Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge: 5 Things I Learned on the First Day

here's what i learned in 24 hours with the Verizon Galaxy S6 Edge.

A full Galaxy S6 Edge review requires a lot of time with the curved display smartphone with an upgraded design, but in just a day of use there are five important things that stand out about the Galaxy S6 Edge. The Galaxy S6 Edge delivers two curves that differentiate it from the standard Galaxy S6, […]

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge: Hands-on


Today Samsung announced two brand new smartphones that will be coming to the US market in the near future. One being the highly rumored and hotly anticipated Galaxy Note 4, but along with it came a brand new device called the Samsung Galaxy Edge. This is essentially the Galaxy Note 4 with a curved display […]

T-Mobile iPhone 6 Could be a Major Deal with More 4G LTE Coverage

With a push to bring 4G LTE to areas with 2G and Edge coverage by the end of the year a T-Mobile iPhone 6 could be an attractive option.

By the time the iPhone 6 release arrives later this year T-Mobile will be a much bigger player in the mobile industry thanks to a new 4G LTE expansion announced today. T-Mobile is shaking up the wireless industry by removing subsidies and offering new plans that shift the cost of the iPhone and smartphones to […]

Verizon Edge Plan Now Lets You Upgrade After Just 30 Days

Verizon Edge

If you thought Verizon’s Edge plan was already a bad deal, the company updated it over the weekend and is now allowing customers to upgrade phones after just 30 days. Of course, though, there’s still a big catch. Customers who upgrade their phone after 30 days would still have to pay off at least 50% […]

T-Mobile Jump v. AT&T Next v. Verizon Edge: True Cost of Ownership


T-Mobile, AT&T, and Verizon are now offering competitive plans that supposedly free you up from a long two-year contract. In lieu of a contract and phone subsidies, you’ll end up paying full retail price on your next smartphone with convenient interest-free financing, but will any of these new programs capture your interest? Down payments, monthly […]

Razer Edge Gaming Tablet Reviews: Performance, Portability & Price

best-of-ces-2013 9

It received a Gotta Be Mobile Best of CES 2013 award for Best Gaming Device after launching at CES 2013. Now the Razer Edge gaming tablet is ready to ship to gamers everywhere. But is the $999 tablet worth the price? Razer Edge reviews went up today at a number of other publications. There was a lot […]

Razer Edge and Edge Pro Pre-orders Begin March 1

best-of-ces-2013 9

Razer will begin pre-orders for the Razer Edge gaming tablet on March 1, with the device shipping later in the month. Razer won’t specify an exact date when the Razer Edge and Edge Pro will ship, only saying it will ship the tablets sometime in March. Pre-orders start at $999 for the basic Razer Edge […]

Is 2G GSM at the End of Life with AT&T?


Following T-Mobile‘s move to re-purpose 2G GSM spectrum, it looks like rival carrier AT&T will be doing the same as bandwidth constraints will become an issue with 4G LTE deployment and consumers using more data than before thanks to more Internet-connected services, cloud storage solutions, and faster mobile broadband spurring increased content consumption on capable […]

Lenovo Thinkpad X100e and Edge Aim for Consumers


Lenovo is known for cranking out business workhorse computers (and great Tablet PCs). It looks like with the latest round of devices they are releasing at CES2010 they are trying to grab a share of the consumer market as well. As is the case these days, Lenovo dropped info on new models prior to CES2010 […]