Google Maps Street View Arrives on iPhone & iPad

Google Street View iPhone 1

Street View, Google Map’s real world look at locations across the world is now available in the web browser for iPhone and iPad users. This new move makes it easier to use the Google Maps webpage to find locations and plot out the last step of a trip. Apple recently switched to Apple Maps on […]

How to Use Reply With Message and Reminders in iOS 6 (Video)

Reply with Message iOS 6 iPHone

In iOS 6, iPhone owners gain access to a smarter phone app that lets them decline calls while choosing to reply with a text or set a reminder to call back at a later time or location. This new iOS 6 feature isn’t as obvious as Passbook or Do Not Disturb mode, because the iPhone […]

How to Set Up Facebook in iOS 6


iOS 6 allows users to connect Facebook to the iPhone for easier posting and sharing of photos and links. This guide will show how to set up Facebook in iOS 6 on the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, and how it makes sharing via the social network simpler. Thanks to Facebook integration in iOS 6, […]

Google Maps Street View for iPhone Returns Tomorrow


It looks like Google Maps Street View, a feature that went missing for iPhone users with the arrival of Apple’s new Maps application, will return for the iPhone starting tomorrow. According to the Wall Street Journal, Google will announce Street View for its iOS web application at some point tomorrow which means that owners of […]

Apple Maps 80% More Data Efficient Than Google Maps


While Apple Maps has been a sore point for Tim Cook and team on iOS 6, Apple’s home-built mapping app and service uses 80 percent less data than the rival Google Maps, which has appeared on the iOS platform and the iPhone since inception. When Apple announced iOS 6 and debuted the iPhone 5, it […]

iPad Mini Rumor Roundup: Release Date, Design & Display


The iPhone 5 launch and release date has come and gone and now, it’s time to shift towards another rumored Apple product that may come out this year. That device of course is the oft-rumored iPad Mini tablet, a device that is said to feature a display and design smaller than the current iPad model. […]

iPad Mini Rumors: Invites Coming October 10 for October 17 Launch


A new rumor claims that Apple may send out invites for its iPad Mini event on October 10th with a possible iPad Mini launch coming on October 17th assuming Apple sticks with its usual launch methods. The latest comes from CNNMoney’s Apple 2.0 blog and it states that a major Apple investor has heard that […]

AT&T iPhone 5 May Also Be Using LTE Instead of Wi-Fi

iphone-5-review- 1

The data leak bug that had been afflicting the Verizon iPhone 5 until a patch was issued to correct the fix may also be affecting the AT&T iPhone 5 as well. According to 9to5Mac and posts on Apple’s Discussion forums, the data leak issue where cellular data is being used even when the device is […]

Apple Releases Patch for Verizon iPhone 5


Over the weekend, Apple has released a new patch for the Verizon iPhone 5 that fixes a glitch where cellular data may still be used even when a customer is connected to a WiFi network. As a result, even when the iPhone 5 appears to be connected to a WiFi network, customers would still be […]

MetaWatch Shows Off Widgets and iOS 6 SMS Support

MetaWatch Strata iOS 6 SMS

After a successful Kickstarter campaign the MetaWatch Strata is almost ready to ship, but first MetaWatch wants to give us a look at how the watch works with iOS 6. The first of the two videos shows the MetaWatch app for iOS and how it controls the watch. Users can use the app to set […]

Static Lines on Keyboard Pester iPhone 5 Owners in App Store (Video)

Static Lines on iPhone 5 keyboard

The iPhone 5 ships with a new App Store, and users that try to purchase apps may run into static lines on the keyboard while entering an Apple ID password. The video below shows the static lines, which aren’t always present, streaking through the middle row of keys. The issue appears tied to the iPhone […]

How to Fix Facebook Cannot Upload Photos in iOS 6

Facebook Photo Upload Not Allowed Lock Icon - 5

After updating to the latest software, some iPhone users cannot upload photos to Facebook, encountering a lock screen telling them, “This app does not have access to your photos and videos.” Users that see this message in the Facebook app in iOS 6 won’t be able to upload photos to Facebook from the Facebook app, […]

How to Set a Custom Alarm in iOS 6


If you’re anything like me, many of the alarms in iOS are probably off limits. I’ve used many of them in the past and for some reason, I get extremely annoyed when I hear them. So much so that I can no longer use most of them. The list got so extensive that I was […]

Google Enables Better Contacts Sync With iPhone, Macs


Users who currently use Apple’s iOS mobile platform or the desktop OS X platform for Mac hardware can now get better calendar and contact sync through Google. Google has announced via its support page and Gmail blog that it is now rolling out support for CardDAV to make it simple for users to keep their […]

Google-Owned Motorola Used Fake Address To Mock Apple Maps

Motorola Apple Maps iLost ad

It’s clear that Apple’s new Maps application is struggling with its fair share of issues,which is why its strange that Motorola decided to fake an address to mock Apple’s mapping effort. According to AppleInsider the address Motorola used in an image on Google+ isn’t accurate. The problem in the “iLost” image is Apple’s Map actually […]

Netflix Takes Movies Widescreen in iPhone 5 Update


The Netlix app for iPhone and iOS has been updated today with support for the iPhone 5 and iOS 6. While this is fantastic for those that are using iOS 6 powered devices, the iDevice owners that should be most excited are iPhone 5 owners who can now take advantage of the device’s larger screen. […]

iPhone 5: One Week with Apple’s New iPhone

iphone-5-review- 7

After enduring a nightmarish pre-order experience thanks to AT&T, I finally received my new iPhone 5 last week which I promptly used to replace my aging iPhone 3GS. And after spending a week with Apple’s new iPhone, I wanted to share my thoughts about the phone that I am now using as my daily driver. […]

iOS 6 Wi-Fi Issues Leave Users Disconnected

iOS 6 logo

It appears that some iPhone and iPad users who upgraded to iOS 6 last week are still experiencing issues connecting to Wi-Fi. AppleInsider discovered a 91 page thread, a thread that is still growing, that has surfaced on Apple’s forums and it details the Wi-Fi issues that iOS 6 owners have run into since installing […]

How to Use Shared Photo Streams in iOS 6

Shared Photo Stream

Sharing photos from the iPhone is even easier thanks to Shared Photo Streams in iOS 6. In addition to the standard Photo Stream that syncs iPhone and iPad photos between devices, iOS 6 allows users to create a shared Photo Stream with specific photos. This beats posting photos to Facebook or emailing photos because it […]

Street View Coming to Google Maps in iPhone Browser Soon


In two weeks, it looks like iPhone and iPad owners will have access to Street View in Google Maps only it won’t be through a standalone app but rather it will be available through Google’s web-based Google Maps. According to The New York Times, courtesy of iDownloadBlog, Google will implement Street View into the web-based […]