iHome iDL100 Triple Charging Dock with Lightning Connectors Review

ihome idl100 triple charging dock

We took the opportunity to take another look of the refreshed version of iHome’s nice dock called the iHome iDL100 Triple Charging Dock, an upgrade over the iDL45 that we reviewed earlier. iHome makes nice charging and audio accessories, first for Apple products, but now for other devices. We reviewed the iHome iDL45 Dual Charging […]

iHome Lightning Docks Arrive for iPhone 5 and iPad 4

idl45 with ipad 4th gen

iHome Audio recently introduced two new iHome Lightning Docks that make use of the Apple Lightning connectors. They are the iHome iDL45 for iPad and iHome iPL10 for iPhone 5. These docks give users two of the first docking stations available to charge Lightning enabled iOS devices. When Apple first introduced the new Lightning charging and […]

iHome Launches New Lightning and Bluetooth Docks at CES

New iHome

With CES 2013 now upon us the onslaught of new accessories and new technology are everywhere. This is no exception when it comes to docking stations such as the iHome. They have updated their line of consumer products for the upcoming year and are showing them off at the technology and trade show. While in […]

iHome iP76 Tower Speaker for iPhone with Bluetooth


The iHome iP78 LED Color Changing Tower Speaker System with Bluetooth for iHome and iPod looks like a pretty cool tower speaker dock for you iPhone. It offers multiple color LED lights that change with the beats of your music along with a dock for you iPhone or iPod. It’s one of the coolest looking […]

iHome iW2 AirPlay Speakers fit Smaller Environments with Decent Sound


The new iHome iW2 AirPlay speaker system streams your audio from an iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch fitting nicely into a smaller environment like your office, a kitchen or on a shelf at work or home. The sound could be better but for anyone looking for some background music, it’s a good choice. The AirPlay standard created […]

iHome iDM5 Turns iPad Into a Desktop and Stereo System


iHome announced the iHome iDM5, a new iPad accessory that turns your iPad into a desktop computer and a stereo audio system. The question is, “Does anyone want to do this?” iHome makes a bunch of audio docks and speaker systems for iOS devices mostly, although they offer systems compatible with Android and other devices […]

iHome Enters Android Market with Speakers for Tablets and Phones


iHome Audio, best known for iPhone and iPad audio accessories, is entering the Android market with three new Android focused alarm and speaker systems using what they call SmartDesign. iHome Audio’s new Android speakers are the iC50 Space Saver FM Stereo Alarm Clock Radio, the iC3 Portable Stand, Stereo Speaker and Charging Dock for Android […]

Gift Guide: 10 Awesome Android Accessories

Gelaskins Android Skin

There are as many Android smartphones as there are holidays in the last two months of the year. No matter which phone you have or which holiday you are celebrating, we have a list of top notch Android accessories that will give you or your gift recipient an awesome experience. Android phones don’t always enjoy the same […]

iHome SD63 Soundesign Retro-style Headphones Uncomfortable: Review


If you hate ear buds as much as I do, especially the uncomfortable white pair that come with iPhones, then a pair of over-the-ear headphones like iHome’s Soundesign branded SD63 Retro-style Hi-Fidelity Stereo Headphones might offer an alternative. This set of cans looks cool with the seventies style retro look. They remind me of something […]

iHome iDM12 Rechargeable Bluetooth Speaker Giveaway

iHome iDM12

I reviewed the iHome iDM12 Rechargeable Bluetooth Speaker earlier this spring. The iDM12 provides good truly wireless sound for hours thanks to a battery recharged through your USB port. It connects to your Bluetooth enabled audio device like a smartphone or computer filling a small room with sound. The charging cable also includes an auxiliary stereo jack […]

SuperTooth Disco is a Great 21st Century Bluetooth Boombox


If you’re old enough you remember carrying around a boombox on your shoulder to play the radio, cassette tapes and eventually CDs. The SuperTooth Disco is the boombox for the mobile generation with nice sound, convenient wireless Bluetooth connection and great battery life. I tested the SuperTooth Disco over the past month, using it at home, […]

iPhone to Android Part Three – Cost of Switching

Android eats and Apple

After owning an iPhone switching to an Android can be costly. I’m not talking about the initial outlay to buy the phone or even the cost of the monthly bill from my wireless carrier. Instead, there are costs like apps to replace those used on an iPhone and all those accessories. This can be the […]