BoxWave Keyboard Buddy iPhone 4S Keyboard Case Review

BoxWave Keyboard Buddy review - iPhone keyboard - 6

*+-Users who would love nothing more than an iPhone with a physical keyboard should take a look at the BoxWave Keyboard Buddy case. The BoxWave Keyboard Buddy case adds a physical keyboard to the iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S, allowing users to transition from a Blackberry or a Motorola Droid. This is also a good option to […]

Speck FabShell Luxe iPhone 4S Case Review

Speck FabShell Lux Leather back

*+-The FabShell Luxe feels much like the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S CandyShell cases, but instead of bright plastic, the FabShell Luxe comes in four leather trimmed colors. The FabShell Luxe is available in black, cognac, burgundy and hunter green. Unlike many leather iPhone cases, Speck doesn’t make the entire case out of leather. Instead, […]

FLASHr iPhone Case Delivers Brighter LED Flash Notifications

IPhone case LED notifications

*+-One of the most requested iPhone features we hear from users who switched to the iPhone from an Android smartphone is to receive visual LED alerts for new messages, emails and calls. Apple allows for LED flash for Alerts using the camera flash, but that’s a brute force solution and doesn’t compare to the LED […]

Sena WalletSlim iPhone 4S Case Review: iPhone Wallet Case

Sena WalletSlim iPhone 4S Wallet Case Review - back with card

*+-The Sena WalletSlim is a sleek iPhone 4S wallet case that carries two cards and a few bills without the bulk and annoying flip cover found on most wallet cases for the iPhone 4S. Sena offers the WalletSlim case in five colors and in a black and red crocodile finish. Sena sent over the black […]

ZeroChroma Teatro-S iPhone 4s Case Review

ZeroChroma iPhone 4S Case with Kickstand Review

*+-The ZeroChroma Teatro-S iPhone case is one of the most versatile cases for the iPhone 4 and iPhone S thanks to a rotating kickstand that collapses when not in use. The ZeroChroma iPhone case is perfect for watching video on the iPhone, using the iPhone for Facetime calls and as a tripod for taking group photos […]

Top 10 iPhone 4S Cases

Element Vapor Pro Case

*+-There are no shortage of iPhone 4S cases and covers, but there are a limited number of awesome iPhone 4S cases. These iPhone cases protect the phone and its functionality while looking great doing so. The GottaBeMobile staff owns many of these cases, or would happily buy them if we had unlimited funds. Read: 10 […]

WipeCoin Is An Odd But Useful iPhone 4S Case

WipeCoin Is An Odd But Useful iPhone 4S Case

*+-If you bring your iPhone 4S out into the elements or hold it close to your face to talk, and we are willing to wager that somewhere around 100% of you do, you’ve probably,  ended up with a display full of smudges. And maybe, after smudging up your screen, you’ve had to look for something […]

id America Gasket iPhone Case Review

id America Gasket Case Review

*+-iPhone cases are a dime a dozen, but now and then I see one that stands out. Enter the Gasket iPhone case from id America. The id America Gasket case is a brushed aluminum iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S case that looks absolutely stunning. The machined case is inspired by the head gasket you’d find inside a […]

iPhone 4 Cases Won’t Fit iPhone 4S?

iPhone 4S vs iPhone 4

*+-More than a few of you out there with an iPhone 4 have probably already placed a pre-order for Apple’s new iPhone 4S. How do I know this? The phone topped 1 million pre-orders on the first day of availability so I’d say the odds are pretty good. I’m also willing to bet that those […]

Best 5 iPhone 4S Cases

id America Gasket Case iPhone 4S

*+-Snagging yourself a new iPhone 4S on the 14th? Don’t forget to get a case for it. That glass back might be pretty, but it isn’t shatter-proof. Sure, you could use your existing case, but what’s the fun in that? And you won’t need Apple’s bumper cases anymore thanks to the new antenna design. (Or, […]