SHIELD Act Hopes to Curb Frivolous Patent Lawsuits


A new bill being proposed by Rep. Peter DeFazio (D-OR) and Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) hopes to help reduce the number of frivolous patent lawsuits initiated by patent trolls. Titled the Saving High-Tech Innovators from Egregious Legal Dispites, or SHIELD, Act, the proposed legislation is aimed at the computer hardware and software business. The way […]

Samsung Lawsuit Reveals a Motorola Photon-esque Apple iPhone Design


In Apple’s ongoing lawsuit with Samsung over patent infringement over the design and technologies found within the iPhone, iPad, and the iOS software, we are now treated to some early iPhone prototypes that never made it the market. When Apple released its unibody iPhone in June 2007, the rest was history, or so we thought […]

New OTA Update for International Galaxy S III Removes Universal Search


Following updates for the U.S.-based AT&T, Sprint, and Verizon Wireless models of the flagship Galaxy S III smartphone, Samsung is also rolling out the same update to the international edition of the Galaxy S III for GSM networks. The update, which actually doesn’t add any new functionality or bug fixes to the smartphone, does the […]

Court Orders Apple to Admit Samsung Did Not Copy the iPad


Apple was dealt a blow in the UK as a judge ruled that the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 did not copy the iPad, though in a backhanded judgment the judge also noted that the Galaxy Tab isn’t as cool as the iPad’s design either. Cool or not, it looks like Apple’s lawsuit against Samsung claiming […]

Sprint, AT&T Galaxy S III Updated to Remove Universal Search

This is now removed as part of Samsung's software update.

In addition to working around the Galaxy Nexus ban as part of Apple’s lawsuit against rival Samsung, it appears that Samsung is preemptively trying not to upset the iPhone-maker with its own flagship Galaxy S III smartphone. The company had started issuing an update to remove universal search features on the Sprint Galaxy S III […]

Galaxy Nexus Available in Play Store Again With Shipping Delays

Screen Shot 2012-07-08 at 7.39.21 PM

It looks like with Samsung’s victory on gaining a temporary stay on the Galaxy Nexus injunction pending Apple’s response in that lawsuit, the Google-branded Android smartphone is once again available in the U.S. in Google’s Play Store. This would be the unlocked GSM/HSPA+ model that would work on carriers T-Mobile USA and AT&T in the […]

Samsung Galaxy Nexus Sales to Resume Next Week

Galaxy Nexus sales will resume next week.

Google has confirmed that it removed the Samsung Galaxy Nexus from the Google Play Store but that Galaxy Nexus sales will resume next week. The company, in comments made to ABC News, confirmed that it had pulled the Galaxy Nexus due to Judge Lucy Koh’s injunction against Samsung. As it stands, the Galaxy Nexus HSPA+ […]

Samsung Galaxy Nexus Now No Longer Available in the U.S.

Screen Shot 2012-07-05 at 1.50.34 AM

Following Apple’s recent legal victory in securing a ban against Google’s Samsung-made Galaxy Nexus Android smartphone, that device is no longer available for purchase at this time in the U.S. The Galaxy Nexus HSPA+ edition is listed as ‘coming soon,’ and Google is now only taking email addresses should you wish to be notified when […]

Samsung, Google Working Together to Fight Apple in Legal War


As Apple is continuing Steve Jobs’ legacy of thermonuclear war on Android handset-makers with varying patent wars, Samsung and Google are now teaming up to try to put an end to Apple’s bullish tactics. The latest blow to Samsung and Google came last week when Apple had won several injunctions against the Galaxy Tab 10.1 […]

Motorola Latest Android Manufacturer Facing Ban in U.S.


Following HTC’s import bans on high profile Android handsets such as the HTC One X and the Sprint HTC EVO 4G LTE as a result of HTC’s ongoing patent dispute with Apple, the latest Android manufacturer to face an import ban is Motorola Mobility as a result of disputes over intellectual property with Microsoft. According […]

Apple Culprit Behind HTC One X, Sprint EVO 4G LTE Delays at Customs


Two of HTC’s flagship and most popular phones in its lineup will be delayed as they head into the U.S. at the U.S. Customs office due to concerns that those models may infringe on Apple’s designs and patents. As a result of Apple’s ongoing lawsuits against Android manufacturers, HTC’s One X for AT&T and the […]

What Secret Is Google Hiding in the Galaxy Nexus?


In Apple’s litigation against Samsung in a California court for patent infringement related to the Galaxy Nexus Android smartphone, Apple has requested that Google make available the differences, if any, between the Android source code and the implementation of Android on the Galaxy Nexus. While Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich’s source code has been released […]

Apple, Google, HTC to Face Off With Dualing Face Unlock Patents


We had reported earlier that HTC had filed for a face unlock and biometric security for Android, features that Google had introduced to market on the Galaxy Nexus with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and Motorola debuted with the fingerprint reader on the Atrix 4G early last year, and now it seems that Apple is […]

Apple Could Profit When More Android Devices Are Sold


Under new CEO Tim Cook, it appears that Apple is softening Steve Jobs’ declaration of thermonuclear war against Google’s rival Android operating system. The company is now no longer seeking the destruction and demise of the Android ecosystem, but rather, like Microsoft, is looking from the follies of Android as Google lacks strength in patents […]

Taiwanese Site Sued After Leaking iPad 3 Dock Connector


In July, Taiwanese site had posted pictures of what the site claimed to be the new dock and ribbon connector cable for Apple’s third-generation iPad 3 tablet. The leaked images of the dock connector cabling system and the connector itself shows that Apple may be attempting to make some very modest changes to the […]

To Maintain Network, Sprint Turns to Partners and Roaming Agreements


In a cost-cutting move, Sprint, the nation’s third largest carrier, will, instead of deploying its own network and utilize its spectrum, be turning to other carriers through roaming agreements. By instituting roaming agreements, Sprint’s customers in Oklahoma and Kansas would still be able to have access to voice and mobile broadband data services in those […]