AT&T Motorola Atrix Android Smartphone & Laptop Dock Demo

Screen shot 2011-01-06 at 9.58.00 PM

Motorola and AT&T are diving into territories of the Palm Foleo, a prototype yet unreleased productivity device that runs your applications from the phone but doesn’t have any processing power of its own. For the AT&T Atrix 4G Android phone, Motorola had created a solution, available soon, for AT&T that will allow the Atrix to […]

Dell Venue and Streak 7 getting smudgy at CES 2011


As I write this, Xavier and Josh are checking out the mobile wares from Dell at CES 2011. While they snap photos and get hands-on impressions, we have the official word from Dell on what their Venue smartphone and Streak 7 tablet will offer.

PogoPlug’s Next Device To Improve Video Streaming


The makers of one of my favorite gadgets, The PogoPlug see the shape of things to come (read web HD video) and the next PogoPlug device, appropriately called the PogoPlug Video. The PogoPlug video is built to help you stream that video from your own little personal cloud to whatever device you want to glue […]

What happened to that prediction of Windows Embedded Compact 7 at CES?


So the Big Ballmer took the wraps off Windows for ARM, which turns out will be the next version of Windows, ruining predictions by myself and others that he would be showing Windows Embedded Compact 7. Can’t say I’m too upset by that, particularly since there’s more to this story than missing a prediction.

House of Marley iPod Accessories and Headphones at CES


Rohan Marley, the son of music legend Bob Marley, launched a line of iPod and iPhone accessories at CES 2011. Reggae fans will instantly recognize the names behind the accessories. The Jammin, Freedom and Destiny ┬álines of earbuds and iPod docks stand out in the sea of iAccessories. Many of the accessories feature wood grain, […]

Skype to Acquire Video Service Qik?


Interesting if this comes to be. Video based phone conferencing is one of those things that everyone hopes will be the next big thing. (See Apple’s FaceTime, see Skype’s new update that allows video communication on the iPhone, see Qik being used for similar kinds of things on Android, see Fring.) And of course web […]

OtterBox Reflex Series Cases for iPhone 4 and BlackBerry Curve


OtterBox announced a new line of mobile phone cases at CES 2011 today. The Reflex Series is inspired by automobile crumple zone design. When dropped, the Reflex Series case flexes and rebounds, absorbing the impact so your iPhone 4 or BlackBerry Curve doesn’t have to. OtterBox makes some of the best mobile cases out there […]

Motorola Droid Bionic for Verizon Wireless at CES (Video)


Motorola had announced the Motorola Droid Bionic for Verizon Wireless yesterday at a press conference in Las Vegas, NV and we were there to get some hands-on time and a demo from Motorola’s team. The Bionic is the next generation of Droid, and as a Droid device, the “Droid [Bionic] Does” a lot with its […]

AT&T HTC Inspire 4G Hands-On


We were able to go hands-on with the HTC Inspire 4G, a large 4.3-inch Android 2.2 Froyo smartphone with HTC Sense. The HTC Inspire 4G is an HSPA+ smartphone that is essentially the AT&T re-badged version of the European HTC Desire HD. The design utilizes HTC’s unibody aluminum design and feels slim, solid, and very […]

Samsung Curved Flexible AMOLED Display Concept Demos at CES (Video)


At the Consumer Electronics Show, Samsung brought a few prototypes of its flexible AMOLED display panels, which are shown with curved, wavy hard plastic casings showing that the flexible displays can be curved and bended to fit different types of surfaces for new display applications. Perhaps a wearable watch where even the wristband could be […]

Microsoft’s 2011 CES Keynote Says Please Wait and See

Microsoft at 2011 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES)_ Live Keynote-1

Steve Ballmer took the stage in his Microsoft blue shirt last night and delivered a keynote address that can best be described as “don’t count us out, please wait and see what we have to say next year.” That may be a bit unfair, but when the first half of the keynote talks about things […]

Microsoft and Samsung Team Up for SUR40 or Surface 2.0

Microsoft’s Surface technology has always been some very cool technology. If you’re a casino, or other big money business that can afford to play the game. I guess it’s no real surprise that after the release of Windows Phone 7 we’d see a Surface 2.0 update since one of the appealing factors of the Surface […]

RIM’s 4G Playbook Coming to Sprint This Summer


Kevin Tofel and Engadget are reporting that RIM will be launching a 4G version of the RIM Playbook Tablet “this summer.” Interesting news on a number of fronts. First, as Xavier posted, folks are getting their hands on the device, so it does indeed exist. Second, Kevin is reporting that this seems to be a […]

Close Look at the BlackBerry PlayBook (video)


Our friend Avram Piltch got to spend some quality time with the BlackBerry PlayBook at CES 2011. The PlayBook isn’t expected to start selling for a few more months and RIM’s been relatively shy, keeping the PlayBook behind glass at trade shows more often than not. Avram wrote up his impressions after spending some time […]

Motion CL900 Docking Station and Accessory Module


Motion Computing’s CL900 Tablet PC might look like a consumer slate at first glance at first glance, but the device is all business. The docking station and accessory module look sharp and will help businesses adapt the CL900 to their needs and working environment. In these photos you can see how the CL900 might be […]

NEC LT-W Dual Screen Android Tablet at CES 2011 (video)


NEC had a prototype of the LT-W on hand in Las Vegas at an event last night. The device is comprised of a pair of 7″ resistive-touch displays and runs on Android. The mobile OS has been customized to work with the dual display setup. On the back of the left display is a 3MP […]

Samsung Officially Announces the WiFi Only Galaxy Tab


Falling somewhere between “we all knew it was coming” and “we better announce this before we announce our new Tablets so we can sell a few” Samsung has officially announced the WiFi only version of the Galaxy Tab. The carrier supported versions have obviously been a hit so far and it looks like there were […]

Motorola’s Xoom Android Tablet Gets Official

xoom tablet

Well, it’s official. Motorola will be rolling out its Honeycomb Tablet, already known as the Xoom, sometime in Q1 of 2011. What wasn’t known that the initial roll out on Verizon will be 3G with an update available in Q2 to soak in all that 4G goodness yet to come. The Xoom will feature a […]

LG Will Be Making the G-Slate for T-Mobile

LG G-Slate

Well there was some speculation that HTC might be making T-Mobile’s G-Slate Android Tablet but it looks like LG is going to be behind the hardware. Announced to today as the T-Mobile G-Slate with Google, it is also touted as being the first 4G Android Powered Tablet. I’m guessing we’ll hear much more about this […]