HTC Sensation (European) Bootloader Unlock Process Now Live

HTC Sensation

Live in Europe? Own an HTC Sensation? Well then you’re going to be elated to know that HTC has made good on its promise and is now offering the bootloader unlock process for the HTC Sensation on its website. Before today, all there was was a placeholder and now, they have taken the curtains […]

HTC Prepping Software Update for HTC Sensation, Will Unlock Bootloader

HTC Sensation

HTC has confirmed that it is prepping an update that will be rolled out to the HTC Sensation in order to unlock the device’s bootloader which puts to rest any worries that owners may have had about it not getting unlocked. Here is what HTC had to say: We are currently developing new bootloader unlocked […]

FCC Filing May Indicate HTC Sensation’s Arrival on AT&T


While T-Mobile USA had already announced the HTC Sensation 4G for its network–arriving mid-month–the high-powered super phone may also be coming to rival GSM network AT&T, according to an FCC filing. The Sensation has recently gone through the FCC with AT&T-compatible 3G/4G bands. The unibody aluminum smartphone should be a nice high-end alternative to the […]

HTC Sensation 4G Price Revealed by T-Mobile

HTC Sensation 4G

Yesterday, T-Mobile officially announced the HTC Sensation 4G, a beastly dual-core smartphone that will be available at T-Mobile stores on June 15th and through select Walmart outlets on June 12th. However, there was one thing missing in the announcement. The pricing. Fortunately, T-Mobile revealed that to us today. The HTC Sensation 4G is going to […]

HTC Sensation 4G Launching June 12th at Walmart, June 15th at T-Mobile

HTC Sensation 4G

It looks like that June 8th launch date for the HTC Sensation 4G on T-Mobile was a little premature as the carrier has announced that the dual-core smartphone will be out on June 15th at retail stores and through T-Mobile. It had been rumored that the Sensation 4G might be headed to shelves in early […]

HTC Sensation Now Available on Vodafone UK

HTC Sensation

The highly anticipated HTC Sensation has arrived across the pond in the UK on Vodafone which means that those that pre-ordered over the last couple of weeks should start seeing their orders arrive very soon. Here’s how it all breaks down. The HTC Sensation is actually available for free if you sign up for a […]

HTC Sensation Officially Announced, Headed To Vodafone First

HTC Sensation

HTC officially announced the HTC Sensation aka the HTC Pyramid at their press event in London finally making one of the most rumored phones official. Folks on Vodafone in the United Kingdom and other European countries will be the first people to see the device in Q2 and that launch will be followed by a […]

HTC Pyramid Launching April 12th As HTC Sensation?

HTC Pyramid

Pocket-lint is reporting that the heavily rumored HTC Pyramid will be announced at HTC’s April 12th event as the HTC Sensation. HTC has said that it will be debuting “what’s next” at the event that takes place in London next Tuesday and it looks like the HTC Sensation will be what the company shows off. […]

HTC Sense UI to be a ‘Sensation’ on Tablets?


It looks like HTC may be evolving its proprietary and customer user interface overlay on its upcoming tablet products. The company calls its custom UI HTC Sense on its smartphone, but a recent trademark filing in the EU for the term ‘HTC Sensation’ may reveal that HTC Sense may get a new name in future […]