5 Best Antivirus Apps for Android


When it comes to using smartphones these days, security and privacy is a growing concern. With the Android platform getting bigger by the day the malware threats have continued to surface and are potentially an issue worth preparing for. While malware on Android smartphones and tablets isn’t nearly as bad as some antivirus “experts” say, […]

iPhone Malware Targets Apple IDs on Jailbroken Devices


iPhones are being targeted by a new and mysterious piece of malware that iOS users have discovered. The threat is called “Unblod Baby Panda” and it’s essentially an application that runs in the background on an iOS device, with the main goal of hunting for Apple ID credentials. The threat was first discovered by a Reddit […]

Android Aims to Curb Malware with Google Security Services


Getting a virus or malware on your Android device isn’t nearly as easy, or as big of a concern as many media outlets claim it to be, but it is a problem. Being the biggest mobile OS on the planet, many shady characters and apps target Android. Introduced in Android 4.2 was a new piece […]

Flappy Bird Android Downloads Cheat Users With Texts

Flappy Bird Android downloads could cheat users out of cash thanks to Malware.

Flappy Bird is the gaming craze that just won’t die and thanks to the open nature of Android, many users are searching for a Flappy Bird Android download, installing the first FlappyBird.apk they find to get back to flapping through pipes — but this could cost users and infect their phones. Android smartphones and tablets allow […]

How to Stop Hackers From Playing Peek-a-Boo With MacBook Webcams


In a startling discovery, it appears that the webcams on Apple’s iMac desktops and MacBook laptops could be remotely activated without the knowledge of the user. To assuage privacy concerns, many notebook manufacturers–including Apple–place a recording indicator light next to the camera lens to alert users that the webcam is activated. However, despite these efforts, […]

With the Rise of Malware, Your Dumb Home May Be Safer Than a Smart Home


With the allure of simplifying your life by connecting your home to the Internet–with things like smart appliances, digital door locks, remotely accessible security cameras, and the ability to monitor and shut off your water or electricity from anywhere there is Internet connectivity–users should consider the unintended consequences of hacking. As consumers begin eyeing adding […]

Security Flaw in Google Glass Could Expose Users to Big Brother Surveillance


iPhone jailbreak hacker Jay Freeman has recently discovered a potential security flaw on Google Glass that may expose users to unintended surveillance if malware makes its way onto the wearable computing device. In the Google Glass Explorer Edition that’s being shipped out right now from Google to developers, Freeman found that a lack of a […]

Number of Infected Android Devices Tripled in 2012


Malicious code infections on Google’s Android operating system tripled in 2012. That’s according to mobile security firm NQ, who found that the 32.8 million devices running Android became infected last year. That’s a rise from the 10.8 million devices that were infected in 2011. In addition to the rise in infections, NQ also found that […]

Android Accounts for 79 Percent of Malware in 2012


With the growing popularity of Google’s more opened Android mobile operating system, the unintended consequence is that the platform becomes more attractive to hack and is susceptible to more malicious code, or malware. According to the latest report published by F-Secure, Android was so popular that it accounted for 79 percent of mobile malware in […]

Exynos CPU Vulnerabilities Place Galaxy S3, Galaxy Note 2 in Danger of Malware


A vulnerability created by Samsung’s Exynos processor may create opportunities for malware to take over, brick, wipe data, or steal information on smartphones with Samsung’s ARM-based Exynos CPUs, including the flagships Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note 2 smartphones and phablets. In addition to Samsung, other smartphone manufacturers, such as Meizu with the Meizu MX, also […]

Researchers Find Android 4.2 Built-In Malware Detector Underwhelming

Android logo

With the latest revision of the Android 4.2 operating system–also colloquially referred to as Jelly Bean like Android 4.1–Google had attempted to beef up security on its mobile platform by including a built-in malware detection engine. However, according to researchers at NC State University, the malware detector was said to be underwhelming. News of Google’s […]

FinFisher Spyware is a Conspiracy Theorist’s Nightmare


If you’re a conspiracy theorist and believe that your every move is being tracked, monitored, and secretly recorded, you may not be too far off base if your phone is infected with the FinFisher spyware. Given the number of sensors and radios in a smartphone, your portable personal phone isn’t just your window of communication […]

Android the Target of 75% of Phone-Based Malware


Android’s growth is a double-edged sword. On one hand, the extensibility and popularity of Google’s ecosystem has helped the platform grow, but with that growth, one security firm is reporting that the platform is now the target of 75 percent of the malware that’s directed towards mobile phones. Antivirus firm F-Secure reported that in the […]

Don’t Install Android Security Updates While Browsing the Web


Surfing the web on Android is relatively safe, but a new threat tricks users into installing a trojan that calls itself a security update. Symantec discovered the Android.Notcompatible threat this week, calling attention to the new threat of user-initiated drive by downloads. Malware is a problem on Android smartphones, but it is typically reserved for infected fake […]

Fake Instagram for Android Apps Spreading Malware

Fake Instagram for Android Apps Spreading Malware

On the heels of the Instagram for Android roll out and Instagram’s subsequent sale to Facebook, comes word that there are malicious versions of the Instagram for Android application floating around the internet, versions that could infect Android devices with malware. According to a blog post from IT security company Sophos, by way of the […]

Angry Birds Space Malware Hits Android Markets

fake angry birds space

Angry Birds Space is the latest Android game to gain the attention of malware distributors, who have placed infected versions of the popular game in unofficial markets. Angry Birds Space is the latest version of the addictive Angry Birds Franchise, available on Android and iOS. Sophos and Rovio, the maker of Angry Birds, warn users to avoid unofficial Android […]

Microsoft Looking to Capitalize on Recent Android Malware Incident


Jabbing its rival while its down, Microsoft is exploiting Google’s publicized malware problem with Android market to get people to switch to Windows Phone in the latest Droid Rage campaign. This is at least Microsoft’s second campaign on social site Twitter to attract users to the company’s Windows Phone platform, asking users to share their […]

New Android Market Malware Could Infect 5 Million Users

Screen Shot 2012-01-30 at 1.17.26 AM

Google’s Android Market is now suffering the largest case of malware with Symantec reporting that 17 applications found on the company’s app store to be affected. The anti-virus software-maker recommends that if users find that they had installed any of the 17 affected apps, that they either uninstall the apps or restore their devices to […]

Fake Madden NFL 2012 Android App Goes Long With Premium Texts

Madden 2012 fake app

Scammers know that the only thing football fans love more than watching the game is playing Madden, and with the Super Bowl around the corner, they have target Android users with a costly fake Madden NFL 2012 app. Symantec caught a fake Madden NFL 2012 app masquerading as a legitimate 5MB Android game. The fake app even installs an authentic looking […]