FCC Votes In Favor of Net Neutrality Proposal: What Happens Now?


Comments welcome. That is where we are at the moment in the debate over Net Neutrality and any future U.S. government regulation or rules that may govern how the Internet works. Today the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) voted 3-2 to put forward the new rules changes proposed by FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler. The vote does […]

Vi Hart Explains It All About the FCC Net Neutrality Debate

▶_Net_Neutrality_in_the_US__Now_What__-_YouTube 2

If a picture is worth a thousand words, than what are pictures, and pictures of words compiled into a video worth? The value proposition astounds. And value is what we have in this short post that will point you to something worth your attention, and that of anyone else who should be concerned about the […]

How To Contact the FCC Before the Net Neutrality Vote on May 15


For those concerned about the ongoing battle over Net Neutrality, this is a big week ahead. But then the last several weeks have also been big. At the moment the FCC is going forward this Thursday, May 15, with a vote on the new rules proposal that will decide the future of how the Internet […]

FCC Chairman Answers Critics with Tough Talk About Net Neutrality


Last week the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) set off a rather large firestorm on the Internet about the future of the Internet. When the Wall Street Journal reported that the FCC was going to submit new draft rules changes to the Open Internet Order, that report was interrupted by many to be the first step […]

Netflix Signs a Comcast Like Deal with Verizon


Some heads are probably spinning among the streaming video market watchers, but at least Verizon broadband customers will probably experience less buffering when it comes to watching Netflix in the future. In what was a somewhat expected move, Netflix and Verizon announced an agreement today wherein Netflix will pay Verizon for direct access through Verizon’s […]

Netflix and Comcast Keep Bashing Each Other, You’ll Pay the Price


The gloves are off and a battle is raging between Comcast and Netflix. Both traded blows in corporate blog posts today making highly charged statements essentially calling each other liars. To say that the corporate-speak gloves are off is not only an understatement it is a colossal one. If words were swords, Comcast and Netflix […]

FCC Tries to Calm Concerns Over Open Internet Rule Changes


Yesterday the Wall St. Journal issued a disturbing report that the FCC was going to propose new rule changes to the Open Internet Order in the wake of a stunning court defeat for the FCC the first time around. To say that WSJ report caused a firestorm to erupt on the Internet would be a […]

FCC Proposal Tucks Head Up Butt and Kisses Your Net Neutrality Goodbye


Capitulation. Surrender. Submission. Pick your synonym for cowardly action and pin it on the Federal Communication Commission (FCC). Today came word that new draft Open Internet Rules will be submitted for review and a vote by the FCC commissioners. Coming after its last feeble and ill conceived attempt was shot down unceremoniously in Federal Court […]

Netflix and Comcast Throw Stones and Consumers Get Bruised


Streaming media, like its predecessors broadcast and cable television, is big business as we all know. Its such a big business that any move by any company is eagerly watched by consumers, their watchdogs, and theoretically regulators. When head to head corporate combat breaks out in the open between the companies that control the content […]

Netflix and Comcast Strike a Deal and Other Toll Gates Will Follow

The George Washington Bridge toll booths are pictured in Fort Lee, New Jersey

For the last several months Netflix customers have been noticing their video streams have not been flowing that smoothly. Simultaneously there have been unconfirmed rumors that companies like Verizon and Comcast have been throttling Netflix speeds. Add to that mix that a recent court ruling against the FCC essentially opened the door for ISPs to […]

Court Strikes Down FCC Net Neutrality Rules


Net Neutrality is a tricky issue. The fundamental principle behind the concept is that those who control the pipes the Internet flows through have to treat all legal content equally so that users have access to content from small players in the same way they do the big players. We’ve recently seen eyebrows raised about […]

FCC Has Eyes on AT&T Sponsored Data


When we posted about AT&T’s CES 2014 announcement regarding its Sponsored Data plans we mentioned that the Net Neutrality advocates would probably be raising a few eyebrows. As it turns out the Net Neutrality advocates aren’t the only ones keeping a sharp eye and a keen focus on AT&T’s Sponsored Data efforts. At CES 2014 FCC […]

4G iPhone on Verizon’s LTE Network? Not so Fast…


Despite early comments by Verizon Wireless’s executives that 4G LTE Apple products will be coming to the carrier in due time, plans for a 4G iPhone and iPad on the carrier’s next-generation faster mobile broadband network may be hampered by an earlier agreement between Verizon Wireless and Google according to a report citing legal reasons […]

The Future of the Mobile Internet Could Resemble Your Cable Bill


As carriers are exploring new methods for pricing access to the Internet from your cell phones–from pay-per-use pricing to tiered pricing–a leaked webinar slide from Alot Communications and Openet–both of which represents AT&T, Verizon, and Vodafone–highlights the importance of the net neutrality discussion as it pertains to the mobile Web. The premise is that services […]

FCC Stops Meetings on Net Neutrality


Yesterday we reported (as did everyone else) that the FCC was holding some closed door meetings with the big guns on Net Neutrality, as well as on the confusing topic of whether or not Google and Verizon may have been hatching a deal. This turned into a big deal (not because of our reporting but […]

Net Neutrality Debate Heating Up Again


Fueled by reports that Google and Verizon may be approaching a deal among themselves in talks with the FCC regarding how services are delivered via broadband, in the Net Neutrality debate is heating up again. A quick primer on Net Neutrality (and I mean quick and simple considering the complexity of the issues): Essentially proponents […]