Custom Asus Tablet PC for Windows Vista

GBM reader Clifford B. has sent us to a link of some great pictures of an Asus Tablet PC with a custom Windows Vista logo on the front.  From what it says, it’s backlit…  Looks kind of cool – What do you guys think? I thnk I would rather see a slideshow window on the front, […]

Lenovo to start shipping X60 SXGA+ Tablet PC next week

Well, great news for those who have been waiting since November for their Lenovo X60 SXGA+ Tablet PC to ship. Tim Supples, who writes on the Lenovo Blog, had this to say on the company blog today regarding the delayed Tablet PC shippments: Oliver, Steve and our other readers on here, you’re asking all the right […]

I’ve been Zuned

 My wonderful family blessed me with a black Zune for my birthday last night, and what a great gift it is. Having been an iPod user for the past three or four years, I was excited, yet nervous about trying out this new device. Much to my surprise, the install process went as smooth as […]

Gateway coming with a new 12.1" convertible Tablet PC

Many of you have come to know GBM reader, Kevin Bals, through his insightful tips that he faithfully passes along to us. This one is very interesting as it introduces a new 12.1″ convertible into the market from Gateway. I’ll let Kevin speak for himself: I just got back from a 2 day technology conference […]

Lenovo releases Vista drivers for X60 Tablet PC

With the Vista launch coming up on January 30th, we are expecting to hear a lot from OEMs releasing their Vista compatible drivers. Lenovo has just released theirs for the X60 Tablet PC and they can be found here. The only drivers missing at this point are for the fingerprint reader. Thanks to GBM reader […]

Free T-Mobile WiFi for new Vista owners

Ah, the joys of having a nice Mocha while surfing the net for free on a brand new install of Vista. Get yourself a copy of Vista next Tuesday and that is exactly what you could be doing. T-Mobile and Microsoft are hooking up to offer new users of Vista some free WiFi time from […]

Going mobile with Google

I’m always up for experimenting with different mobility technologies, enough so that it always tends to throw a wrench in my produtivity while I work out the kinks and generate some lessons learned. That said, I’d like to share a little about how I’ve been experimenting with Google based solutions, what has worked and what […]

A happy ending for a one-time disgruntled Motion Computing customer

We all tend to beat up on OEMs when they mess things up and discussion forums like ours are fodder for that kind of activity. So, when I saw GBM forum member rpullon start a topic on not being happy with Tablet PC OEM Motion Computing, I thought it would be interesting to see how […]

Gavin Gear’s Visual Studio Tablet PC template

Microsoft’s Gavin Gear is making it a little easier for developers to get their new Tablet PC application project started. He has created a Visual Studio 2005 Tablet PC project template that handles all the required references for inking and InkAnalysis,  instantiating an InkOverlay object, and finally hooking all that fancy dancy stuff up to […]

A Coffee Cup That Doubles as a Mouse?

A coffee cup that doubles as a mouse? Interesting. I can see this as a big aid to those in the keyboard market who are creating spill proof keyboards. So what happens when you lift the cup to take a sip? Next thing you know someone will develop this in a wireless version. Via uberGizmo […]

Gear Diary Examines Biometric Security

One of the benefits of reading blogs is getting real users opinions on something. Sometimes it reinforces something I’m thinking. Sometimes it changes my mind. Judie at Gear Diary’s review of the Biometric security functions on her new Tablet PC falls into the latter category. I’ve got two devices with biometric security built in: The […]

CNET reviews the HP TC4400 Tablet PC

While we are still trying to get our hands on a TC4400 to review ( hint, hint HP ), CNET has just published their review of the business class Tablet PC. They give it a 6.8 out of 10 based on weight, base configuration of RAM, and lack of FireWire and optical drive. They offer […]

Lenovo X60 Multi-Touch Tablet PC available at Costco

Our favorite Microsoft Tablet PC blogger, Hilton Locke, just let us know that Costco is selling the X60 Multi-Touch Tablet PC at $1999. It is great to see Lenovo sending their tablets in to the retail channel. Now…if folks could just start getting the SXGA+ systems they ordered in November… Check it out

UMPC Comparison Chart

Wondering what the difference between various models and brands of UMPCs might be? jkk has published his thoughts on the matter on the Origami Project, and the good folk at OnlyUMPC have taken it and put it into more easily read table. jkk goes a little Clint Eastwood on us and calls the list, The […]

New Tablet PC hardware in for InkShows

February is going to be a good month for hardware InkShows at Last month, I mentioned that I would be doing an InkShow on the Fujitsu T4215. Well, there was a bit of a delay in getting the system, but it came in last week, and I’m prepping for the that review right now. […]

My Desktop Mascots – what are yours?

  As you can see from this cute image, I have several desktop mascots that keep me company every day.  They are, from left to right: Tablet Guy – He’s been around for a while, and I must say he is a jealous and vicious little guy.  Keeps poking that pen at the other guys.  […]

PC Magazine continuing Tablet PC coverage …

 Cisco Cheng is becoming known as one of the few mainstream press reporters who actually seems to understand the Tablet PC and the possibilities it offers. In this article, Cisco examines the “Windows Vista Loaded” Tablet PC’s he saw at CES this year, and comments on the Tablet PC experience in Vista.  Here is an […] on the Lenovo X60 Tablet PC

With news that Lenovo ranks second in Tablet sales, it is not surprising to see more positive reviews on the Lenovo X60 Tablet PC hit the press, this time from the Washington Times. This statement from the author, Mark Kellner, concerns me though: I’m not sure how many applications there are that can take advantage […]

Tablet PC MVP Marc Orchant’s new Outlook 2007 book …

In the latest episode of the “On the Run with Tablet PC’s #34″ Podcast, James Kendrick and Mark Orchant briefly discussed Marc’s new book, “The Unofficial Guide to Microsoft Outlook 2007“.  If you have followed Marc’s blogging and general online presence, you will know that he is an excellent technology writer, as well as all […]