HTC One M9 Rumors Swirl After Photos Emerge


With the HTC One M9 launch date officially set for March 1st we’re starting to see an increase of details, leaks, and of course rumors surrounding the upcoming smartphone. And while the past few weeks have been filled with different reports, today a new set of HTC One M9 photos have leaked that are telling […]

iOS Phablet With 5.7-Inch Display Rumored to Take on Galaxy Note 3


Apple is now rumored to be considering a smartphone with an even larger 5.7-inch display for next year. The device’s large screen real estate would classify this as a phablet and would position Apple to more closely compete against Samsung’s popular Galaxy Note series with its larger, yet still pocketable and portable footprint. A phablet […]

This Is What Android Fragmentation Looks Like


Fragmentation on the Android ecosystem encompasses many different things. As there are a variety of Android licensees each making multiple phone models with varying hardware components to accommodate a number of different user demographics, at the end of the day we have varying screen sizes and resolutions, processor makes and speeds, graphics engines, RAM, memory, […]

Next iPhone Rumored to Have Massive 4.6-Inch Screen


In a radical design departure, the next-generation iPhone that will succeed this year’s iPhone 4S model will have a massive 4.6-inch screen, matching the larger screen trends from competing Android smartphones from rivals such as Motorola, HTC, and Samsung. News of the larger screen comes from Reuters, which is reporting that an unnamed industry source […]

Screen Size Becoming Even More Polarizing Between Android, iOS


The war of ecosystems may have shifted between the battle for screen real estate especially where the two dominant mobile operating systems are concerned. With iOS having historically used the 3.5-inch display form factor since inception, Android has grown to larger screen sizes and it’s a trend that we anticipate to continue. While 4.3-inch was […]

Wish Your Smartphone Had a Bigger Screen? You’re Not Alone

iPhone 5 mockup - what it might look like with a bigger screen

Do you wish your smartphone had a bigger screen? According to a study by Strategy Analytics most of us do, which our own Chuong Nguyen posted. He reported that a research firm asked smartphone users in the United States and UK about their phone’s screen. It turns out that 90% of users wanted a bigger […]

Smartphones: Thin is In, But Bigger is Better


A newly released smartphone study finds what we’ve been seeing all along as far as trends with Android smartphones. According to the study, which polled an undisclosed number of participants in the U.S. and UK, smartphone buyers are trending towards phones with larger displays. Strategy Analytics say that 9 of 10 people want a phone […]

What’s the Perfect Screen Size for Smartphones?

iPhone 4S display

When it comes to picking a smartphone, the screen is still one of the most¬†critical features.¬†While outdoor readability, vibrant colors and deep blacks are important, I’m mainly talking about the size of the screen and the resolution. The size of the screen dictates a lot about your phone. What games you can play, how you […]

Why We May Never See an iPhone Screen Larger Than 4-Inch


When it comes to screen sizes and real estate, we’ve seen anything from a paltry 2.8-inch display to enormous 5.2-inch screens on Android phones, but with the iPhone, the screen has remained at a constant 3.50-inch diagonal through successive generations of the Apple smartphone. Various reasons are given from for the iPhone’s consistent display real […]

How Much Does Size Matter in the Tablet/Slate Universe?


With fresh rumors that Apple might be readying a 7 inch Tablet/Slate for the end of this year beginning to heat up there are some that say that this would crush much of the competition for Tablet/Slates and also eBook Readers. I’m not sure I buy into these rumors for the simple reason that it […]