HTC Two (M8) Rumor Roundup: What We Know So Far

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This year HTC changed everything regarding how they looked at smartphones. Instead of flooding the market with a few top-tier options and a slew of budget devices, we received one single flagship smartphone. HTC stuck to its guns, and delivered a quality smartphone that many can comfortably call the best smartphone of 2013. The HTC […]

7 Exciting Android Smartphones for 2014


With the year winding down, those in the market for a new Android smartphone are going to have to choose from what’s available at the moment as companies have exhausted their pipelines for the year and are now looking toward the future. Those who can wait to buy likely have their eye on that future, […]

HTC One Two (M8) Clears Another Hurdle Before Launch


The followup to the popular HTC One flaghsip smartphone last year could be coming sooner than many of us thought, as this week the device was spotted once more passing the WiFi Certification process. When HTC launched the One earlier this year, it was met with huge success and receive countless positive reviews, ours included, […]

9 Exciting Smartphones for 2014

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With 2013 coming to a close, it’s now time to look into our crystal ball and relay the devices we think have the best chance of being among the best smartphones in 2014. Thanks to rumors, we already have an idea about some of these devices including an iPhone 6, Samsung Galaxy S5, HTC M8, […]

HTC One Two Release Date Revealed


Rumors surrounding the successor to the popular HTC One smartphone this year have been swirling for months, but today we’ve potentially received some solid details regarding an actual release date for the HTC One Two. In an attempt to stay relevant and compete with other flagship smartphones like the upcoming Galaxy S5, HTC is busy […]

HTC One Two (M8) Specs Confirmed as Rumors Swirl


The flagship HTC One smartphone has been wildly successful and HTC is already working on a successor for early next year. With multiple reports and rumors calling the new device the HTC One Two, a smartphone codenamed the HTC M8 has been making the rounds. We’ve talked about this potential device before, and even seen […]

HTC One (M8) Specs Surface as Rumors Continue


A few weeks ago the rumor mills started churning regarding what’s next for HTC. The popular yet still ailing smartphone manufacturer that released the HTC One earlier this year, followed by the One Max. Now today we’re getting additional details on what HTC has planned for the HTC One Two, which many are calling the […]

HTC M8 Leak Suggests HTC One 2 Will Come With Fingerprint Tech


Newly leaked images of a device known as the HTC M8 suggest that the HTC One successor will come with a fingerprint reader to combat the biometric sensor on the Apple iPhone 5s. In addition to the the speculated fingerprint sensor, the phone is said to come with high end specs that will challenge flagship […]

HTC One 2 (M8) Rumored to Debut New HTC Sense 6 Experience

Pictured: HTC One

HTC is rumored to be working on a successor to its popular 2013 flagship, the HTC One, that is codenamed the HTC M8. The device is being dubbed the HTC One 2 and is rumored to come with a whole new HTC Sense user experience called HTC Sense 6. “HTC M8 will be the first […]

New HTC One May Come Sooner Than You Think

Android 4.3 Jelly Bean is coming soon it seems. Here, we make some bold predictions.

The HTC One is only a few months only and already there is talk about a new HTC One for 2013 and a successor, the latter of which is thought to be a device called the HTC M8. In February, HTC announced the HTC One and in April, released it on carriers in the United […]