Is Google Stifling Motorola’s Innovative Culture?


Like Tim Cook who kicked off All Things D‘s D11 conference, Motorola’s Dennis Woodside didn’t reveal much specifics in terms of products, but Woodside and Cook did give insight into the inner workings of their respective companies. We now know that the oft-rumored Motorola X Phone will soon be launching as the Moto X per Woodside’s […]

LG Steals Samsung’s Show With Eye Tracking Smartphone Tech Announcement


While Samsung’s Galaxy S4, which is to be announced later today, is rumored to come with a new eye tracking feature utilizing the front-facing camera to start and stop video playback automatically depending on if you’re looking at the screen, it looks like Samsung won’t be the first to debut this tech as South Korean […]

Transparent Smartphones Coming in 2013, 5 Ways It Will Impact You


Polytron Technologies says that transparent and translucent smartphones are coming this year in 2013. These phones, according to the transparent glass-makers, would be largely transparent except that it will still reveal some internal phone circuitry, batteries, and components like chips, antennas, modems and memory cards. Most of the phone would then be see-through except the […]

HTC: Still Evaluating Phablet Market, But Says Consumers Want Sub-5-Inch


We had a casual sit down conversation with Jeff Gordon of HTC Americas at the Consumer Electronics Show and we asked about the company’s plans for the emerging phablet market and the competitive tablet market. According to HTC, the company is still trying to evaluate the phablet market, but in general consumers do not want […]

Innovation Changes Lives

Rosie Check out the ThunderBolt

While much of the world celebrated the life of Steve jobs on October 16th, I lost my aunt Rosie. Rosie’s life reminds me why the innovation we as consumers love is so damn important. Rosie had developmental disabilities, but didn’t let that stop her from touching thousands of lives and sharing a desire to use […]

New Nokia Innovation Initiative Will Incubate Your Ideas


Have a great idea for innovation but don’t know how to take it to market? Well, Nokia’s Invent with Nokia initiative may help you take those grand conquer the world plans and put it into action, which would turn the smartphone giant into a tech incubator. Nokia says that you’ll get paid for your ideas, […]

Verizon Courting Developers with App Innovation Center in San Francisco


In a bid to be competitive and court developers, Verizon Wireless will be opening an App Innovation Center in San Francisco, California, scheduled to launch this summer, where developers can congregate, test ideas, and develop innovative solutions. The carrier had invited a number of local and national press to the site, which is still under […]

James Kendrick: Has Smartphone Technology Hit the Wall?


My short answer to the question James Kendrick raised and that headline’s this post is yes. My medium answer is yes, for the moment. My longer answer follows. If you’re looking for hardware innovation in smartphones, tablets, computers, etc… in the short term you’re going to be looking further down the road. Just like I […]

Nokia’s IdeaProject to Spur App Innovation


In Austin, Texas at the South by Southwest Interactive conference, Nokia has announced IdeaProject, which is an Internet portal that will help connect entrepreneurs, idea-generators, developers, and other partners to help spur innovation and creativity in the mobile space. The idea behind IdeaProject, like Nokia’s motto, is to connect people. If you’ve got a great […]