How to Listen to March Madness Live Anywhere, Anytime

Listen to March Madness live with TuneIn. Aspen Photo /

The 2015 March Madness season is underway, and if you want to listen to March Madness┬álive from anywhere. With the right app you can listen to every March Madness game live on your iPhone, iPad or Android and you don’t need to pay a dime to do it. You can also listen online if you […]

Samsung Offers iTunes Radio Competitor on Galaxy S4, Galaxy S5, Note 3


When it comes to music options on our Android devices, they’re a dime a dozen. Everything from Google Play Music, Pandora, Spotify and tons of others. Apple has iTunes Radio, delivering quality music streaming to iOS devices, and now Samsung is offering something similar for its flagship high-end devices. Officially launched today is the all-new […]

Rdio Launches Internet Radio Service to Take on Spotify, Pandora


Popular music streaming service Rdio has launched its own internet radio feature in order to compete with the likes of Pandora and Spotify. Rdio is launching the service on iOS and Android, and it’s completely free for non-paying Rdio users, but while the service is ad-free right now, expect that to change soon as Rdio […]

Antenova LTE Antenna Brings Us Closer to Global LTE Devices


The problem with the emerging 4G LTE mobile broadband technology that drives faster Internet speeds on mobile smartphones and tablet devices today is that there are so many different bands and frequencies used by different countries and carriers. As a result, manufacturers would have to customize their 4G LTE devices to specific regions and the […]

Radiolab iPhone and Android App Invites Users To Participate


The popular radio show and podcast Radiolab now has its own dedicated app for iPhone and Android. The new app brings every show Radiolab every recorded to the mobile platforms, giving users an easy way to find each one. Users can choose to stream episodes or download them for later use. They can also star […]

No 4G LTE Integration on Tegra 3 Until 2013


NVIDIA’s Tegra 3 + LTE chipset won’t be arriving until 2013, unfortunately in the latest report from the company. The current Tegra 3, which is described by its maker as a 4 + 1 architecture, is based on ARM’s reference design and combines a powerful processor with NVIDIA’s GeForce graphics engine. Unfortunately, due to the […]

NVIDIA Eyes Qualcomm with Icera Acquisition


NVIDIA has its eyes set on mobile as the Tegra 2-chip-maker is hoping to integrate more features into its smartphone CPU through the recent announcement of the Icera acquisition. Icera, a UK-based company, develops 3G and 4G baseband processors for use in phones and modems, and is said to be more efficient than those coming […]

iPhone 5: Same Design, New Chips, Improved Radio


According to Concord Securities analyst┬áMing-Chi Kuo, the iPhone 5 will be a modest update from the iPhone 4 and will sport the same basic design when it will be unveiled in September this year. At this point, it’s unclear how accurate Kuo’s predictions will be, but he did accurately predict the specs of the iPad […]

HTC Thunderbolt Firmware Update Leaks with GPS, 4G and Other Fixes


The HTC Thunderbolt may be one of the hottest phones on market, but that doesn’t mean that Verizon’s first 4G LTE phone isn’t without issues. Early users have reported battery life issues, problems switching between 3G and 4G as well as others. The good news is that HTC and Verizon seem to be working on […]

Apple Patents Wireless Radio Placement in Logo Area


Apple products usually have an Apple icon logo on the backside, and a new patent filed by the Cupertino, California company will see the logo serving a secondary purpose aside from helping to create a visible brand identity. Apple’s patent filing indicates that the company is looking to the logo to place its wireless radios–WiFi, […]