Billy Joel and Jimmy Fallon Duet Makes iPad App a Co-Star

Here is the iPad app that made the Billy Joel and Jimmy Fallon Duet possible on The Tonight Show.

On the Tonight Show a Billy Joel and Jimmy Fallon duet killed it with an amazing version of The Lion Sleeps Tonight by forming a two-man Doo-Wop group with an iPad and an $8 app that let the two harmonize multiple vocals in just seconds. Billy Joel is an accomplished musician and singer best known for […]

Fluid Notes for iPad is Not Very Fluid

fluid colors

Fluid Notes for iPad promises a fluid interface for note takers who enjoy inking or typing on their iPad. Download and begin taking notes using a finger, a stylus or keyboard. They app takes its name, most likely, from the promise of a fluid user interface. In our experience the app fails to give users […]

Drafts for iPad Review: Write Text Drafts for Almost Anything on iPad

drafts for ipad actions

The Drafts for iPad app wants to serve as the place iPad users compose text for just about anything they write. The distraction free text editor handles HTML and exports to a number of services and apps. A community of users keeps adding what they call “Actions” to extend the usefulness of the Drafts for […]

Blux Camera for iOS: Innovative UI and Filters Make for Must-Have App

blux settings

The app store offers a ton of camera apps for iPhone and iPad, but Blux Camera easily competes with some of the best camera apps available, including Camera+ or Camera Awesome, as it lets users take both high quality artistic photos as well as popular photos with filters that people enjoy using with their cameras today. […]

Cloud Outliner Review: Organizes Thoughts with Simplicity

cloud outliner

Cloud Outliner is an outlining app for the iPad that helps users organize their thoughts with simple outlining tools. The app lets users put together checklists, articles and speeches on the iPad, but is it too simple for the $4.99 price? Cloud Outliner works on the iPad and the iPhone and takes advantage of the full size […]

Camera Awesome for iPad Arrives

Camera Awesome for iPad

Camera Awesome, SmugMug’s popular iPhone camera app is now available on the iPad. Like the new Camera+ for iPad, Camera Awesome brings all the features of the iPhone version, but makes everything fit on the larger iPad screen. This includes nearly 300 filters and effects In Camera Awesome for iPad, as are all the sharing […]

Fieldrunners 2 HD for iPad Now Available: Loads of Fun

fieldrunners 2 hd opening splash screen

I loved Fieldrunners, the original tower defense game for the iPad, so when they released version 2 for the iPhone I couldn’t wait for it to show on my iPad. This week it did and the game really adds some visually beautiful screens. Gamers also get more levels to try with interesting new screens to […]

NFL Game Rewind for Tablets Fumbles Thanks to Restrictions


The NFL comes a little closer to offering a great mobile viewing experience with the NFL Game Rewind app, but sadly fumbles the ball with silly restrictions and an overpriced subscription model that only appeals to super fans. The app lets users watch football on their iPad or Android tablet. So far that’s awesome. Unfortunately, […]

Quip is a New iPad Twitter App That Focuses on Conversations


Tomorrow iPad users will have a new Twitter app that makes it easier to keep track of conversations that happen on the social network. Quip is the latest app from Glasshouse Apps, the developer behind The Early Edition, Gift Plan, and Barista. The new app works like most Twitter apps, letting users view their stream […]

NHL PrePlay Lets You Experience the NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs on iPad


At my house watching sports and using your iPad go together so Molson Canadian NHL PrePlay wants to take advantage of this phenomena with an interesting companion app that lets you use your hockey knowledge and prognostication skills while you watch the Stanley Cup Playoffs. If you’re a hockey fan, then you’re likely to watch […]

Paper for iPad Attempts to Emulate Pen and Paper


Paper is a new iPad app that tries to bring the feeling of taking notes and sketching on paper to the iPad. Like the team that released the much-anticipated Tapose’ app for the Apple iPad this week to mixed reviews, Paper is from former Microsoft Courier team members. Like Tapose’, Paper disappoints The app looks beautiful and the onscreen inking flows elegantly. […]

6 Best Twitter Apps To Celebrate Twitter’s 6th Birthday


Twitter turns six years old today. In dog years, the site is 37 years old, which matches how long it feels like Twitter has been in our lives. In that short time the site has become a way to share and spread news, organize revolutions, and overshare to a ridiculous degree. Twitter’s users generate over […]

19 Best iOS Apps For iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch

25 Billion iOS Apps Downloaded from iTunes

Apple is having a pretty good week, what with hitting 25 Billion iTunes App Store downloads mere days before the launch of yet another highly anticipated iPad. In honor of the 25 Billion milestone, I asked the writers and editors here at GottaBeMobile to pick their very favorite iOS apps for the iPhone, iPad and […]

Avid Studio for iPad: Great Potential, But Too Unstable


I downloaded the new Avid Studio iPad video editing tool when it launched last week and tested it out this weekend after shooting some video of my kid’s recreation league basketball game. Avid Studio for iPad has great potential as a mobile video editing solution, but it proved too unstable to be usful. If the app […]

OnLive Desktop Hands On Video – Windows & Office for iPad

OnLive Desktop

At CES 2012 OnLive announced their new iPad app, OnLive Desktop, which brings Windows 7 and Microsoft Office to your iPad through a streaming virtual environment. It uses the same technology that allows OnLive to stream graphically rich video games to your computer or through their small set-top box. The OnLive Gaming system works well, but […]

CEO Swapper: If Only This Was a Real App


Goodness knows I could use some humor these days, and this post from Scoopertino fills the bill. Too bad the App isn’t the real deal, though. CEO Swapper is supposedly an App from HP and contains all the elements you need to replace your CEO and find a new one. The proprietary CEO Seeker™ technology […]

NBC, TNT and TBS Apps Stream Shows to iPad

TNT Streaming App Login

The list of live TV streaming apps just increased with the addition of NBC, TNT and TBS. Last week NBC threw its hat in the streaming ring with an app that will stream a collection of 28 of its shows to your iPad, including favorites like The Office and 30 Rock. In addition TNT and […]