Where To Buy The Google Nexus 7

Nexus 7 pre-orders have started shipping from Google.

The Google Nexus 7 is finally shipping to those who pre-ordered the device. It’s hard to get ahold of one now without a pre-order, but there’s a number of stores out there selling the device, and hopefully one of them will have more tablets to sell. The first, and most obvious place to buy the […]

Staples Outs Ship Date for Nexus 7 Tablet: July 12-17


Though the Nexus 7 tablet was announced at Google I/O late last month and interested customers have been able to pre-order the Google-branded tablet, Google has so far been vague about the ship date for the device. Now, thanks to office supplies retailer Staples, we have somewhat of a clearer image of when the Nexus […]

Staples Tablet Survey Talks about Usage Statistics


Staples loves Tablets. Or at least Staples loves customers who might be interested in Tablets and wants to sell some more. So Staple is pushing out a new infographic with some survey data about Tablet users essentially saying people love their tablets. There’s some interesting, but not surprising data contained in the survey results. Of […]

Best Buy Needs to Treat Customers Better

Best Buy

When I recently heard a story from a Best Buy shopper I thought someone needed to give a “Come on man!” award (modelled after one of my favorite bits on ESPN’s NFL coverage where host Christ Carter calls out horrible plays or situations) to Best Buy for what they did to this poor Christmas shopper. […]

When Do Black Friday Sales Start Online and In Store (2011)

Open sign

Black Friday deals and sales are starting earlier than ever this year. I’m not just talking about all of the early Black Friday deals you can find at retailers like Best Buy and Amazon, but about the actual Black Friday sales that are kicking off in the store as early as midnight on Black Friday. Normally, midnight deals are found online, […]

HP TouchPad Drops to $299 at Staples This Weekend

HP TouchPad

We shared a great TouchPad deal with you this morning, but we just found an even better deal at Staples. Instead of saving $130 ont he TouchPad, you can cut $200 off the price of either the 16GB or 32GB HP TouchPad tablets. The deal combines an instant $100 HP savings, which you can find […]

Staples Coupon Will Slice $100 Off Any Tablet (No iPads Though)

staples tablets

If you’re in the market for an Android, ASUS, or *gasp* Blackberry (the email-less wonder) tablet, we have a deal for you. As Cameron Summerson over at Android Police pointed out, Staples has issued a coupon that will cut $100 off of any tablet purchase in their stores through the end of July. Among the slates […]

Staples Goes All in on Tablets & eBook Readers


Best Buy has done a great job capturing the consumer mindshare, and wallet-share, over the past few years, but Staples is about to dive in full force in an attempt to become the go to retail location for tablets. As this week’s ad for Staples suggests, you can go into a local Staples location and […]

BlackBerry PlayBook Battery Life Said To Be 10 Hours With Continual Use

BlackBerry PlayBook

If this next tidbit is true, it should definitely win over the favor of those considering BlackBerry’s upcoming tablet, the BlackBerry PlayBook. Yesterday, several retailers put the PlayBook up for pre-order giving consumers another option amongst the iPad 2’s and Motorola Xoom’s of the world. There has been one feature though that has been a […]

Viewsonic Issues a Statement on G Tablet Problems

Viewsonic G Tablet Review - A Review of the Viewsonic G Tablet

Viewsonic is in damage control mode trying to stem a small tide of bad PR brought about by Staples pulling the Viewsonic G Tablet because of what Staples labeled manufacturing issues. Viewsonic says that’s not the case, admits that they’ve got some software problems that cause a “user experience” issue and not hardware problems. An […]

Staples Pulls Viewsonic G Tablet


If you’re out there Christmas shopping and think that those lost cost Tablets you might see here and there might be worth some of your coin, take a deep breath before plunking down you cash. Sure you can say you get what you pay for, but it looks like Staples doesn’t want you paying for […]

Netbook Confusion with Consumers?

I was out doing some Christmas shopping today and dropped by the local Staples. Thinking I’d check to see if our local Staples was carrying Netbooks I headed to the computer section and sure enough they had the HP L1010NR on sale for $359.98. There was also a crowd of several folks around looking at […]