HTC M8 Leak Points to Fingerprint Tech on Back

Screen Shot 2014-01-16 at 9.56.34 AM

Following up the successful flagship HTC One smartphone of 2013, HTC is planning to release a new device that for now, is being called the HTC M8. Leaks and rumors have suggested multiple different names from the HTC Two, HTC One+, and more, but it’s all just rumors. Another thing we’ve yet to officially learn […]

LG, HTC Continue to Chase Apple’s Gold in 2014


Following the early success of the biometric fingerprint reader on Apple’s iPhone 5s, it appears that Android rivals LG and HTC will continue to chase after Apple’s gold in the new year. Reportedly, both Android smartphone manufacturers may utilize a similar design on their rumored HTC One 2 and LG G3 flagships in 2014 with […]

iPhone 5S Parts Photos Finally Hint at Room for Fingerprint Sensor

The alleged iPhone 5S back shown above sports a new design that could accommodate a fingerprint reader.

Despite multiple reports of a fingerprint sensor in the iPhone 5S from analysts and supply chain sources, most leaks did not include a significantly different interior that shows room for a new sensor, but a new leak discovered this week finally offers a glimpse at Apple’s plans to put a fingerprint reader in the iPhone […]

iPhone 5S Fingerprint Reader Tipped by iOS 7 Beta 4 Code

The iOS 7 beta 4 includes details on a possible iPhone 5S fingerprint reader.

The iOS 7 beta 4 update includes a small piece of code that points to a new iPhone with a fingerprint reader built in to secure user information and data. Apple is reportedly planning an iPhone 5S with a fingerprint reader, though other believe Apple is saving a fingerprint reader for the iPhone 6 next […]

iPhone 5S: Don’t Rule Out Fingerprint Security Yet

A super thin fingerprint sensor might fit inside the plastic home button of the iPhone 5S.

Rumors of an iPhone 5S fingerprint reader are as old as the iPhone 5, and as alleged iPhone 5S parts leak speculation that the feature will skip the iPhone 5S for the iPhone 6 grows. Two purported iPhone 5S home button parts show a similar design to the iPhone 5 home button, though with a […]

Windows 8.1 to Bring Fingerprint Reader Support, Best Apple

Windows 8.1

It appears Microsoft will beat Apple to market, with an easy to use option for securing devices and files using just a fingerprint. Detailed late Monday during its TechEd North America developer conference according to The Verge, Microsoft will include native support for fingerprint readers in the update coming to Windows 8 users this fall, […]

iPhone 5S Fingerprint Reader Production Details Rumored

One example of how an iPhone 5S fingerprint reader could look.

Production details for the rumored iPhone 5S fingerprint reader surface in a new note from Ming-Chi Kuo, an Apple analyst who believes Apple may tap a Taiwanese company to make the component. iPhone 5S rumors claims that Apple is planning to build a fingerprint reader into the iPhone 5S home button. The move is tied to Apple’s purchase […]

iPhone 5S: Apple’s Newest Patents Tell Us ‘S’ is for Security

Face Detection Apple Patent

The iPhone 5S release could arrive as soon as June or July with a design similar to the iPhone 5. The next generation iPhone will likely come with the 5S name and a number of small but noticeable upgrades. Apple chose to focus on a specific feature of the iPhone when releasing earlier iPhone ‘S’ versions. The 3GS emphasized speed […]

Hidden Fingerprint Reader Could Secure Your Next Phone

validity fingerprint reader

Validity is working to bring fingerprint scanning to smartphones for better security and an easier unlock process according to Laptop Mag. At CES, Validity showed off a small fingerprint reader that it built into a specially modified older Samsung smartphone. The implementation put the reader under the glass of phone, directly under the capacitive buttons […]

Fulcrum Brings Biometric Security to iPod Touch


Fulcrum is releasing a biometric hardware and software solution for the iPod Touch to authenticate its users via fingerprint. The accessory solution will be ideal for sensitive and critical information and could help the adoption of iOS and the iPod Touch device as a mobile computing platform in healthcare, law enforcement, and other government functions […]