How to Get Old iPhone Ringtones Back in iOS 7

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iOS 7 is out (as is the new iPhone 5s), and with it comes a heap of new features. One of those new features is all-new ringtones and text tones that you can use to free yourself of the legacy ringtones that you’ve had to use for years. These new ones are more realistic and […]

How to Block Calls, Texts and FaceTime Chats on iPhone in iOS 7

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Sometime you get calls from spammers, or maybe your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend keeps texting and won’t go away. In iOS 7, there is now an easy way to block a number from contacting you, either through a voice call, a text message, or a FaceTime chat. Users can create their own blacklist, if you will, […]

How to Close Out Apps in iOS 7

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Apple launched iOS 7 yesterday, and tons of users have already downloaded and installed the update only to discover a completely new user interface. It’s the first time that Apple has radically changed the look of iOS ever since it first debuted back in 2007. Of course, though, a lot of mechanics are still the […]

How to Customize iOS 7′s New Notification Center

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One of the big new features in iOS 7 is the new Notification Center. Instead of just one view when you drag it down from the top, it now includes three different views that you can switch between using the tabs at the top, which consist of “Today,” “All” and “Missed.” Furthermore, you can also […]

How to Stop iOS 7 Apps from Refreshing in the Background

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If you updated to iOS 7 and are experiencing decreased battery life, it might be because iOS 7 automatically refreshes apps that are running in the background. At first, you may think that when you exit an app to go back to the home screen, that app will pause itself until you return to it. […]

How to Change Siri’s Voice in iOS 7


Siri is one of the standout features of iOS, and Apple has been continually improving it since they debuted it with the iPhone 4S two years ago. This time around, with the launch of iOS 7, Siri received a handful of new features, including the ability to recognize new voice commands and check more sources, such […]

How to Use iOS 7 Spotlight Search


Spotlight search in iOS allows you to search your entire phone for something that you’re looking for. Whether it’s an email, an app, a contact or a document, Spotlight search is like what indexed search is on Windows; when you enter in a search phrase, it searches your entire machine for files relating to that […]

How to Turn Off iOS 7′s Parallax Effect

ioS 7 release date

The parallax effect in iOS 7 is a new feature that gives the home screen a neat 3D look, so when you move your phone around in your hand while keeping your head still, it looks like you’re looking “around” the app icons onto the wallpaper, almost like you’re looking through a windows out onto the […]

HTC Sync Manager: How to Transfer iPhone Data to HTC One

Check out our Verizon HTC One user guide to get started with your new HTC One.

It’s clear from the form factor and the ability to transfer data from an iPhone to the HTC One that HTC created their all metal Android handset with iPhone users in mind. We want to show how easy it is to transfer content from an iPhone to an HTC One using the HTC Sync Manager […]

6 ChromeOS Tips to Make Chromebook Sparkle

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The ChromeOS hit the tech world a few years ago, first as a stand alone OS and then on the Chromebook CR-48 from Google, but not many people even know about it. We recently reviewed the Samsung Chromebook at and liked it. So we thought we’d share a few tips for using the machine […]

What to do When the iPad Won’t Turn On

Overheated iPad

Many of us heavily rely on our iOS devices to do common daily tasks such as waking up, reminding us about meetings or many other things that have become second nature to us. While our gadgets do a great job of keeping us up to date, electronics can and do fail, which can spell catastrophe […]

How to To Use Airplane Mode on the iPhone

Phone Disabled

The iPhone is a great tool for keeping us connected, but what about when that connection needs silenced? While do not disturb mode is great for eliminating notifications it still has the cellular service enabled, which is a problem when riding on an airplane. Luckily the iPhone has a built-in setting for scenarios such as these. […]

How to Enable Multi Window Multitasking on Galaxy S4


One of the highlighted features of Samsung’s TouchWiz user interface is the Multi-Window view, a multitasking mode that allows users to run two tasks or apps simultaneously side-by-side in either landscape or portrait mode. The feature initially debuted on the Galaxy Note 2 last year and also comes preloaded on this year’s Galaxy S4 flagship. […]

How to Arrange App Icons on the Samsung Galaxy S4

remove app icons on galaxy s4

Better app icon organization makes smart phone users more productive, so we’ll show users how to arrange app icons on the Samsung Galaxy S4 home screen, dock and app draw. The stock Samsung Galaxy S4 home screen doesn’t help very many people use their phone efficiently. That’s why we suggest rearranging the app icons, putting […]

How to Use Blocking Mode on Samsung Galaxy S4

samsung galaxy s4

The Samsung Galaxy S4 offers a tool called Blocking Mode, which helps users stop annoying intrusions from the phone during meetings, sleep or a period of needed respite or focus. We’ll show users how to engage the Blocking Mode on Samsung Galaxy S4 to keep the phone from making noise or interrupting the user. This […]

How to Take Panorama Photos on a Samsung Galaxy S4

Galaxy S4 Hidden Features

The Samsung Galaxy S4 camera makes taking a panorama photo easy. A panorama photo stitches together a number of shots taken in succession to create one shot of a landscape or wide subject, like a huge group shot. The camera on the phone does all the work. The process of taking panorama photos on Samsung […]

How to Reset a Lost iPad Passcode

Enter Passcode

Tablets such as the iPad are a very popular device due to their portability, and the amount of tasks you can do with it. This being said, iPads are also a common target for crooks. Apple devices, such as the iPad, are such a hot item that a whole unit of the NYPD‘s job is […]

How To Transfer Contacts to a New iPhone


Migrating from one phone to another used to be a major pain. Backing up contacts was nearly impossible, and inputting them into a new phone involved pressing each individual number on the number pad repeatedly. With iOS 6, and a new iPhone, getting contacts on the device couldn’t be easier. Here is how to do […]

How to Turn Off Location Data on iPhone Photos

Turn Camera OFF

While the iPhone is great at many things, one of the most famous is using it for photos. It is a hassle to carry an extra camera around, and the iPhone is great at taking photos and it is almost always in your pocket. This being said, there is a part of this experience that […]