Swiss Army Slim and Slim Duo Flash Drives From Victorinox

Victorinox Swiss Army Slim Duo Flash Drives

The Swiss Army Knife just got a lot more useful. This week Victorinox announced the availability of two new USB flash drives: the Slim and Slim Duo. The Slim is your standard flash drive with a thin profile. However, it folds up into a Swiss Army Knife-esque case, making it twice as cool. The Slim […]

In Wake of iOS 5, iCloud Announcements, Microsoft Details SkyDrive Features for Windows Phone 7 Mango Update

After Apple had announced its next-generation iOS 5 software and the iCloud photo, documents, and music synchronization engine with the cloud, Microsoft is revealing more information about its SkyDrive document and photo synchronization service as part of the Windows Phone 7 Mango update that’s slated to come this fall. SkyDrive is a cloud-based service that […]

Photo Stream: How Microsoft’s Failed KIN Still Beats iCloud


Even after over a year since Microsoft had launched the now defunct KIN, a Windows Phone that the company had hoped would consumerized the platform ahead of the Windows Phone 7 launch debut, Apple’s iCloud announcement at WWDC falls short when it comes to photo streaming. As the iPhone-maker aims for simplicity while at the […]

Apple Hiring for the Cloud, New Services Coming?


Apple recently posted a job listing for a Cloud Systems Software Engineer, which may be indicative of the company’s speculated plans to expand and create cloud-based services beyond what is found in today’s Mobile Me offering. According to the listing, the engineer would join a small team in creating ‘the future of cloud services’ at Apple’s […]

Apple Orders More Storage for Data Center, Cloud-Based Services to Come?


Apple has just placed an order for 12 petabytes of storage from Isilon Systems. Speculation is that the vast amount of storage will be for Apple’s North Carolina data center, which will be the home to new cloud-based storage options for iTunes as well as for social networking integration for iPhone and Mobile Me accounts. […]

Why Storage Capacity Matters When You Buy the iPad 2


Xavier had posted a great guide on the various iPad 2 configurations that you may purchase come 5 PM on March 11th along with some of the considerations for those with an iPad 1 who may be on the fence about upgrading. For those who are ready to upgrade or make the jump into the […]

New Apple Social-Centric MobileMe, Digital Locker Expected in Spring


While Apple has long been rumored to be building out a solution to offer customers a digital locker and enhanced social features, including photo streaming, through a new MobileMe and iTunes feature, there is now an anticipated date for when the revamped cloud-based service will launch. At its shareholder meeting during a Q&A session, Apple […]

Apple: No Go for Nano Phone


Despite rumors of a smaller, cheaper iPhone, lovingly dubbed the iPhone Nano, the New York Times is reporting that Apple is not pursuing plans to release a smaller iPhone model. Rather, the Cupertino, California Mac- and iPhone-maker may be more aggressive in its plans to drop prices on previous generation models–right now, the iPhone 3GS […]

MobileMe to Go Social in Next Major Overhaul


Rumors of a digital locker service for Apple’s MobileMe service has been persistent, but according to Cult of Mac, the online service will get a major overhaul to bring additional social features that will compete against Foursquare, Gowalla, Facebook, and Ustream. Some of the features that Cult of Mac is reporting includes: Live video streaming […]

Can E.Coli Bacteria Be Used as a Data-Encrypted Storage Drive


Rather than be the cause of infection and disease, scientists at the Chinese University of Hong Kong are hoping to turn bacteria into something more practical, useful, and high-tech. Researchers are using E.Coli and have managed to transform the bacteria into storage and encryption devices. The process currently involves placing data into the DNA of […]

Announcing the HP Data Vault giveaway


We are a society of multimedia consumers.  We store thousands of pictures, videos, documents, games, etc on our computers hard drives, on USB drives, on portable drives and now in cloud storage solutions.  We consume multimedia like its our favorite candy.  And with consumption comes storage.  We never seem to have enough for all of […]