HTC Sensation XL Gets Official: Massive Display, Beats Audio

HTC Sensation XL

We were pretty sure that HTC would be announcing the HTC Sensation XL aka HTC Runnymede today at the company’s event in London and the manufacturer did not disappoint. The Sensation XL is exactly what we pegged it to be pre-launch, a Gingerbread-powered device with Beats Audio and a massive display. Essentially, the HTC Sensation […]

HTC Sensation XL Heading to AT&T?

HTC Sensation XL

We are fairly certain that tomorrow’s HTC event will be an announcement regarding the HTC Sensation XL, a device that originally was known as the Sensation XE and HTC Runnymede. It’s a phone that features a massive 4.7-inch display, a single-core 1.5GHz processor, as well as Beats Audio support. It is also rumored to possess […]

HTC Plans Beats Audio Party on Oct 6th: HTC Sensation XL Inbound?

HTC Beats Audio Oct 6th

HTC has sent out invites to a music themed press event on October 6th, that may as well be called a party. Based on the headphones and the promise of hot musical guests, we expect that the we will see at least one new HTC handset with Beats Audio. The invitations feature Beats headphones, which […]

HTC Sensation XL Caught on Video Showing Off 4.7-Inch Display

HTC Sensation XL

Remember the phone with the funny name? The HTC Runnymede? Turns out, that won’t be its name when it hits shelves. Shocking, we know. Instead, according to Pocketnow, the HTC Runnymede will be known as the HTC Sensation XL and not the HTC Bass as was originally thought. In addition to the branding, the HTC […]

HTC Bliss and Runnymede to Launch as HTC Rhyme and Bass

HTC Runnymede or the HTC Bass

HTC is calling in the musical names to move the HTC Bliss and HTC Runnymede Android devices. The HTC Runnymede will likely hit store shelves as the HTC Bass. The HTC Bliss, which had been billed as a smartphone for women, may arrive as the HTC Rhyme. The HTC Runnymede¬†will go to music school and […]

HTC Runnymede Image Features Beats Audio


HTC Runnymede, dubbed HTC’s Android TITAN because of its similarity with the Windows Phone 7 handset, is now pictured in press shots with the Beats Audio logo on the rear. The device features a large 4.7-inch WVGA display–which is even larger than the 4.52-inch displays on the Sprint and T-Mobile Galaxy S II smartphones–along with […]

Specs for HTC Bliss and HTC Runnymede Leak Out

HTC Charm

We’ve been waiting for some specifications on the HTC Bliss to leak out and luckily today, ThisIsMyNext has unearthed some of the upcoming device’s features. In addition, they have unearthed features of a device called the HTC Runnymede that appears to be a cousin of the HTC Titan, a device that HTC announced at the […]