Original Fuelband to Steal Features From the Fuelband SE


Nike’s next-generation fitness accessory isn’t arriving until November 6th but that doesn’t mean users have to wait until then to get a few new features. Nike has confirmed that it will add a few new functions to its original FuelBand as it launches its followup. In the interview with Pocket-lint a Nike executive made it […]

Nike Announces New Fuelband SE

The new Fuelband SE

Nike’s Fuelband line of wearable workout accessories is getting an update that comes complete with new colors and a smattering of new features. Debuting November 6th, the Nike+ Fuelband SE features a fresh design aesthetic that uses colored accents on the inside and outside of each band to allow users to feel like the device is […]

Nike FuelBand 2 Incoming at October 15 Event


Nike has scheduled an event for October 15 to presumably talk about its NikeFuel series, saying that it’ll be discussing “the future of the digital world and physical activity.” This most likely means that the company will announce the FuelBand 2. Rumors of a second-generation FuelBand have been around since earlier this year, where it’s rumored that […]

Nike FuelBand 2: Heart Rate Monitor & Android Support Rumored

Nike-Fuel-Band-Review-best of 2012

The Nike FuelBand 2 is reportedly in the works, and may come with a heart rate monitor and Android support. Nike FuelBand is currently one of the most popular app enabled fitness accessories, even earning a place on Apple CEO Tim Cook’s wrist. While popular, the FuelBand lacks several features like a heart rate monitor […]

Nike Makes FuelBand Data Available for Connected Health Apps

Nike+ API

Today Nike opened its developer portal for developers to build apps on top of its Nike+ devices according to The Next Web. The Nike+ developer portal gives developers API to view user’s workout data with information including FuelPoints earned, type of exercise, duration of exercise and calories burned. The APIs will also let developers’ apps […]

NikeFuel Missions Turns Fuel Points Into A Game

NikeFuel Missions

Today Nike announced NikeFuel Missions as a way to make the Nike+ FuelBand more fun and exciting to use. NikeFuel Missions is a game that uses Fuel Points as a scoring system. The game has players helping their characters through a world were everything has turned to ice. The game gives players goals to reach […]

4 Fitness Trackers To Get in Shape for 2013

FitBit One

The holidays are here, which means the new year is coming up soon as well. Many people use the new year to resolve to live more healthily or to exercise more, and there are some gadgets to help with those goals. There are a number of mobile fitness trackers available now. They all track motion […]

Path Adds Nike+ FuelBand Support

Path Nike+ FuelBand

Path is continuing its partnership with Nike by adding support for another Nike accessory. Today Path announced that its private social network app now supports Nike’s popular Nike+ FuelBand. Users can now share their FuelBand activity and progress with their closest friends and family through the Path app. Now, FuelBand users can make sure their […]

Nike+ FuelBand Heats Up Digital Fitness; FitBit & Jawbone, Watch Out

Nike+ FuelBand

FitBit. Jawbone UP. And now, Nike+ FuelBand. Nike has entered the mobile fitness space with its new wristband that is designed to be worn throughout the day in order to help you achieve your fitness goals. Using a set of 20 LED lights displayed prominently on the device, the NIKE+ FuelBand uses an accelerometer to […]