The Best Way to Stream Netflix


When it comes to watching movies and TV shows, you most likely want to watch them in the best resolution possible. Here’s the best way to stream Netflix on your computer. Most displays nowadays are able to put out a resolution of 1080p (1920×1080), but it turns out that you may not be having the […]

Latest IE Security Flaw is a Dangerous One for all Versions


Security flaws and vulnerabilities are more than a fact of life. It’s almost like road construction. In the same way you know you’re going to hit road construction somewhere on any trip, you sort of know you’re going to be dealing with some sort of security issue during your journey through the Internet. Inconvenient is […]

Fully Browsable: Microsoft Talks Features for IE on Xbox One

IE on Xbox

With better support for multi-tab browsing, multitasking and more web standards, Microsoft seems to be bringing the browser wars to the living room with the Xbox One. Microsoft fully detailed Internet Explorer on Xbox One in a blog post on Xbox Wire today. Starting with the Xbox One’s launch next week, users can expect to […]

Microsoft Won’t Allow Other Web Browsers on Windows RT

Samsung Windows 8 tablet

Microsoft won’t let browsers other than Internet Explorer work fully on Windows RT, and Mozilla and Google aren’t happy about it. Earlier today, Mozilla spokesman Asa Dotzler wrote a blog post about the Firefox-makers issues with Microsoft. In Windows RT (a.k.a. Windows 8 on ARM), Microsoft will limit the number of APIs that browsers can […]

Microsoft Claims People Don’t Use Tabs in Mobile Browsing


In justifying some of the changes made to its Mobile Internet Explorer browser–version 9–coming on Windows Phone 7 Mango, Microsoft did its research and finds that people don’t use tabs when browsing on a mobile device. With the Windows Phone 7 Mango software update, Microsoft moved the address bar on Internet Explorer 9 Mobile, hid […]

How To Login to 2 Gmail Accounts at the Same Time, In the Same Browser

How to Login to 2 Gmail Accounts at the Same Time in the Same Browser

Many of us have multiple email accounts for work, personal life and volunteering. As more organizations move to Google Apps, a growing number of users end up with multiple Gmail accounts. While you can forward your accounts to one central location and use different browsers, these solutions aren’t perfect. Instead, we will show you how to login to 2 Gmail accounts […]

Google Toolbar 7 for Explorer Gets Instant


Google’s released Toolbar 7 for Internet Explorer that features Google Instant and other enhancements. While Google has its own web browser, Internet Explorer is the default browser for many, many Windows users. As you can see in the video above, Toolbar 7 can improve the Google search experience in Internet Explorer. Features, such as Google […]

Mango Delivers Faster Web Browsing for Windows Phone 7

Screen shot 2011-04-14 at 8.26.18 AM

Microsoft has announced that a major update to its Windows Phone 7 mobile platform codenamed Mango will be arriving this Fall, and that firmware will bring not only better overall performance, but faster browsing speeds. News of the Mango update comes out of the Microsoft-hosted MIX11 conference in Las Vegas, NV. Mango will bring hardware […]

Geeks Moving to Chrome, Consumers Still Running IE and Firefox


Geeks will dump a browser and adopt another if it proves to be faster and have more bells and whistles. Techcrunch is reporting today that Google Chrome is used by more of its visitors than any other, ripping the title away from FireFox after four years. Google Chrome is currently my favorite browser and I […]

Xmarks Calling it Quits


A service that I’ve come to rely on to keep all of my browsers on all my machines in sync is throwing in the towel. Xmarks, a bookmark synching service that was originally called Foxmarks, couldn’t find a way to monetize its popular service and a potential buyout fell through. Xmarks users can expect an […]

Microsoft Releases IE9 Beta for Download

Beauty of the Web-2

Internet Explorer is one of those hard luck cases. It’s still used a lot and often maligned and many have written it off. Well, Microsoft is hoping to change that with IE9, and Microsoft has just released a Beta version for anyone to download and try out. Microsoft is also showing off the new features […]

Less than 30% of Geeks Using IE When Visiting GBM


According to a Network Applications report, Internet Explorer’s popularity’s at 10 year low. Less than 60% of web users are choosing to surf with IE and more than 40% are opting for alternatives such as Firefox, Chrome and Safari. The share of GBM readers visiting this site with IE is falling pretty quickly.Based on our web statistics […]

GBM Shortcut: Windows 7 Touch and Browser Scrolling Demo


Browsing with your finger in Windows 7 is going to be a different experience across each browser and Windows 7 system. As demonstrated in this GBM Shortcut video, the experience will be based upon the type of touch digitizer your system has, whether the system is Windows 7 Touch logo certified, and what type of […]

IE Patch Now Available from Microsoft

Yesterday we told you about the serious Internet Explorer exploit that affected all current and past versions of IE, and we also told you in an update that Microsoft was readying a patch for today. Well, the patch is now available (get it here.) This one sounds like you should do it now, if you […]

Experts Advise Caution Because of Exploit in Internet Explorer


I’m seeing a lot of reports on this Internet Explorer exploit this morning so here’s sort of a public service announcement. Apparently Microsoft is acknowledging a severe exploit in IE (all versions of the browser) and some security experts are advising that you use another browser until the hole is plugged. The BBC is carrying […]

Internet Explorer 8 Delete Option Is Frustrating


Since I’ve begun using Windows 7 full-time over the past week, I’ve been forced to use Internet Explorer 8 (IE) rather than IE 7 that I used in Vista. There are some things I like about IE 8, like page loading speed and compatibility / standards mode, but there is one glaring user interface problem […]

Microsoft Marshalls a Sense of Humor with IE8 Unboxing Video

Why can’t Microsoft’s advertistements have as much of a sense of humor as some of their internal, and now Facebook, videos do? I’ll never figure that one out. Maybe Jerry Seinfeld will help, but I doubt it. But anyway, On Facebook, Microsoft is rolling out a couple of clever videos on the new Internet Explore […]

Microsoft Releases Beta 2 of Internet Explorer 8

if you’re going to be working in the cloud, the browser is what will lift you off the ground. Looks like we’ll be finding out more about Microsoft’s latest attempt at Internet Explorer now that Beta 2 has been released to the public. According to the IEBlog, IE8 is built around three themes: Everyday browsing: […]

Some Tips to Get More Out of Your Vista Tablet PC

I’ve often said that it is the applications that you install on your tablet that make it will return the most value.  However, having said that there is a lot that you can do to Vista out of the box that will give you a better pen experience. Here are my top tips for getting […]

IE8 Out And About – in Beta

So there looks to be a Beta of Internet Explorer 8 out there to some select beta testers.  I know there is a public beta coming soon, but for now, any GBM readers out there with their Tablet PC’s running the new IE8 Beta?? Microsoft is planning a public beta of the new browser, and […]