Google Trackpad Patent Hints at Lapdock Accessory for Android 5.0 Jelly Bean?


Google had recently filed a patent for multitouch trackpad gestures, potentially bringing new functionality to Chrome OS and the company’s Android OS. However, another potential, rather than the merely using Android on a laptop or desktop system, would be the trackpad as an application for Google’s scalability feature that comes with the next-generation Android 5.0 […]

TouchPad Fire Sale Resumes Sunday, Limit 2 Per Customer


The latest round of Verizon’s rumored and speculated delayed launch dates for some high-end flagship smartphones peeving you off lately? Well, perhaps you can channel some of that cash stockpiled for gadget consumption into HP’s now discontinued TouchPad as the company is picking up where it had left off with a fire sale. Earlier this […]

HP Mulling Selling webOS Software Business


Despite denying that webOS isn’t going anywhere, a new rumor recently surfaced suggesting that HP is looking to sell off its webOS software business. The company had recently abandoned plans of producing hardware that runs on its proprietary operating system, which was well received but failed to gain traction in the market place. Effectively placing […]

Panasonic Debuts Rugged Touchpad Android Tablets


Following Lenovo‘s lead of trying to port the Android slate experience to corporate, government, and enterprise users, Panasonic is debuting two new Android slates that bring the company’s ‘Tough’ brand to what is traditionally viewed as a consumer mobile operating system. With the Panasonic Toughpad A1, which has a 10-inch display, and the B1, which […]

HP Says Shut Down of webOS is “Unfounded Rumor”

hp touchpad - Google Images

I wouldn’t want to be Meg Whitman, the new CEO of HP, Todd Bradley, or any of the other execs at HP as they try to muddle through their next moves for HP’s future. Certainly they have some tough decisions ahead. Given the problematic way they went about getting rid of the HP TouchPad, purchasing […]

Long Live HP’s TouchPad…With Windows 8!?


HP’s TouchPad was officially declared dead in late summer when the company ran a fire sale and had listed the tablet for just $99, putting the fate of its much lauded webOS operating system, acquired along with Palm, in question. However, the TouchPad hardware itself may not be dead after all, and its fate may […]

Leaked Photo Shows Off Canceled 7-Inch HP TouchPad

HP Opal

Prior to the launch of the HP TouchPad, we had heard that there was a 7-inch version of the webOS tablet slated to be hitting shelves at some point alongside its 9.7-inch counterpart. Well, before that tablet – codenamed Opal – ever got off the ground, HP decided to kill off webOS hardware meaning the […]

HP TouchPad Backorders to Start Shipping in 6-8 Weeks

HP TouchPad Email

HP has begun sending out emails to customers that have backordered HP TouchPad tablets informing them that the device will be shipping at some point within the next 6-8 weeks. As many of you know, HP put the webOS tablet up for a mere $99 after it was announced that the company would be discontinuing […]

CEO Talk From Samsung and Google Answer Some Mobile Questions


Perhaps the CEO of Samsung and the former CEO, now chairman, of Google clarified some things with recent comments. Or perhaps not. It’s often difficult to decipher CEO speak. But taken at face value, recent statements by Choi Gee Sung and Google’s Eric Schmidt add some public clarity to a couple of issues in the […]

Last Batch of HP TouchPads Headed to North America Only

HP TouchPad

Weren’t able to get your hands on the $99 HP TouchPad the first time around? Well, then you probably were excited when HP announced that it would be bringing the canceled tablet device back for one last go round after the company’s stock was depleted because of the fire sale. Unfortunately though, if you live […]

CyanogenMod Brings Android to the HP TouchPad [Video]

CyanogenMod running on HP Touchpad

The CyanogenMod Team, those wonderful hackers who help to make Android so much better on dozens of devices, turned their attention to the HP Touchpad. Their work brings new life to a previously “sort of dead” device by porting Android to it. Thanks to a $2,300 reward by HackNMod, there are plenty of people working […]

HP Making More TouchPads to Meet Demand

hp touchpad - Google Images

In a surprise move, HP has announced that it will make another batch of HP TouchPad tablets to meet the demand for a $99 tablet that doesn’t suck. Yes, you read that right, HP has discovered that people will gladly pay $99 a pop for a web connected tablet with apps, and is going to […]

Some in HP Think It Might Resurrect the TouchPad?

HP TouchPad

HP’s Todd Bradley is apparently doing damage control in the Far East with a number of HP’s partners following HP’s big announcements recently. He’s telling Reuters (and presumably the partners) that even if HP spins off its PC business that it could be a profitable venture, saying “a standalone company could and will do what’s […]

TouchPad Update Brings Document Editing to webOS


For those who managed to snag an HP TouchPad tablet on the cheap when HP offered a fire sale on its remaining inventory, you can now edit documents on your slate thanks to a software update to the webOS QuickOffice HD application that comes pre-loaded on the device. With the update, users can edit and […]

Hulu Starts Blocking the HP TouchPad

HP TouchPad

If your device doesn’t fall under Hulu’s agreements with studios, there is generally no soup for you. Translation: Hulu’s website is blocked on most tablets, and when you head to its website, you are greeted by a black screen that informs you that your platform is not supported. You get an apology for the inconvenience […]

How to Find Out When HP Has $99 TouchPads in Stock

HP TouchPad

As you might know, the HP TouchPad has been on sale for extremely low prices ever since the company announced that it was killing production of the webOS powered tablet. And because of this fire sale, there is insane demand for this device. I mean, who wouldn’t want a $99 tablet that will likely have […]