Nexus 5 Returns to the Google Play Store

Nexus 5-Best-Cheap-Phone-June 2014

For the first time in months the LG Nexus 5 is back in stock and available right now from the Google Play Store. Months before the Nexus 6 was released in November last year Google’s popular flagship smartphone from 2013, the Nexus 5, went out of stock and never returned. This was our first sign […]

Nexus 5 Back in Stock on Google Play


Months before the Nexus 6 was released back in November on the Google Play Store Google’s popular flagship smartphone from last year, the Nexus 5, went out of stock and never returned. This was our first sign that a new Nexus smartphone was coming soon, and lately we’ve heard Google will end production of the […]

Nexus 6 Release Continues for US Buyers


The Motorola-made Google Nexus 6 smartphone is finally becoming more readily available to buyers in the United States. An actual Nexus 6 release date was never formally announced, as Google is allowing each of the five major carriers to release the new flagship smartphone throughout the month. And this week two more options have arrived. […]

Moto 360 In Stock Now as Shortages Continue


At the beginning on the month after weeks and weeks of waiting the new Moto 360 smartwatch was finally released for eager buyers. The initial launch in the first week of September didn’t last long with inventory selling out within hours, but today we have good news as the Moto 360 is back in stock […]

Moto 360 Release Kicks Off Again Tomorrow


After months of waiting and tons of hype the brand new Moto 360 Android Wear smartwatch finally arrived last week for buyers, but sold out almost immediately. Late last week all of the details, release date, and pricing were officially announced. While the initial release was extremely limited, selling out within hours from multiple outlets, […]

iPhone 5s Online Stock Improves to 1-3 Day Ship Time

iPhone 5s online

Availability of the iPhone 5s online has improved to include a 1-3 business day ship time in the US, as well as several other countries. All models of the flagship smartphone have upped their inventory and are able to ship in 1-3 business days, making it one of the best availability estimates we’ve seen with […]

Is Apple Looking to Oust CEO Tim Cook?


With a leadership that’s been tarnished by slumping stock prices, Apple may be secretly looking to replace CEO Tim Cook who took over from Apple co-founder Steve Jobs since October 2011. According to a Forbes report, some undisclosed Wall Street sources are saying that Apple is quietly looking for a new leader to boost stock prices […]

AAPL Hits $701 a Share on iPhone 5 and iOS 6 Release Hype

AAPL Stock 701

Apple (AAPL) closed at $701.91 today as investors pushed stock to a near all time high close on the eve of the iOS 6 release date and days ahead of the iPhone 5 release date. Apple announced the iPhone 5, with 4G LTE, a thinner design and a larger 4-inch display on September 12th, and […]

iPhone 5 Monopolizes Apple Q3 Earnings Estimates (AAPL)

AAPL Stock iPhone 5 Q3

Apple will announce its Q3 2012 earnings report today, where we expect to hear about lower iPhone sales and an overall conservative quarter as Apple must deal with the un-controllable hype around the upcoming iPhone 5. Apple Inc. (AAPL) stock sits just over $600 this morning, a drop from the $644 a share high of weeks past. The […]

Wall Street Loves the New iPad – AAPL

Apple Stock Climbs new iPad AAPL

The new iPad will hit the streets in two days, but Apple is already hitting record highs on Wall Street. Wall Street had already priced a new iPad into the price of Apple Stock (AAPL) before Apple made the new iPad official last week, but investors are pushing the stock to new high, showing their approval for […]

Apple Stock Tops $500 Ahead of iPad 3 Release Date (AAPL)

Apple Stock over $500 AAPL

Apple stock is on a tear, going above $500 for the first time in company history weeks before the company is expected to announce the iPad 3, a third generation of the best selling consumer tablet. Apple Stock [AAPL] has dropped back below $500 as I write this post, but that doesn’t detract for the […]

How to UnJailbreak the iPhone 4S

unjailbreak iPhone 4S DFU mode

If you want to take your iPhone 4S back to stock, there are a number of ways to unjailbreak the iPhone 4S, but this is the easiest and quickest way to restore your iPhone 4S. There are a number of reasons you might want to unjailbreak your iPhone 4S, but the most common reasons are […]

Apple Tops 10 Million iPads as iPhone Sales Cool (AAPL)


Apple (AAPL) closed a final chapter in company history, announcing the results for the Apple’s fourth quarter, the final quarter under Steve Jobs’ leadership. While Wall Street is disappointed with lower than expected iPhone sales, the company moved a lot of iPads and Macs in the quarter ending September 30th. The iPhone sales for last […]

What’s Happening with HP, WebOS and Whitman (HPQ)


As the markets closed today, HP announced the CEO Leo Apotheker was out, and Meg Whitman was in as the new CEO. Whitman has been on the Hewlett-Packard (HPQ) board of directors since earlier this year, and brings experience from eBay and other companies to the top position of a company with more problems than Jay-Z. HP […]

Apple Stock Reaches All Time High Ahead of iPhone 5 Launch (AAPL)

Apple Market Cap Chart

Apple’s Stock (AAPL) price hit an all time high of $413.23 yesterday before settling down to $411.63 at market close. This all time high comes as Apple is expected to announce the iPhone 5 in October and under the watch of new CEO Tim Cook. In after hours trading Apple stock has jumped back up […]

Apple Stock Tumbles After Steve Jobs Resigns (AAPL)

Apple Stock Steve Jobs Resigns

On news that Apple CEO Steve Jobs has resigned, Apple stock has taken a hit in after hours trading, dropping 5% in just the short time since Apple made Job’s decision public. Investors, afraid of uncertainty and change, are pulling back to see if Apple can survive without Steve Jobs. Up until this announcement, Apple had […]

Apple Stock Down On News of iCloud, Lack of iPhone 5 Announcement (AAPL)

Apple Stock WWDC 2011

Right after Steve Jobs introduced iCloud, iOS 5 and Mac OS X Lion at WWDC 2011, Apple’s stock prices reacted to the new services and the lack of an impressive , “One more thing,” namely no iPhone 5, by dropping 4.57% or $5.40 by 4:30 pm. Also dropping alongside new cloud competition was Google (GOOG) […]