Don’t blame the cursor! Windows is just fine for touch…


I’ve now spent about two weeks full time with the multi-touch Fujitsu T900. I have been interested to see how capacitive touch works with Windows on a daily basis since there has been a lot of suggestion in the IT media (including this website) that Windows is not designed for touch due to its orientation […]

How I use a Tablet PC


Xavier mentioned in my intro that I am lucky enough to have access to all kinds of Tablet PCs on a daily basis. And I do enjoy getting to try out so many different Tablets. When Xavier asked me to write about how I use a Tablet PC, I have to admit that I had […]

Bluebeam PDF Revu 8 is packed with new features


Bluebeam PDF Revu, an advanced PDF editing and creation tool that really leverages pen input from Tablet PCs, is updated to version 8 and offers a laundry list of new features. Pin files and folders in Revu, preview PDFs and open files with one click SharePoint & ProjectWise integration RevitĀ® plug-in for one button PDF […]

Bluebeam shares a lot of Tablet PC love (including some “free” love)

Motion Computing J3400

This month’s edition of Bluebeam Insider, the official newsletter of Bluebeam Software, is loaded with Tablet PC love. At the top of their list is a Q&A with two real world users of Revu, their PDF creation and editing tool, on their Tablet PCs. Both are architects who use a Lenovo x61 and a Motion […]

Bluebeam + Tablet PC = A Great Productivity Toolset


The great thing about Tablet PCs is the flexibility it offers in getting work done. From managing to-do lists, signing PDFs, or tracking projects, a Tablet PC plus the right software solution, can bring immediate benefits to any business. Checkout this case study from Bluebeam on how one of their customers uses Bluebeam and a […]

Bluebeam PDF Revu 7 Is Released

bluebeam pdf revu

Hot off the press is news that Bluebeam has released version 7 of their popular PDF Revu, which is available today for $149: With over 20 additional features and improvements for PDF creation, markup and editing, this is truly our best release ever. Spell Check Reduce File Size Arcs and Curves Hatch Patterns Batch Office […]

GBM InkShow: Bluebeam PDF Revu 6.2

It has been a while since we’ve done an InkShow on Bluebeam’s PDF Revu, but with their recent release of version 6.2, we thought it was a perfect time to do a refresh and take a look at what has changed from version 5 to 6. In this InkShow, I go over many of the […]

Bluebeam PDF Revu Tips

I’m working on an InkShow to highlight some of the new features of Bluebeam PDF Revu 6.0, so I found these latest tips from Bluebeam Insider to be quite beneficial. Is there a way to go back to the old look of Revu, prior to 6.0? While we don’t have a time machine to go […]

Bluebeam 6.2 Released, Enhanced Tablet PC Features

Bluebeam has just released version 6.2 of their popular PDF annotating tool, Bluebeam PDF Revu. This new version brings some enhanced Tablet PC features as requested by Tablet PC users. Download the update here. This update is free for version 6.0 customers. We are planning an InkShow on this new version within the first week […]

Bluebeam PDF Revu Version 6.0 Launching in February

The popular Bluebeam PDF Revu will be getting upgraded to version 6.0 this February. No word on what feature upgrades are coming. Bluebeam PDF Revu was our runner-up for 2007 Software of the Year. Here are the details from Bluebeam is announcing a special price incentive for all new and existing Bluebeam customers. […]

Bluebeam Nominated for 2008 Most Innovative Product Award

I just received some good news from the folks at Bluebeam. They have been nominated for the 2008 Most Innovative Product award by the World of Concrete trade show. They are being nominated due to PDF Revu’s Tablet PC features. Here is their official announcement. Watch for more details on how you can vote for […]

Bluebeam’s Document Management Webcast

Many of our readers use Tablet PCs for forms automation, annotating PDFs, etc. Those areas are where businesses really begin to see Tablet PC technology pay for itself. For those interested in getting a better handle on the whole collaborative aspect of electronic document management, be sure to checkout Bluebeam’s upcoming webcast on December 4th. […]

Bluebeam’s $50 Off GBM Reader Special Ends November 30

All good things must come to an end, and the Bluebeam PDF Revu GBM Reader special is no different. If you’ve been holding off on taking advantage of Bluebeam’s $50 off special, time is quickly running out: it expires November 30th. Remember, the discount is also available to international customers, too. For those who don’t […]

Bluebeam Opens up GBM $50 Discount to International Customers

Response to Bluebeam’s $50 discount on PDF Revu has been great. GBM Reader Poppino wanted in on the special pricing, too, but unfortunately found a roadblock since he was an international customer and couldn’t get that discount. After sending an email to Bluebeam acknowledging his disappointment, Bluebeam and online reseller got to work to […]

Bluebeam PDF Revu – $50 off for Readers

If you use a Tablet PC, chances are you need to annotate PDFs. Based on feedback from within our forums , users really like the powerful capabilities of Bluebeam PDF Revu. Well, there is good news for GBM readers: from now until November 30th, GBM readers can purchase the popular PDF annotating software for only […]

Bluebeam Insider: Going Mobile with Tablet PCs

Bluebeam Software, the makers of the PDF annotating software Bluebeam PDF Revu, has published a good introduction article on going mobile, picking the right tablet pc, etc. They even give and a nice mention as good resources for picking a Tablet PC. Check out the article, especially if you are beginning your first […]

BlueBeam PDF Revue v5.5 Features PDF Text Editing

My favorite PDF software for my Tablet PC (or any PC for that matter), BlueBeam PDF Revue has just released version 5.5 which includes, among other improvments, PDF Text editing that allows you to add, delete, or replace existing text in a PDF. There are a host of other new features (see below) as well as […]