BMW i8: As Cars Get Smarter, So Do Car Keys


*+-As we’re entering the convergence between mobile phones and cars, your smartphone, as powerful as it may be, still may not be able to replace physical car keys. Such is the case with the BMW i8, which will be relying on a newly designed smarter key to power the automobile. Though we may look towards […]

Gorilla Glass Helps BMW i8 Deliver a Quiet Ride


*+-Corning had earlier announced that its chemically strengthened smartphone glass will soon find its way into the automotive sector and now we’re learning that the BMW i8 may become the first car to use Gorilla Glass. Gorilla Glass will help automakers like BMW reduce their car’s weight, which could lead to a savings in fuel […]

Siri Eyes Free Coming to ’14 BMW Models

siri eyes free button

*+-BMW has announced that they will be offering Siri Eyes Free functionality to all 2014 models via an update to its ConnectedDrive Internet service. ConnectedDrive allows drivers to utilize apps like Pandora, as well as receive Google mapping data. Delivered over-the-air, the Eyes Free functionality should be easy to roll out across the line. The […]

iOS 7 Supercharges Siri for an iCar Experience


*+-During today’s keynote at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), Apple announced some significant changes to the Siri voice control system. Eddy Cue, Senior Vice President of Internet Software and Services, announced that the new version of Siri will be completely integrated into infotainment systems in many new automobiles. Presently, the “best” integration option that […]

Tesla Outselling Similarly Priced German Sedans

Tesla Model S

*+-Tesla Motors’ Model S all-electric sedan is starting to become a bit of a sales sensation. In the past few weeks Tesla has announced the the Model S exceeded sales estimates. Then Tesla announced that they were the plug-in car sales leader in the United States, by beating the Chevrolet Volt in sales. Finally, Tesla then […]

Fisker Bankruptcy: What Does It Mean to the Electric Vehicle Industry?

Fisker Karma

*+-Fisker is in a bad way. Their founder left the company recently and bankruptcy is imminent. Just a year or so ago, if you were to look at the titans in the electric vehicle (EV) industry, it would have been Tesla and Fisker. The Fisker Karma is a range-extended electric vehicle. Unlike the Tesla Model S, […]

Tesla Adds Range Enhancing Sport Option

Tesla Model S

*+-Typically, when a person orders a “Performance Plus” package on their vehicle, they are not used to getting better range or fuel economy. But that’s exactly what you get with the Tesla Model S “Performance Plus” package. For an additional $6,500 over the price of a normal Model S, drivers can purchase a vehicle with wider rear […]

BMW Integrates Further with iPhones, More Apps Available

BMW Apps TuneIn

*+-Apple and BMW have a long-standing relationship, with BMW being one of the first vehicles to offer iPod integration through its iPod Your BMW system. At the New York International Auto Show, BMW has now announced that the iPhone-connected BMW will be able to use a slew of new apps, including apps from TuneIn, Rhapsody, […]

Noon Notebook News March 14th: iPad Uses, BMW Designs and AViiQ


*+-We hope you spent the morning digesting our massive iPad 2 review, but now let’s give you a little notebook news to get you through the afternoon. We don’t have any new notebooks to share, but the good news is that the looks and sound of new notebooks is getting better and we look at why the iPad […]

AutoBeMobile: NVIDIA powering displays of BMW, Tesla car models


*+-Word out of NVIDIA is their processors will be powering infotainment and navigation systems in certain car models from BMW and electric car specialist Tesla Motors. Also revealed is the location at CES 2011 where you are most likely to find Xavier waffling on whether to stick with Mercedes for his next car.

BMW’s iPad Integration Is All Kinds of Ugly

auto-show-photos.asp (2)

*+-I like cars almost as much as I like technology, which is why a headline about BMW offering an official iPad integration kit caught my eye. But then I saw the pictures and cringed. BMW showed off a 3-series convertible with the horrific iPad integration at the Paris Auto show and captured it on […]

Touch Your Way to That Next BMW

*+-Not that I think a lot of folks have a ton of cash floating around to go buy a Bimmer, but using a Microsoft Surface computer to help pick out that next car is a natural fit for multi-touch and natural user input technology. The application was written for BMW by VectorForm. Check out BMW’s […]