Google Adds More Security for Mobile Google Apps Users


Aiming to make Google Apps and Google’s version of Cloud Computing even more attractive to the Enterprise sector, Google is rolling out an extra layer of security that is geared towards easing security concerns in those who have to manage those issues. Essentially the way this works is that in addition to having a password, […]

Pogoplug Biz, Wireless Extender Now Shipping


Pogoplug announced the availability of the Pogoplug Biz and the PogoPlug WiFi Adapter. The Pogoplug Biz is a device aimed at small business that allows them to create a data cloud that can be accessed by clients. The wireless extender allows any PogoPlug to hop on a Wi-Fi network rather than having to stay within […]

Local or Cloud Storage: Which Is Better for Your Mobile Life?


Yesterday I posted a review of  iPerform, a very comprehensive database and organization tool for actors. Intriguingly in the two comments to the post so far, there’s an interesting issue raised that I think is an important one. One responder commented on a different product of the same ilk that he prefers. That product, PerformerTrack, […]

Office Web Apps Now on Windows Skydrive


If you’re one of the folks who have been waiting for the Microsoft Office Web Apps to come out of technical preview so you can give them a try, the time is now. On the Windows Live Blog, Jason Moore is announcing that Microsoft has flicked the switch and you can now check out the […]

Google building a tablet team… or new servers?


Word out of peHUB is that Google put a downpayment on Agnilux, a stealth tech startup founded by ex-employees of P.A. Semi, the chipmaker bought by Apple believed to be responsible for the A4 chip in the iPad. So what could Google want with a company composed of engineers from that know how to make […]

Microsoft Shows Off Some of that 3 Screens Strategy with Gaming

3 screens

At TechEd Middle East, Microsoft Eric Rudder showed off a little bit of that “3 screens and the cloud” strategy Microsoft has been crowing about. The example was all about gaming. Rudder shows off an Indiana Jones game that he plays on an Xbox, a computer, and a Windows Phone 7 Series phone. The game’s […]

Ballmer Says Microsoft is ‘Betting Our Company’ On the Cloud


Steve Ballmer is taking Microsoft all in saying that Microsoft is “betting out company” on the cloud. He made the remarks at a University of Washington speech and if you’ve been following Microsoft for any period of time, you know that the move into the cloud has been coming, but the pace has been painfully […]

Microsoft and HP Announce Cloud Collaboration

Microsoft and HP have announced plans to increase their investments and collaboration in Cloud Computing in order simplify technology environment for businesses of all sizes. In essence the partnership aims to make it easier for companies to move into the cloud (using Microsoft and HP technology of course). The aim is to integrate the move […]

Backupify Goes Free (for a limited time) to Back Up Your Cloud


If you’re a cloud person, you might want to check this out. The cloud backup service, Backupify has announced that it will offer free accounts with unlimited storage until January 31, 2010. When the company launched last summer their was a tiered payment system, but the president, Robert May, says that it is less expensive […]

Do you want to work in the Cloud?

The release of Chromium, the open source release of Chrome OS, has stirred up what I think is excellent debate on the merits and drawbacks of working in the Cloud, that amorphous realm of computing on the Internet. There’s still a lot of progress to be made in the areas of reliability and connectivity. My […]

Backup Your Google Docs to a Zip File


We’ve been talking quite a bit about backing up data and protecting your data in the cloud. If you’re a Google Docs user this might be a very workable solution to consider. Basically Google is allowing you to convert your documents to whatever format you choose and then compress them into a ZIP file, which […]

Google bringing more cloud syncing to Chrome

The mighty glacier that is Google’s web app strategy crept forward a bit with news that they’re introducing more user data synchronization to their Chrome Web browser. The plan starts with the obvious – bookmark synchronization – but more user data sync is planned for the future. Potentially, this means syncing or switching users on […]

Vanish: Create Self Destructing Documents in the Cloud


Yesterday I posted a question wondering how GBM readers felt about the dangers of having their data in the cloud and there were some very interesting responses. Today I caught this on BoingBoing about a project called Vanish, that allows you to create a self destructing email or document that become unreadable after a certain […]

Cloud Computing Concerns: How Concerned Are You?


Since the first time someone started talking about Cloud Computing there have been concerns over privacy, the security of your data, and other issues. The recent Amazon flap over deleting books seems to have spurred a new round of examining the hazards of having your data in the cloud. One such article from the NY […]

Maybe the Internet IS Broken

It seems I may owe a partial apology to the doomsayers who claimed the Internet “died” the other week. No, you still were blatantly wrong as evidenced by the web’s rapid rebound after its “demise,” but the idea that the Internet is broken may not be entirely wrong. At least that’s the claim being made […]

Google Chrome OS: Winners and Losers


When  major events unfold, and  Google’s  Chrome OS announcement certainly qualifies,  I  like to take a look at who stands  to gain and who stands to lose, both to get a feel for  how  the event affects the future and how others could react.  So who reaps the rewards in this  and who gets hit […]

Did the Cloud Crack?

Unless you go out of your way to avoid current events, you know about the turmoil in Iran and the passing of  the world’s biggest pop music  icon. And if you follow computer tech news, you’ve noticed a lot of chatter on how these events are impacting the Internet, showing us either the strength or […]

Why Opera Unite Could “Reinvent” the Web


Reading through Dan Frommer’s analysis at Silicon Alley Insider, “Opera Unite Isn’t Going To ‘Reinvent’ Anything,” one gets the impression that Opera Unite doesn’t have the mainstream appeal needed to live up to its promise of “reinventing” the web. Granted, it is a grandiose claim of which anyone should be dubious. However, Dan overlooks several […]

Opera Unite: A Server in a Browser

Opera Unite services

Been pondering ways to repurpose my old Tablet PC. One thought was to turn it into a server to act as a hub and connection point for my files and whatnot, but I’ve been too lazy to implement that. Turns out, my sloth may have paid off. The folks who brought us Opera, the super-speedy […]