HTC Bliss and Runnymede to Launch as HTC Rhyme and Bass

HTC Runnymede or the HTC Bass

*+-HTC is calling in the musical names to move the HTC Bliss and HTC Runnymede Android devices. The HTC Runnymede will likely hit store shelves as the HTC Bass. The HTC Bliss, which had been billed as a smartphone for women, may arrive as the HTC Rhyme. The HTC Runnymede¬†will go to music school and […]

Specs for HTC Bliss and HTC Runnymede Leak Out

HTC Charm

*+-We’ve been waiting for some specifications on the HTC Bliss to leak out and luckily today, ThisIsMyNext has unearthed some of the upcoming device’s features. In addition, they have unearthed features of a device called the HTC Runnymede that appears to be a cousin of the HTC Titan, a device that HTC announced at the […]

HTC Sense 3.5 Appears in Lengthy Preview Video

HTC Sense 3.5

*+-We’re pretty sure the upcoming HTC Bliss, a phone that is apparently aimed towards women, will be arriving with HTC’s latest version of its Sense UI. Just a short time ago we saw some photos of the revamped UI but those photos have nothing on a lengthy preview video of the new software from […]

Sense UI Gets Revamped on HTC Bliss Lock Screen


*+-It looks like the HTC Bliss will get a new version of the HTC Sense user interface, which will be a refinement of the most current Sense UI that’s found on flagships like the HTC Sensation 4G and the HTC EVO 3D smartphones. The new lockscreen UI has been uncovered by and depicts a […]

HTC Bliss Gets Caught in the Wild (Photos)

HTC Bliss

*+-Finally, courtesy of, we have a glimpse of the upcoming HTC Bliss that is more than likely going to be headed to Verizon’s 3G network at some point in the not-so-distant future. This is the first time that the phone has been clearly captured in the wild and from these photos, we get a […]

HTC Bliss Visits the FCC on the Way to Verizon

HTC Bliss

*+-The HTC Bliss, the Verizon bound phone that is aimed at those of the female gender, has passed through the FCC on its way to Big Red which could mean that a release is right around the corner. We’re still a little unsure about what to expect from the Bliss but courtesy of the FCC […]

HTC Bliss: New Leaked Images of the Droidette Emerge


*+-Leaked images of the HTC Bliss–or what we lovingly refer to as the ‘Droidette’–smartphone have begun to surface. The HTC Bliss is a codename for a smartphone that HTC and Verizon are rumored to be developing that would target the female demographics. The HTC Bliss will be an Android smartphone that will be targeted at […]