Leaked Photo Shows Off Canceled 7-Inch HP TouchPad

HP Opal

Prior to the launch of the HP TouchPad, we had heard that there was a 7-inch version of the webOS tablet slated to be hitting shelves at some point alongside its 9.7-inch counterpart. Well, before that tablet – codenamed Opal – ever got off the ground, HP decided to kill off webOS hardware meaning the […]

HP TouchPad Backorders to Start Shipping in 6-8 Weeks

HP TouchPad Email

HP has begun sending out emails to customers that have backordered HP TouchPad tablets informing them that the device will be shipping at some point within the next 6-8 weeks. As many of you know, HP put the webOS tablet up for a mere $99 after it was announced that the company would be discontinuing […]

Last Batch of HP TouchPads Headed to North America Only

HP TouchPad

Weren’t able to get your hands on the $99 HP TouchPad the first time around? Well, then you probably were excited when HP announced that it would be bringing the canceled tablet device back for one last go round after the company’s stock was depleted because of the fire sale. Unfortunately though, if you live […]

How to Find Out When HP Has $99 TouchPads in Stock

HP TouchPad

As you might know, the HP TouchPad has been on sale for extremely low prices ever since the company announced that it was killing production of the webOS powered tablet. And because of this fire sale, there is insane demand for this device. I mean, who wouldn’t want a $99 tablet that will likely have […]

HP TouchPad Coming Soon to Best Buy

HP TouchPad

Right now, it’s unclear how long this teaser page for the HP TouchPad has been up for, but this is the first we’ve seen of it and so it might be the first time many of you have seen it as well. In any event, HP’s upcoming tablet device has appeared over on Best Buy’s […]

HP TouchPad Appears at The FCC

HP TouchPad FCC Filing

HP’s webOS tablet, the HP TouchPad, has shown up in a filing at the FCC which means that the device should be on track for its launch which will come at some point this summer. The TouchPad’s filing unfortunately doesn’t reveal much at all as most of the information within it will remain confidential for […]

HP TouchPad webOS Tablet Hands On Video


Earlier today HP had unveiled its webOS tablet, called the TouchPad, along with a few webOS-powered smartphone. The lineup announced today, according to HP, marks the beginning of the next-generation of webOS devices. The company is promising that the mobile operating system will make its way over to Internet-connected printers along with desktop and notebook […]

HP WebOS Tablet Images and Details Leaked


When HP bought Palm, we were all wondering when we would seem fruit of the tech marriage. It now seems that something tangible is in the works, and could be announced as soon as February 9. Two images were posted at Engadget that were reported to be “internal renders” of a 9-inch WebOS tablet code […]

Palm Topaz webOS PalmPad Tablet with Bluetooth Keyboard?


Palm’s upcoming webOS tablet, long rumored as the PalmPad, may be the codenamed Topaz according to Engadget. Along with the codename rumor, it seems that an image has surfaced for an ultra-slim Bluetooth keyboard without a number pad. The ‘Topaz’ tablet is said to be button-less and the Bluetooth keyboard from HP-Palm would come with […]

HP Confirms webOS Tablet, Slate, Phones Coming Soon


On HP’s earnings call yesterday,  executive Todd Bradley announced that the company will ship a consumer slate running Windows ‘soon’ and a webOS Tablet in early 2011. HP’s been teasing us with its answer to the iPad all year long, to a point where anticipation is transitioning to yawns. For the first several months of […]