How to Pay Taxes Online for $3

How to pay taxes online and avoid penalties.

If you still need to pay your 2014 taxes you don’t need to write a check or go to the post office. For just $3 or less you can pay your 2014 taxes online before the end of the day on April 15th and avoid penalties. There’s even a free online tax payment option if the […]

5 High Tech Credit Cards

Check out these high tech credit cards and credit card replacements.

There are a new breed of high-tech credit cards that help you carry all of your credit and debit cards on a single card, protect against loss or theft and just plain cool looking credit cards. These high-tech credit cards and credit card replacements are a handy way to keep your cards with you at […]

How to Add or Edit a Credit Card on the Google Play Store


There are hundreds of thousands of free apps available for Android smartphones and tablets from the Google Play Store, but many of them cost a dollar or $2 and users will need to add a debit or credit card to Play Store. Here we quickly go over how to buy apps on Google Play by […]

Coin Card Gets New Features Just Days After Pre-Order Launch


You might remember when we talked about Coin last week. It’s a credit card that stores all of your credit and debit cards in one convenient-to-carry package, and while initial reactions were overall positive, growing concern of it being vaporware were abundant, and security concerns certainly didn’t help much. However, Coin just announced some new […]

Coin Replaces All Your Credit Cards with One Single Card

Screenshot 2013-11-14 15.04.29

Much like a lot of startups that are focused on the finance industry, there’s a new one in town that aims to make your wallet a lot slimmer. The product is called the Coin, and in the simplest of words, it’s essentially a credit card that can store multiple credit cards (and debit cards and […]

Top 5 iPhone 5 Warranty Options Compared

Why You want iPhone 5 Insurance

The iPhone 5 is an expensive gadget to replace with off contract pricing starting at $649. That’s the price users will need to pay if they break their iPhone 5 in the middle of a contract. With the iPhone 5 on the way top buyers soon, that means users will be able to drop it […]

Starbucks Bringing Square Payment Tech to Its Cafes


Starbucks will be abandoning its cash registers at its cafes in favor of adopting Square‘s payment technology, which connects a credit card reader to an iPhone, iPad, or Android smartphone or tablet to accept credit card payments. The payment technology has been adopted by many small businesses and it will soon be found in over […]

Eventbrite Joins Square, PayPal Here With Own iPad Credit Card Reader


Eventbrite has just revealed a new credit card reader for the iPad that will allow event planners and organizers using the company’s ticket system to collect ticketing payment offline and at the door where events occur. The company’s system operates in a way similar to Square‘s credit card service for small business owners and PayPal’s […]

Obama Adopts Square Technology for Accepting Campaign Donations


Obama’s first run for President was noteworthy because the then Presidential candidate had a forward view on technology and was seen toting around a BlackBerry and other gadgets along the campaign trail. Obama’s forward thinking will continue with his re-election campaign and the President’s staff will be utilizing Square to accept campaign contributions. The module […]

MasterCard Fuels Speculations of NFC on iPhone 5


In an interview given with Fast Company, MasterCard mobile payments head Ed McLaughlin may be igniting speculations that Apple’s next-generation iPhone, perhaps dubbed the iPhone 5, will arrive with support for NFC, or near field communications, which would enable mobile payments and other applications. McLaughlin was careful to not mention any partners by name, but […]

Get Ready to Swipe Your Credit Card With a Smartphone Camera

netswipe mobile

We’re all lazy enough that you have wished for the ability to pay for something by holding our credit card up to the screen instead of tying it out again and again. If you’re lucky, you may not need to type in your credit card information ever again. Netswipe is a new online payment platform […] Turns Your Phone’s Camera Into Credit Card Terminal

Scan Your Credit Card with an iPhone

We’ve all laughed at images of computer illiterate users trying to pay for online purchases by holding their credit card up to the monitor, but it if has anything to say about it you’ll soon be pulling a similar move to pay for your next in app purchase. uses your phone’s built-in camera to scan your […]