iPhone

Take better iPhone Firework photos.

Taking great firework photos with the iPhone is easy with the right apps and a few key accessories. If you have a DLSR, it is much better suited for taking photos of fireworks, but if you just want to share firework photos on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram the iPhone is a great choice. The Fourth […]

How to Stop iPhoto from Opening When iPhone is Plugged In


While most users do not plug their iPhone into their computer too often, there are some situations where this is necessary. For grabbing a quick charge, or backing up the iPhone, this process is extremely frustrating. One of the more annoying issues is that programs such as iPhoto and iTunes open by default. While this is […]

How to Access Galaxy S4 Notification Toggles Fast


The Samsung Galaxy S4 features a plethora of features and thanks to a handy shortcut users can check and change almost any Galaxy S4 setting in seconds. Rather than cycle through settings and dig deep into the settings menu, the new TouchWiz 2.0 skin on Android features a two finger pull down that lets users […]

How to Use Multi-Window Mode on the Galaxy S3

Use two apps at once with Multi-Window mode on the Samsung Galaxy S3.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 now supports Multi-Window mode, which lets users open two apps on-screen at the same time. This new feature is rolling out in several updates and is now available for the Samsung Galaxy S3 on Verizon, T-Mobile and Sprint, and we may soon see the AT&T Galaxy S3 Multi-Window update arrive. With […]