Why Microsoft Has More to Fear From Samsung Than Google


Much has been said about the public battle between Samsung and Apple and the private worries of Google that its biggest partner in the Android space may shun it in the future, but Samsung may pose a bigger threat to Microsoft than the industry lets on. Many of the changes that Samsung is implementing on […]

Casio Launches New Tablets Aimed at Pen-Enabled Writers


Casio has launched four new tablets for the Japanese markets, and though these tablets run Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, Casio is aiming these tablets at enterprise users with the goal of integrating handwriting and notes into the slates. Like Samsung’s Galaxy Note tablets and HTC’s Flyer and Jetstream slates, the Casio models feature a […]

Will Samsung Introduce a Tablet With a Stylus at IFA?


Samsung’s IFA unveiling may have been revealed prematurely as it is discovered that Samsung will be introducing three new products at the German trade show–a Galaxy Tab 7.7 slate, a Bada OS-powered Wave 3 smartphone, and an unknown device that goes by the Samsung Note moniker, as This is my next unfolded. At this point, […]

HTC to Release Pen SDK for HTC Flyer, EVO View 4G


In addition to opening up the HTC Sense experience to third-party developers, HTC will also be allowing developers to tap into its active digitizer pen for the HTC EVO View 4G and the HTC Flyer tablet, the first Android tablet to come pre-bundled with a pen for notes and drawing. When HTC took the HTC […]

As We Suspected: Handwriting Boosts Brain Power


Admit it. You always knew inking away on your Tablet PC was sharpening your mind. Maybe you couldn’t quantify how it did, but you knew it did. Still, it’s nice to have scientific proof to back that up, and The Wall Street Journal has a round-up of just that.

Penultimate brings smooth, fluid ink to iPad #inktweet


This may yet turn into a case of “be careful what you wish for” but for the time being, I am thoroughly impressed by what I’m seeing of an iPad inking app called Penultimate. Why? Because what I’m seeing are smooth, fluid lines of varying thickness, the closest I’ve seen to ink from an active […]

Misleading Courier Photo Reveals My Years of Deception


Larry O’Brien of Knowing .NET has taken to task the main photo from the latest Courier sneak peek, calling it “misleading” and pointing out that the writing shown on the screen could not have been written at that size. He went so far as to sector the screen and determine that the lettering was only […]

Herbi Writer – Helping Children With Learning Disabilities


Many readers of GottaBeMobile.com have been following the journey my daughter, Maggie, has taken through the years due to a brain tumor. ┬áSome of the many consequences of the tumor and multiple brain surgeries she’s had has been a lack of hand-eye coordination and brain integration / pathway problems. Maggie’s occupational therapist works with her […]

Hands On Video With Samsung’s Papryus E-Ink Device

Sierra did a great of unearthing Samsung’s Papryus E-Ink device. It has generated a lot of comments and interest from the community. Today, I spent some some hands-on time with the device and shot this video. It’s worth pointing out that Sierra happened across a black one, while the one I played with was green. […]

Windows 7 Will Support Handwritten Math Recogntion


Now that folks are getting a chance to go hands on with Windows 7 at PDC2008, we’re starting to see details beyond the PDC2008 brief roll out. Here is some good news for lots of folks who like to use Tablet PCs to do some math. According to Gizmodo, Windows 7 will now support handwritten […]