Pocket God for Android: My Nephew Can Finally Go Android…


Ngmoco is publishing Pocket God for the Android platform. The game is incredibly popular on the iOS platform and the lack of it was reason enough for my 9-year old nephew to dismiss Android┬ácompletely. The conversation went something like this: Nephew: What are Droid phones? me: They’re phones that are kinda like your dad’s iPhone […]

Galaxy S Successor to Arrive in Early 2011?


Popular consumer electronics blog Engadget had obtained information of the next generation flagship Android phone from Korean phone maker Samsung. A leaked slide deck from Samsung obtained by the popular consumer electronics blog reveals that the Nexus S will sport an sAMOLED2 display, suggesting that Samsung is making enhancements and improvements to the current generation […]

Samsung Nexus S Gets Teased on Best Buy Website [Updated]


In recent weeks, speculation was building up on the Internet across various blogs that Samsung will create a stock Android phone, sans any customizations, and would receive updates directly from Google. That handset, would probably be the next developer phone, and would succeed the original Nexus One in Google’s lineup, which is a Google-branded Android […]

Samsung Bullish on 2011 Smartphone Shipments, More Tablets to Come


Samsung, which has seen success with its worldwide rollout of its Galaxy S smartphone lineup–which is available in the U.S. on all four major national carriers as the AT&T Captivate, the Sprint Epic 4G, the T-Mobile Vibrant, and the Verizon Wireless Fascinate–is projecting to sell 40 million smartphones in 2011, double the projection for 2010. […]

Samsung Nexus Two Rumors Turn Out to be a Verizon Android Phone


After Google had said that it would be discontinuing future iterations of its mobile phone branded line following the fact that the company says that the Nexus One had achieved its purpose, rumors had recently been swirling that Samsung may introduce what could be the next generation developer phone, called the Nexus Two, which would […]