Angry Birds Stella Teased Amidst Flappy Bird Frenzy


Rovio, the developers behind the extremely popular and hit mobile game Angry Birds, aren’t afraid of releasing more than a few titles. After launching multiple iterations of Angry Birds over the past few years, this week they announced another is coming soon. Amidst all the crazy Flappy Bird talk and excitement, gamers could have something […]

Angry Birds Go Brings Mario Kart Gameplay to Mobile Gamers

angry birds go

Mobile gamers looking to get their fix of Angry Birds have a new title to download and play.  Angry Birds Go, the arcade racer that promises to take on genre kingpins like Mario Kart, is available for free on iPhone, Android, Windows Phone and BlackBerry. Announced earlier this year, Angry Birds practically borrows from Nintendo’s […]

Angry Birds Star Wars Episode II Offers Real World In App Purchases


Today Rovio announced that Angry Birds Star Wars Episode II will come out on September 19 and will follow the stories of the Star Wars prequels with new characters and a new Skylanders-inspired feature that combines real world purchases with in game unlockable characters. Angry Birds Star Wars Episode II will introduce the new Telepods […]

Rovio Teases Angry Birds Go! Racing Game

angry birds go

A new teaser from Rovio hints at a racing game starring the Angry Birds will come to Android and iOS sometime in the near future. The teaser site for the new Angry Birds Go! shows what looks like the beginning of a race track. The distinct slingshot plays, and the red bird zooms past in […]

Angry Birds Star Wars Now Available on iPhone, iPad, and Android

Angry Birds Star Wars

Rovio’s new Angry Birds Star Wars is now available on iOS, Android, Windows 8, and OS X. The new Angry Birds game is Rovio’s second movie tie-in game, but unlike Angry Birds Rio the Star Wars version adds a number of new features and a more recognizable set of characters. In Angry Birds Star Wars […]

New Angry Birds Star Wars Tailer Shows First Gameplay Footage

Angry Birds Star Wars

The newest Angry Birds game, Angry Birds Star Wars will come to iPhone and Android on November 8, and Rovio is finally showing off gameplay of the game. In the latest trailer for the Star Wars collaboration Rovio shows a few seconds of gameplay footage. The trailer show two birds, the red Luke bid and […]

Angry Birds Star Wars Coming November 8

Angry Birds Star Wars

The next Angry Birds game is another franchise tie-in, but this time the franchise is more than just a silly movie about birds. Today Rovio announced it newest game is Angry Birds Star Wars, and it will come to iOS, Android, and desktop on November 8. The game will likely use the concepts introduced in […]

Bad Piggies Now Available on Android, iPhone & iPad

Bad Piggies

Bad Piggies, Rovio’s Angry Birds spinoff is now available on iOS and Android. The new game follows the pigs from Angry Birds as they try to get the eggs their king desperately wants to eat. To get those eggs the Bad Piggies need to build vehicles to reach the goal of each level. To build those vehicles […]

Bad Piggies from Angry Birds Maker Lands September 27th

Bad Piggies

Rovio’s next game returns to the Angry Birds universe but ditches the birds in favor of their nemeses, the pigs. The Finnish developer’s new game is Bad Piggies, and it will come to iOS and Android on September 27. The game will also launch on Windows Phone, Mac, and PC sometime soon after. The familiar […]

Rovio’s Amazing Alex Puzzler Comes to iPhone and Android July 12

Amazing Alex

Rovio’s next game, Amazing Alex, is about to hit the iOS App Store and Google Play Store this Thursday, July 12. The release date comes at the end of a new trailer for the game which shows off the Rube Goldberg machines players will use to solve physics puzzles in the game. The trailer says […]

Rovio’s Angry Birds Sequel Might Be Angry Pigs

Angry Pigs

After the success of Angry Birds Space Rovio might be looking at turning the franchise in another direction. According to Pocket-Lint Rovio’s next Angry Birds game will focus on the pigs instead of the birds. The game will feature King Pig and other pigs like the Soldier Pig and the Pig With a Moustache as […]

Casey’s Contraptions Could Be Rovio’s Next Game

Casey's Contraptions HD

In Rovio’s 1 billion Angry Birds downloads video the studio hinted at its next game with a blonde-haired boy and Rube Goldberg machines, it’s possible that Rovio’s next game could be Casey’s Contraptions. As Forbes noticed, the blonde boy from the end of the video is Casey from Casey’s Contraptions HD, an iPad game about […]

Angry Birds Downloaded More Than 1 Billion Times

Angry Birds 1 Billion downloads

Through four different iterations of the game on a multitude of platforms Rovio announced today that users downloaded Angry Birds more than 1 billion times. Rovio made the announcement in a short, 20 second video thanking all of its fans for downloading the game so many times. The 1 billion downloads comes from all versions […]

Angry Birds Space for Windows Phone Launching Soon

Angry Birds Space for Windows Phone Launching Soon

Nokia and Rovio have confirmed that Angry Birds Space for Windows Phone is coming soon to both Lumia smartphones and other Windows Phone-powered smartphones as well. The confirmation comes shortly after Rovio found itself embroiled in controversy in regards to the popular game. After one Rovio executive claimed that the game would never make it […]

Angry Birds Space Now The Fastest Growing Mobile Game

Angry Birds Space for Android Gets An Update

Angry Birds Space is now the fastest growing mobile game for Rovio, breaking all of the company’s previous records. According to Rovio, users downloaded Angry Birds Space more than 50 million times in the 35 days since its release. Those numbers are total downloads between iOS, Android, and even BlackBerry. On mobile devices the game ranges from […]

Free Games With Ads or Paid Apps Without? [Poll]

Angry Birds Space for Windows Phone in the Works

Unless you are living under a rock, you know that Angry Birds Space was launched last week for Android and iOS. Windows Phone was left out as I expected, but later on launch day, Rovio changed their tune and said they would be working on a Windows Phone version. My assumption is that some higher […]

Angry Birds Space for Windows Phone in the Works

Angry Birds Space for Windows Phone in the Works

Earlier today, there were reports that stated that Rovio, the maker of the popular game Angry Birds, was not working on a Windows Phone version of the latest installment of the game, Angry Birds Space. No true says Rovio CEO Mikael Hed who says that the company is indeed working on a game for Microsoft’s […]

NASA Astronaut Shows Us How Angry Birds Space Will Work

Angry Birds Space

We already know that Angry Birds Space is coming out March 22. What we didn’t know before know was just how the game would work. Now thanks to Rovio and NASA, we have an idea of how we’ll kill the egg-stealing pigs in space later this month. To show how the new game will work, […]