Hard Reset


How to Hard Reset a Windows Phone

So you want to get rid of your Windows Phone or return it. You definitely do not want to leave your data for others to find. Here’s how to ensure that it’s gone...
iPad Erase

How To Erase All Data And Factory Reset The iPad

Whenever you sell your electronics to a reseller (or even return an item to the store after having used it), you should always be sure to erase the data from it completely. You can't count on the reseller or the store employees to do it for you.
Hard Reset Galaxy Nexus

How to Hard Reset the Galaxy Nexus

If you need to trade in your Galaxy Nexus or need to get a fresh start, you will need to hard reset your phone. Resetting the Galaxy Nexus is simple and stra...

Samsung Galaxy S II Hard Reset [How To]

So you want to sell your Galaxy S II or return it but you don't want to leave your data for others to find? Here's how to ensure that it's gone. Don't laugh,...

How To Hard Reset the myTouch 4G

This guide will show you how to perform a data hard reset on your myTouch 4G. This phone is made by HTC and runs Android. There are 2 methods I will cover h...