Apple Customer Service Ranked Number One by Consumer Reports Again

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Which top name computer company is best at supporting customers with their post-sales service? Consumer Reports has a new survey out that lands Apple Customer Service ahead of everyone else for yet another year. Consumer Reports found that Apple garnered 86 out of a possible 100 points. This means that consumers were “very satisfied” with the company’s technical […]

Verizon to Offer Subsidized Gateway (Acer) Netbook


Verizon is offering the Gateway LT2016U Netbook at a subsidized price. If it looks familiar to Acer Netbook fans that’s because it is essentially the Acer Aspire One D250. Remember Acer bought Gateway awhile back. Prices vary depending on how you want to play the subsidized game (or not.) If you want the Netbook outright […]

Real User: Industrial Designer and his Gateway M275


Welcome to the first installment of our Real Users series.  I’m always interested in seeing how everyday people are using mobile technology to improve how they work and communicate. If you’re willing to share your story, please contact us through our contact page. First up in this series is Scott Doty, an industrial designer who […]

Acer CEO Confirms Gateway Netbook

Acer continues to make some Netbook noise with the Aspire One Netbook, and it looks like Gateway and Packard Bell, both acquired by Acer, will be releasing Netbooks. The news was confirmed by Acer CEO Gianfranco Lanci. This could end up being a branding thing, or it could mean different machines, but then how different […]

What’s Going On At Gateway?? reader Tim Hutchinson confirmed with his Gateway rep that the news is really true.  Gateway is sold out of the C-142XL with no plans to restock that item – OR any Tablet PC item for that matter, at least online.  They are moving all their Tablet PC sales to retail!!  Places like Best Buy […]

Subway Sketcher: LA Times Finds a Tablet PC Artist

What a great story that Mickey Segal found and put in the forums.  It’s an article in the LA Times featuring a guy, Ed Velandria, who uses his Motion Computing Tablet PC to effectively use time on his subway commute.  Each time picking a different person and trying to catch their ‘soul’.  There are tons […]

Gateway to Discontinue Their Tablet PC Line? Not So Fast is reporting that Gateway is discontinuing their Tablet PC line, and they expect stock to be depleted of their line of Tablet PCs within the next couple of weeks. We are in the process of confirming this with our own Gateway contacts, but if it is true, it won’t be entirely unexpected considering Acer’s […]

Gateway Tablet PC Makes an Appearance at BestBuy

Gateway and BestBuy must be listening to our Podcasts ( not really, but indulge us a little, ok ? ). GBM reader J. Sundy was perusing his local BestBuy when he happened upon the Gateway C-5815 12″ Tablet PC for $1399. He had to do a double-take because spotting a Tablet PC in a retail store […]

Gateway Stockholders Not Happy With Acer Acquistion

Somehow you just knew this story wasn’t over. Several weeks ago, Acer agreed to acquire Gateway to the tune of $710 million. Quite a few folks thought that was a low price. Now it seems that Gateway stockholders are also questioning the valuation and the acquisiton and two different lawsuits have been filed by stockholders, claiming that […]

GBM Podcast #31: The Sophomoric Episode

Part of being in a community is getting together with readers, listeners, watchers and friends, so in a couple of weeks, we’re doing just that – reader meetup.  In this Podcast, Warner, no, I mean Rob – well it really is Warner (you’ll figure it out when you listen…) talk about the fun times […]

More on the Acer Acquistion of Gateway

Interesting stuff. Acer acquires Gateway for $710 Million. Interestingly enough Gateway also has a right of first refusal to purchase Packard Bell. So, Acer could in essence end up owning both Gateway and Packard Bell. Like others I wonder what this all means for mobile users. In looking at some of the information on the […]

Acer To Acquire Gateway

Engadget is reporting that Acer will acquire Gateway (assuming all the regulatory approvals go forward) with the deal set to close somewhere towards the end of this year. Acer is the number 3 PC maker globally and Gateway is number 3 in the US. This will be interesting to follow from a Tablet PC perspective […]

Follow Up on the Gateway E295/C-140X

I’ve been evaluating and trying out some new devices lately (and getting ready for a new round of evaluations soon.) So, I thought it would be a good time to do some follow up on the Gateway E295/C-140X Convertible Tablet PC. The Gateway E295/C140—X If you’re looking for a desktop replacement with Tablet PC functionality, […]

GottaBeMobile Hardware InkShow: The Gateway E295/C-140X Convertible Tablet PC

Gateway’s newest Convertible Notebook (Tablet PC), the E295 or C-140X, adds some heft to the Tabletscape. In many ways the E295/C-140X appears to be a refresh of the M280/CX200 but there are some fundamental differences. First and foremost, the active digitizer is made by Wacom as Gateway appears to have gone away from the FinePoint […]

First Impressions: Gateway E295C/C-140 Tablet PC

Intriguingly, the Tablet PC I unboxed did not come with a power brick, (it did come with a power cord.) It did, however, come with three batteries (6, 8, and 12 cell) so, I’ll be cranking some battery life tests as I go along. Running Windows XP Tablet Edition, battery life on the 8 cell came […]

Wonder What’s In This Box?

This just arrived. Wonder what’s in it? Not hard to tell who it is from. Won’t be able to find out until later tonight. Guesses? Tags: Tablet+PC, Gateway

Gateway Brings Color To You Lap

Not really Tablet PC news here, but Gateway has been making some Tablet PC news lately. They’ve just released two new laptop lines (the M-Series and the T-Series) that are aiming at those that love their high definition and also a splash of color. You can have your choice of Blu-Ray or Optical drives (when […]

Gateway Officially Announces the E-295C / C-140 Tablet PC

Gateway has officially unwrapped what we all got wind of last week: the E-295 / C-140 Tablet PC. This is a major update of their M280 Tablet PC with a lot of improvements to highlight: a Core 2 Duo processor, a much heralded switch to the Wacom digitizer, an option for a dedicated  ATI Radeon X2300 HD […]

Is A New Gateway 14″ Tablet PC Coming?

It is interesting how we find out information about possible upcoming Tablet PCs. In the TabletPCReviewSpot forums a user there points to information that is being circluated for an educational program’s required Tablet PC program. This is the info that is distributed so students and faculty can make their purchases and in this case it […]

Gateway is Experiencing Shipping Delays

It looks like Lenovo is not the only one to experience shipping delay problems with their Tablet PCs. Bpjen, a GBM Forum member and reader, has alerted us to a seven week shipping delay that he is experiencing with his Gateway S7125 Convertible Tablet PC order. Seven weeks seemed like an awful long time, so […]