Evolve III Tablet Aims for Windows 7, Android, Maemo Triple Play


Shown at Computex, the Evolve III tablet is an ambitious hardware platform that’s built on an Intel Atom processor that can triple boot into Windows 7, Android, and Maemo. The tablet was shown before earlier this year, but now the company has placed a AUS$799 price tag on the device. The tablet features a 1.5 GHz […]

Potential MeeGo Phone Partners Were Threatened by Nokia

Image via Phone Arena

The lack of interest in the MeeGo operating system, created as a joint venture between Intel and Nokia, was probably due to the fact that other phone-makers viewed Nokia had too much of an influence in the mobile operating system prior to its announcement that it would focus its efforts on Windows Phone 7 at […]

Mozilla Firefox 4 For Android Now Available

Mozilla Firefox For Android

Finally, after a wait that to Android owners may have seemed like years (it was actually months), Mozilla’s mobile browser has shed its beta skin and the final build, shockingly called Mozilla Firefox 4 for Android, is now available on the Android Market. Mozilla claims that Firefox 4 for Android is three times faster than […]

Nokia to Release Maemo 6 Device Before Attempting MeeGo


It looks like the tablet designs that Nokia had patented back in 2010 could be for a Maemo 6 device that straddles the space between smartphone–like the Nokia N8–and tablet. It’s unclear how Maemo 6 will shape up to be or what form factor the OS will appear on, but it’s interesting to hear Nokia […]

Myriad Alien Dalvik Allows Android Apps to Run on Maemo, Symbian


Myriad’s Alien Dalvik is a Java virtual machine that allows Android apps to run on a foreign platform. Similar to virtualization technology that doesn’t require the native environment, like Wine which allows Windows programs to run on Linux and OS X sans a virtualized copy of the Windows operating system, Alien Dalvik will allow Android […]

MeeGo: Intel and Nokia merged mobile OS


In a move that is either desperate or earth-shaking, Intel and Nokia are teaming up for their mobile operating system, taking the tablet-based UI of Nokia’s Maemo and attaching it to the foundation of Intel’s Moblin to form Omega Prime MeeGo.

Buyer’s Remorse: Nokia May Drop Symbian for Maemo


In a tidbit that made my tablet-sense tingle (okay, fine, it’s a feed aggregator), the Financial Times in Germany (written in German, in case you wanted to click through) is reporting that Nokia isn’t entirely pleased with their recent purchase of Symbian. As translated by TechCrunch Europe, a source close to Nokia said: ““Symbian is […]

New MID on the Block: Optima OP5-E MID running Maemo


Been a while since we’ve seen a new Internet tablet from Nokia, but their Linux-based Maemo OS is still venturing out into the world. A Chinese company called Optima is releasing a new MID called the OP5-E running the (mostly) open source OS. The design clearly draws from the iPhone, particularly other shots showing a […]