Netbook or iPad? The Pros and Cons


I was a big fan of netbooks when they first came out.  They’re cheap, provide plenty of functionality, and make great traveling companions.  Despite the booming popularity of netbooks, I believe that the iPad will create a new market for tablet-styled devices.  Whether you’re an Apple fan or not, the iPad’s perceived ease of use, […]

Insane netbook to sliding keyboard tablet hack in progress


Sliding keyboards aren’t exactly one of my favorite designs, but I give c0ff33 on the InsanelyWind forum credit for taking it in what I think is a smart direction and trying to get it done on his hacked MSI Wind tablet. Nothing to see of the slider just yet, but he’s got the display with […]

Brad Linder Reviews the Asus Eee PC 1005PE Netbook


Brad Linder of Liliputing has reviewed the Asus Eee PC 1005PE Netbook, the first Pine Trail Netbook on the market,  and I think my theory about the evolution of Netbooks is about to be confirmed. Brad flat out says that if you own one of the earlier siblings, battery life is about the only real […]

OLPC Gets Tossed in Demonstration

Not sure what it is, but seeing electronics smashed, dropped, and blown up is just plain cool.  Case in point is the OLPC XO laptop featured in this video from  The OLPC buzz has been slow lately and the organization appears to be weakening from within, but the little laptop shows that it can […]

Netbook Navigator wants to be your source for tablets


Combine the name recognition of netbooks with the hype surrounding tablets and you’ll get Netbook Navigator, “an exclusive specialty online retailer of top-of-the-line Mobile Internet Devices, with a core focus on wireless touch screen Tablet Netbooks.” Look, they even managed to sneak in “MID” into their tag line. Always nice to have a resource for […]

On The Road 2010: Heading Home


Today as you read this, my lovely wife Thomasin and I are on the road after our annual pilgrimage to Chicago to visit family and friends. It’s the only extended vacation we get and we choose to spend it with family and friends back in her home town and where I worked for 20 years […]

CES 2010: Random sights from the Dell suites


Dell has a great spread for CES. Took a tour before their big unveiling. Got my hands on their Mini 3 smartphone running Dell Android and grafitti’d an all-in-one. And there was indeed a slate tablet unveiled. Fair warning: more showy than the previous one but about as substantive.

Hands on with the Lenovo IdeaPad S10-3t

Matt Kohut showed me the IdeaPad S10-3t here in Las Vegas and I really liked what I saw. This little convertible’s capacitive touch-enabled screen is pretty responsive and it has a lot to offer if you’re willing to plunk down $499 for a secondary device.

Viliv S10 Blade bumps up to multi-touch


Chinese Korean blog Naver has new product shots and info on the Viliv S10 Blade convertible tablet netbook. Xavier previously put together a video hands-on back in September at IDF 2009. That model had a single-touch screen and 1.33GHz Intel Atom processor with additional options to be announced. The new info seems to show those […]

Google Chrome OS netbook tech specs reportedly rumored (and it’s a tablet)


“Google Chrome OS-based netbook tech specs are out,” screamed the headline from IBTimes. Sounds like a scoop, so everyone should jump on board and report it as fact… except that IBTimes didn’t report their story as fact. In reality, they peppered it liberally with such non-commital verbs and adverbs as “rumoured” and “reportedly.” It reads […]

The Smartbook is Coming


Let’s face it, the smartbook will become the inevitable next step in the evolution of our two favorite mobile gadgets: the smartphone and the netbook.  As our demand for mobile Internet content continues to grow, smartphones become more powerful, and mainstream consumer adoption of smartphones expand, the smartbook stands at the threshold. What exactly will […]

What $100 Can’t Get You


The goal of the original One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) was to create a $100 computer that could be given to impoverished school children.  Around the same time as the OLPC, Asus was working on their own budget-friendly consumer laptop, the Eee PC 701 Netbook.  Two years have passed since the netbook craze began.  Netbooks […]

A $99 netbook deserves a song


Well, we’ve been chasing this ever since the OLPC project announced their $100 laptop that turned out to be $200, and now thanks to low-cost, green computing specialist Cherrypal, there finally is a netbook that breaks the $100 barrier without subsidies. I’m so happy, I could sing…

Grading My 2009 Predictions

Taking a look at Warner’s scores for his 2009 predictions prompted me to review and grade my own thoughts regarding what I thought would happen throughout this past year.  Read below to examine what I thought 2009 would hold in the tech world.  Here were my predictions and what actually happened.  Check below to see […]

Acer Aims to be First with Chrome Netbook


Acer is aiming to be the first out of the chute with a Google Chrome based Netbook in 2010 according to a report on DigiTimes. I’m not surprised they are making noise about this, because Acer is making noise on lots of fronts. Who will actually get there first is a race that, if nothing […]

Mobile Tech Thanksgiving


Our annual Thanksgiving Day celebration is always a whirlwind coming as a brief day off between days of dress rehearsals for the annual Christmas show we open this Sunday at Wayside Theatre, I’m typically the only geek doing anything geeky. That changed this year. At various points this holiday, my kin all whipped out various […]

Subscribe to NY Times, Get $100 off a Netbook


Newspapers are trying just about anything to attract paying subscribers these days. The New York Times is partnering with Samsung to offer a $100 discount off the Samsung Go netbook to subscribers to the paper’s digital edition. The Times Reader will set you back $179.40 per year. The Samsung Go pre-installed with the Times Reader […]

Five games to rock your netbook


We know UMPCs can run classic RPGs without hassle, but who knew there were recent games capable of delivering adequate enjoyment on netbooks? Liliputing apparently did, and they’ve run down a list of five games to enjoy on the small screen. The standout entry for me is World of Warcraft. Though the game itself just […]

Win an HP Mini 311

Our friends over at LAPTOP Magazine are giving away an HP Mini 311. This a pretty sweet little netbook if you enjoy watching videos and playing light video games. This netbook features NVIDIA ION graphics and an HDMI cable which means you can watch HD movies from your netbook on a larger screen. All you […]

Really full review of ASUS Eee T91MT

ASUS Eee T91MT managed to get what must be one of the first ASUS Eee T91MT tablets to ship and have presented quite a thorough review of the multi-touch convertible, including some much desired info on its tablet functionality and the extent of its multi-touch-iness. [Contrary to the video demo] …there is no pressure sensitivity or palm […]