Google Page Confirms Google Play Gift Cards, Users Can’t Use Them Yet

Google Play Gift Cards website

Google’s rumored Google Play gift cards are real, the company just isn’t talking about the cards just yet, it seems. While Google hasn’t made an official announcement for the gift cards, it does have an official Google Play gift card web page which gives a few details about the cards. The top of the page […]

Google Play Gift Cards Spotted, Coming Soon

Google Play gift cards

Android fans will soon have to chance to buy gift cards for the Google Play Store. According to Android Central, the gift cards are already made, Google just needs to distribute them to retailers. The gift cards are good for anything in the Google Play Store. That includes apps, music, movies, and potentially even devices […]

Tablified Market HD is The Best Way To Find Nexus 7 Apps

Tablified HD

“How do I find Nexus 7 apps and Android tablet apps?” This is a common question from readers who just purchased a Nexus 7. As the Nexus 7 gains popularity users are looking for Android tablet apps optimized for the larger display, but the Google Play store does a poor job of organizing apps. After […]

How to Password Protect Google Play Purchases on the Nexus 7

Nexus 7 Google Play PIN for purchases

Because the Nexus 7 is affordable, small and relatively durable it makes for a great tablet to share with the entire family, including younger users who can easily run up a high bill in the Google Play store. Reader Mara bought the Nexus 7 for her 5-year old son to use, and wants to make sure […]

The Nexus 7: Google Has a Game Changer


Most folks who follow my mobile and Tablet blogging here know that I really enjoy the iPad experience. Some (including my wife) say I enjoy it far too much. I’ve owned every edition since the original. Contrary to what the platform zealots believe, I’ve always been eager to take a look at what else comes […]

The Battle for the Big Box in the Cloud


It has been said many times before but in the gadget obsessed world we live in, hanging on every rumor or drop of speculation about the next device to be announced, it often bears repeating. The shiny new gadgets have us all agog and we pay attention to the crazy race about who is ahead […]

Unlocked HSPA+ Galaxy Nexus Now In Stock At Google Play

Screen Shot 2012-07-11 at 8.11.22 PM

Our very own eagle-eyed editor Adam Mills spotted that the Galaxy Nexus is now back in stock through the Google Play Store and will ship in three to five business days. The smartphone retails for $349, an impressively low price for a contract-free, unlocked device that you can take to any GSM carrier of your […]

Samsung Galaxy Nexus HSPA+ Price Drops to $349 at Google

The unlocked Galaxy Nexus is now $349.99

In addition to announcing the Nexus 7, Nexus Q, and Android 4.1 Jelly Bean at Google I/O today, Google also dropped the price of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus down to $349 at its Google Play Store. The price drop takes $50 off the normal price of the regular $399 Samsung Galaxy Nexus price tag. The […]

Google Play Store Adds TV Shows and Magazine Subscriptions

Google Play adds tv shows and magazine subscriptions

At Google I/O 2012, the company showed off some of the new features included in their new Google Play Store, including the ability to buy Movies, TV shows, books and magazine subscriptions. Google recently changed the name of their app store from the Google Market to Google Play, which includes apps, music, movies and books […]

Google By the Numbers: Android, Google Play, Google+

Google now activates 400,000 Android devices a day.

Today at their Google I/O 2012 Event for developers, Google announced some significant numbers. Hugo Berra of Google took the stage and bragged that the company’s Android device activations grew a lot over the last two years. Compared with 400,000 activations of Android smartphones and tablets by this time in 2011 and 1 Million devices in 2012, […]

Flipboard Officially Arrives on Android

Flipboard on Android

After a few weeks on beta, Flipboard for Android is finally available for all users in a variety of app stores including the Google Play Store, Amazon Appstore, and Barnes & Noble Nook Store. For those unfamiliar with the app, Flipboard is essentially a personalized news magazine for smartphones and tablets. The service aggregates stories […]

Galaxy Nexus Accessories Now Available Through Google Play Store

Galaxy Nexus Accessories Now Available Through Google Play Store

In addition to the unlocked Samsung Galaxy Nexus itself, Google is now selling Galaxy Nexus accessories directly from its Google Play Store. In a Google+ post, the company confirmed that it now is selling Galaxy Nexus accessories for the HSPA+ model to U.S. customers through its online Google Play Store. Earlier this year, the company […]

Sprint Expands Carrier Billing Options for Google Play Store


It looks like Sprint’s and Google’s partnership–which so far has graced areas such as Google Voice and Google Wallet–is about to expand carrier billing. Previously, Now Network subscribers were able to only charge the purchases of apps to their Sprint phone bills, but an expanded agreement between Sprint and Google will now allow consumers to […]

Google Selling Unlocked Galaxy Nexus for $399

Google Play Selling Unlocked Galaxy Nexus for $399

Google is now selling the unlocked Samsung Galaxy Nexus on the Google Play Store for $399. The Galaxy Nexus is Google’s latest attempt at selling an unlocked Nexus device to consumers with no contract. Google Play is the only way for U.S. users to get the GSM/HSPA+ version of the Galaxy Nexus without importing the […]

TED Finally Has An Official Android App

TED Android app

Over the years TED has put more than 12,000 videos on its website many of them worth watching at least once. Today, the organization behind the series of conferences released its official Android app so more users can view the videos on their phone. The new TED Android app is available now on Google Play […]

3 Ways to Get Google Play Store Now on Your Android Device


There are now several ways to get the Google Play Store download–to replace the Android Market icon on your Android smartphone, tablet, or phablet–ahead of the update that is slowly being pushed out by Google. We’re hearing that Google is rolling out the update to its Nexus series devices first–including the latest Galaxy Nexus–and then […]

Top Android Apps Drop to $0.49 For Google Play Launch

Google Play

To celebrate the launch of Google Play, the united app, movies, music, and book store from Google, several Android apps have been put on sale. Google has put a total of 25 apps on sale for just $0.49 in its “Play Our Favorites” sale. Despite the name, the sale isn’t entirely about games. A lot […]

Android Market Now Called Google Play Store

The Android Market Is Dead, Sort Of

In a bit of a surprise move, Google has killed off the names of several of its main services including the Android Market, and re-branded them under a new umbrella called Google Play. The Android Market will now be called the Google Play Store, Google Music will now be called Play Music, Google Music will […]