Samsung S Pebble: MP3 Player That Links to The Galaxy S III

Samsung S Pebble

During the Galaxy S III announcement, Samsung made a fleeting mention of a new S Pebble music accessory. Now, we have learned that the S Pebble is actually an MP3 player that relies on the Galaxy S III to function. According to Engadget, the S Pebble is a 4GB MP3 player similar to the Pebble […]

Samsung Galaxy Player 3.6 Review: First Impressions

Galaxy Player 3.6 front

This week Samsung launched their new Galaxy Player 3.6, a smaller version of the non-phone Android devices they introduced to the U.S. last fall. The Player 3.6 runs the Gingerbread variant of Android and works just like a smartphone with the exception of making calls or having a connection to cellular data. It costs $149 […]

Best Tech and Gadget Gifts Under $250


Maybe the prospect of spending $250 or more on a gift scares you. Or maybe you feel like spending less than $200 on a gift is a little on the cheap side. If that’s the case, you have come to the right place. Whether you’re searching for a new camera for the photographer in your […]

Gift Guide: Top Gadgets, Tech, and Toys For Tweens


By the time your kid reaches the tween stage, toys start to give way to actual gadgets on the wish list. While you’re probably not ready to break out the cash for expensive technology, there are some great devices that will keep your tween entertained and help you teach them about tech responsibility. Of course, […]

Philips Releases GoGear Android ‘Touch’ PMP

Photo of the Philips GoGear Connect

Philips is launching its GoGear music player as a direct competitor to the market-leading Apple iPod Touch, except that the GoGear runs the Android OS instead of Apple’s iOS software. The GoGear will run Google’s current latest Android 2.3 Gingerbread OS for smartphones, except the GoGear will eschew the phone and mobile broadband wireless radio […]

Is Sony Readying an iPod Wanna Be?


Rumors are rampant that Sony will be unveiling an iPod like device at CES2009. Does the world need another MP3 player? Maybe, maybe not, but if you can buy direct from the Amazon MP3 store that could shift that answer. If the specs I’m reading is true, there are a couple of very interesting aspects […]