Android is Free, But Google’s Apps Aren’t

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When people talk about Google’s Android operating system words like “free” and “open source” are always mentioned, and for the most part, they’re true. Google doesn’t charge for the open source parts of Android, which allows nearly any company to compile the software and release smartphones, tablets, and more. There’s a common misconception though, and […]

What Secret Is Google Hiding in the Galaxy Nexus?


In Apple’s litigation against Samsung in a California court for patent infringement related to the Galaxy Nexus Android smartphone, Apple has requested that Google make available the differences, if any, between the Android source code and the implementation of Android on the Galaxy Nexus. While Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich’s source code has been released […]

HP CEO Warns That Google and Motorola Might Try to Close-source Android


As the Google acquisition of Motorola moves closer to an end, HP CEO Meg Whitman sees an opportunity for HP’s newly open-sourced WebOS platform. Whitman believes that WebOS could have a future as an open source competitor to Android, which is also open source. Whitman’s claim is that with the Google-Motorola deal Android won’t be […]

The Wait is Over. HP Decides to Open Source webOS UPDATED


After a more than tortured journey in its life so far, the much loved, but tough to gain traction webOS now has a destination again. HP, after replacing the CEO who killed the short-lived TouchPad with Meg Whitman, has decided that it will turn webOS loose on the Open Source world.  The tortured journey included […]

Notion Ink: Ice Cream Sandwich Source Code to be Released Nov. 17


According to Notion Ink, Google may be making the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich source code available come November 17. The company has had an accurate prediction for Google’s roadmap, having accurately predicted that the OMAP chipset from Texas Instruments would be coupled to Ice Cream Sandwich as a reference platform and predicting the launch […]

MeeGo Kicks The Bucket but Will Try a Comeback as Tizen


This Is My Next… is reporting that the muscle behind MeeGo has atrophied so it will become a corpse. But there appears to be a re-animation and re-naming in the works. MeeGo was the open source OS that came out of a joining of Maemo and Moblin, and given a real push by Nokia and […]

With Movie Rentals, Google Sending Mixed Signals on Web Strategy


Despite having been an early backer of HTML5 with Android and its Chrome OS and browser, Google’s use of Adobe Flash technology to deliver movie rentals may be seen by some as contradictory to supporting open web technologies like HTML5 and its own WebM standard. At the Google I/O developer conference when Google had announced […]

Samsung Posts Droid Charge Source Code, Launch Imminent?


Prior to the launch of the Samsung-made Droid Charge for Verizon Wireless’s 4G LTE network, the smartphone-maker has posted the source code for the device on its own website. Android makers are compelled by Google to release source codes to what they optimize on their devices by using the Android operating system. This way, the […]

Andy Rubin: Android Still Open Sans Restrictions


Amidst fears and concerns over the future openness of the Android operating system, Google’s Andy Rubin has chimed in to correct and contradict recent Internet speculations in a blog post. Rubin is defending Google’s initiatives and maintains that Android will continue to be an open operating system to use without fears of restrictions. Android to […]

Nokia to Release Maemo 6 Device Before Attempting MeeGo


It looks like the tablet designs that Nokia had patented back in 2010 could be for a Maemo 6 device that straddles the space between smartphone–like the Nokia N8–and tablet. It’s unclear how Maemo 6 will shape up to be or what form factor the OS will appear on, but it’s interesting to hear Nokia […]