Facebook Home for iOS a Closer Reality Thanks to Jailbreak Tweak


While Facebook brought the essence of its new Facebook Home UI and app launcher experience from Android to iOS through a Facebook app update that brought the Chat Heads messaging GUI to iPhone and iPad users within the Facebook app, all remaining traces of Home are left behind once users exit the iOS app. Now, […]

Google Close to Unloading Motorola’s TV Business


One of my hopes when Google had announced that it was acquiring smartphone-maker Motorola Mobility in a deal valued at $12.5 billion was that Google now has a credible hardware platform in the form of Motorola cable boxes to leverage its emerging Google TV offering. However, as we had reported earlier this year, Google is […]

How to Make Siri Remember Where You Live and Work

Teach Siri Where You Live and Work

Siri, the new personal assistant app for the iPhone 4S is pretty amazing, but lately, I found that she is slacking. After teaching Siri a number of locations and using location based reminders, Siri forgot where I lived. The address was there in my contact card, but Siri kept telling me, I don’t know where your home […]

10 iPhone Apps for DIY, Redecorating and Home Repair

Essential IPhone apps for DIY

The web is full of places to help you find your answers to home projects and help you save big on home repair and DIY projects, but even the mobile sites can’t compare to iPhone apps that deliver tools, tips and guides for home repair, redecorating and DIY projects. 10 iPhone Apps for DIY, Redecorating […]

Google’s @ Home: Lightbulbs Now on View

Android @ Home was announced in 2011 but has been dormant for quite some time.

Google’s @ Home initiative announced at Google I/O makes some sense and sounds like a tinker’s delight and yet on the other hand it makes me wonder if this will have the feel of many of Google’s Beta roll outs. I would hope not. Gadget users will put up with Beta vagaries, heck, we’ll even […]

Google Makes Android the Center of Your Home Experience


Moving beyond smartphones, tablets, and Google TV, Google wants to make Android more ubiquitous in your home with the Android @ Home project. Though Google is laying the framework and is demonstrating the potential of Android @ Home at the Google I/O conference today in San Francisco, California, the company is hoping that it’s eager […]

Viper Brings SmartStart Technology to Home Alarms

Viper SmartStart Home Control Screen Viper SmartStart goes beyond cars; Offers home protection, too

Viper, which makes an app and the required hardware to remotely start, lock, and arm your car with your smartphone, has teamed up with Alarm.com to let smartphone users also manage their home security system remotely. The app, which is downloadable right now, is in version 2.2. To switch between controlling your car or your […]

Android Google Maps Updated with Better Latitude, Hotpot Integration


Google Maps for Android has been updated, bringing the version number to 5.3, which delivers better social network integration for the Google-branded Google Places Hotpot and Google Latitude. With the new version of Google Maps, users can now view their location history. Also, users can set a home location where they can save the location […]