SmartBook Software Helps Students Ace Tests


With a new semester firing back up students are always looking for new ways to study and learn course material. While many students are moving to e-books there are always improvements to be made in reviewing the content that students read for their classes. This is where the McGraw-Hill SmartBook comes into the picture as […]

Can Asus Price the MeeGo Smartbook to Kill off Chromebooks?


While Samsung and Acer have both signed on as early OEM partners with Google to deliver the Chromebook, a netbook running Chrome OS, at Google I/O, Asus is taking on the lightweight computing category with its own smartbook running the MeeGo operating system. The slim MeeGo smartbook hardware was shown off at the Computex trade […]

NEC Releases Android Smartbook: TouchNote 7


In addition to tablets, and hybrid form factors such as the Motorola Atrix 4G smartphone with its optional laptop dock, users who need a lightweight content consumption netbook can turn to NEC, which was showing off its Android smartbook in the form of the NEC TouchNote, a 7-inch clamshell device with a nearly full-sized keyboard, […]

webOS Netbooks Coming According to HP Training Materials


HP has been teasing about a webOS tablet prior to the slate announcement, but the company’s training materials may reveal that in addition to tablets, HP may be eyeing the netbook/smartbook market. According to PreCentral, recent training information for HP employees was leaked and reveals that the company may be looking into the netbook form […]

Lenovo LePad U1 Hybrid Clamshell Keyboard Dock Offers Thoughtful Utility in Design


The Lenovo LePad design is one of the most interesting tablet designs that blurs the line between netbook, smartbook, ultraportable, and tablet categories. The LePad itself represents Lenovo’s design tablet aspirations to compete with slates like the iPad. As a consumer-oriented slate, Lenovo is going with Android as the tablet’s underlying OS, and the company […]

Chrome OS Gets Demoed


Google today announced specific details and demoed its Chrome OS, which the company is pushing as an alternative OS on low-cost netbooks with cloud-based synchronization and Web apps. The highlight of the demo is that it takes just four steps and less than a minute to boot up Chrome OS; additionally, the OS can resume […]

Lenovo Jumps on Android Bandwagon Delays UI Hybrid and Skylight


Apple sure created a revolution with its iPad alright. But not the one anybody was really thinking it would. Tablet/Slate manufacturers were all set to follow Apple’s path, but as it stands now, while they may be working on “me too” products, plans keep shifting and things keep getting delayed as they try to compete. […]

Chrome OS devices coming from Acer: netbook, tablet or other?


Google announced Chrome OS, their web-centric operating system, almost a year ago and we’re still waiting for it. Well, the wait isn’t quite over yet, but it’s shortening: VentureBeat reports a couple of Acer products running Chrome OS will be unveiled at Computex. But what kind of products will they be?

HP Compaq Airlife Android smartbook hits the HP site


The HP Compaq smartbook known as the Airlife 100 has been posted on the HP site. No availability info but the specs are there for your perusal. Looks pretty slick, especially the inclusion of a touchscreen and “Compaq touch experience” OS.

Lenovo Skylight Smartbook Headed for April Release


Say this for Lenovo, there isn’t a mobile category that they aren’t throwing resources into. The Skylight Smartbook is a Snapdragon based Smartbook throttling at 1GHz. The 10.1 inch form factor sure looks pretty and has a 1028×728 screen. It’s running a customized Linux OS, 8GB mini SD card, two USB ports, 1.3 megapixel camera, […]

The Smartbook is Coming


Let’s face it, the smartbook will become the inevitable next step in the evolution of our two favorite mobile gadgets: the smartphone and the netbook.  As our demand for mobile Internet content continues to grow, smartphones become more powerful, and mainstream consumer adoption of smartphones expand, the smartbook stands at the threshold. What exactly will […]

Quanta smartbook and Qualcomm tablet concept


Slashgear has the scoop on a new smartbook prototype from Quanta and a tablet concept from Qualcomm. The smartbook uses Qualcomm’s Snapdragon chipset for cool operation, which means no fan needed. The keyboard offers one-touch access to the homescreen with three customisable panes, as well as a slide-out programs menu for apps and controls. The […]

Video of Mobinnova Elan Smartbook

For those interested in Smartbooks (as opposed to Netbooks as opposed to Notebooks) this video look at the Tegra powered Mobinnova Elan Smartbook will certainly be of interest. The video from Netbooknews shows off the device but also explains a bit about NVidia’s Tegra platform. A second video showing off the software is promised soon. […]

Always Innovating Hybrid Touch Book Expected to Ship Next Month


The Touch Book from Always Innovating is an intriguing looking hybrid option. Its slate tablet body costs you $299 and for another $100 you can attach a keyboard. Whether it is a Netbook or a Smartbook or a whatever will remain to be seen as that old debate has gotten some new life lately. Intriguingly, […]