Sapphire Smartphone Drop Test Shows Potential of iPhone 6

The Kyocera Brigadier offers a Sapphire screen, and a new drop test shows how durable an iPhone 6 could be.

The iPhone 6 is where most consumers are looking for a Sapphire screen that is nearly impossible to scratch, but a rugged phone with Android just beat it to market on Verizon. For users that want a rugged smartphone, the iPhone 6 won’t likely deliver everything they need, but this new rugged smartphone on Verizon has […]

iPhone 6 Sapphire Display: What’s the Big Deal?

iPhone 6 sapphire display

The iPhone 6 is expected to come with a “sapphire display,” but what is a sapphire display and why should you care about it in the first place? If you haven’t seen the recent video demonstrating the robustness of the alleged glass panel of the iPhone 6, you should take a look at it (embedded […]

iPhone 6 Scratch Test Video Tortures Sapphire Screen

An iPhone 6 scratch test video shows the strength of Sapphire.

The iPhone 6 screen is not only bigger than the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5, it is tougher thanks to Sapphire. This tough material protects the display from scratches inflicted by keys and even by a knife. A new iPhone 6 video showcases the durability of the Sapphire display cover on the iPhone 6 thanks […]

Scratch Proof iPhone 6 Could Come in Two Sizes This Fall

Apple will reportedly use Sapphire on the iPhone 6 displays and the iWatch. Concept - Martin Hajek.

The iPhone 6 will feature a scratch free display according to a new report, that suggests Apple has enough Sapphire for the iPhone 6 4.7-inch model, the 5.5-inch model and the iWatch A new report claims Apple will have enough Sapphire to coat an iPhone 6 with a 4.7-inch display, a 5.5-inch display and even enough […]

Stunning Sapphire iPhone 6 Concept

A new iPhone 6 concept based on leaks uses a Sapphire back.

The iPhone 6 will reportedly feature a Sapphire design that uses the harder than glass material to cover the display, but a new iPhone 6 concept shows us what it could look like if Apple decides to go back to the shiny glass back of the iPhone 4s, with a stronger material. Sapphire is a […]

iPhone 6 Release Could Squeeze Sapphire Out of Competing Phones

Apple may be hogging Sapphire materials that could keep competitors at bay.

The iPhone 6 release later this year will bring a larger screen with a Sapphire display cover according to many credible rumors and it looks like Apple’s demand for Sapphire could leave competitors looking for alternate options. Apple already uses Sapphire for the lens and home button on the iPhone 5s, and in late 2013 […]

iPhone 6 Rumors Suggest a Larger, Thinner, Stronger Display

The iPhone 6 could feature a Sapphire display that is stronger, thinner and ready for a larger iPhone.

iPhone 6 rumors are looking more like reality with the latest leak of shipments and documents pertaining to the Sapphire facility in Arizona. For consumers this points to an iPhone 6 with a larger screen that is incredibly robust against damage from scratches and drops. For consumers that spent more than $5.9 billion on damaged […]

Why the iPhone 6 Will Matter to Consumers


Regardless of whether you’re an Apple fanboy or a Google lover, the iPhone 6 is widely believed to introduce a new technology that will dramatically alter the smartphone market once again for consumers. Reports are surfacing on the Internet claiming that Apple’s next flagship smartphone, to be introduced later this year, will debut with a […]

Eyes on iPhone 6, iWatch as Apple Fast Tracks ‘Critical’ Component

Apple pushes to fast track the go-live date for a Sapphire production facility which will delivery new Apple components which we could see in an iPhone 6, iWatch or iPod in 2014.

Apple is pushing forward to bring the Sapphire plant in Arizona up to speed to start production in February to deliver, “a critical new sub-component of Apple Products,” that will be sold globally, bringing the iPhone 6 and rumored iWatch to mind. The plant first appeared on our radar when Apple invested half a billion dollars […]

An iPhone 6 Powered by the Sun?


One of the biggest problems with modern smartphones is that they are power hogs, but Apple’s patent suggests that the iPhone-maker is looking towards the sun to solve this problem. According to investment blog Seeking Alpha writer Matt Margolis, Apple may be looking at embedding solar panels in the sapphire glass displays of future iPhone models, […]

Apple Ramps up Sapphire Glass Facilities for New iPhones, iPods

A machine like this is in need of technicians and employees as an Apple partner ramps up hiring for a new iPhone and iPod at an Arizona facility.

Apple is pushing ahead with plans to bring a new Sapphire Glass factory up to speed with job openings to support the iPhone and iPod and a broader job search that could add as many as 700 jobs in the U.S. at the Mesa Arizona plant. Sapphire Glass is a type of glass that could […]

LG, HTC Continue to Chase Apple’s Gold in 2014


Following the early success of the biometric fingerprint reader on Apple’s iPhone 5s, it appears that Android rivals LG and HTC will continue to chase after Apple’s gold in the new year. Reportedly, both Android smartphone manufacturers may utilize a similar design on their rumored HTC One 2 and LG G3 flagships in 2014 with […]

Apple Patent Gives Life to Wrap-Around iPhone Concepts


We’ve seen artists create conceptual sketches of potential future iPhone models with wrap-around displays and now we know that Apple has taken notice and has filed for a few patents that feature wrap-around iPhone screens. The patent filed by Apple reveals that the Cupertino, California iOS-maker is considering using premium materials that it currently leverages […]

iPhone 6 Sapphire Screen Rumored as Apple Spends Half a Billion

Sapphire glass that could deliver a stronger iPhone 6 screen. Image via IDG Network World Video.

Apple is putting half a billion dollars towards an agreement that may deliver an iPhone 6 or iWatch with a screen that doesn’t scratch, even if you rub a piece of concrete on it. Sapphire glass is already used for the lens cover of the iPhone 5s and the Touch ID home button, but its […]

After Experiment with Gold, Apple Banking on Sapphire


After a rather successful experiment with the gold hue iPhone 5s (reviewed) globally, Apple is turning its attention to sapphire, a crystal gem that’s currently used on several different components on the iPhone smartphone. Apple has signed a multi-year agreement with GT Advanced Technology to produce and manufacture sapphire in Mesa, Arizona in a new […]

Sapphire Crystal: The Holy Grail For Virtually Unbreakable Smartphone Displays

Sapphire glass scratch test against a block of concrete. Image courtesy of CBS Interactive

Corning’s Gorilla Glass has been all the rage in a market dominated by growing smartphone touchscreen displays with its scratch-resistant and break-resistant properties, but there’s something even better. Also known generically as chemically strengthened glass, Gorilla Glass has surprisingly built up a brand reputation for itself among consumers who seek out a smartphone or tablet […]